U.S. Name: GRIMLOCK (Masterpiece Edition)   Jap. Name: SAME 

Cartoon First Appearance: Episode #8: SOS Dinobot, Season 1, Sept. 1984

Classic Box Number: 26     This Line Box Number: MP-8


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Originally, I wasn't going to pick up Masterpiece Grimlock because 1, I thought he was too expensive and 2, he is much, much smaller than both MP Prime or Megatron.  But on the day I purchased Encore Eject/Rewind set, ImageAnime retailer showed me a beaten box of MP Grimlock with a discount of $CXXX so I decided to get him too on Apr Iii, Mmix.


R-0 Original Grimlock' motto and tech specifications:  

Affiliate: autobots | Subgroup: dinobot | Function: dinobots commander | Alt. Mode: car carrier|

| STR 10 | INTL 7 | SPD 3 | ENDN 10 | RNK 8 | CRG 10 | FRPW 8 | SKL 10 |

Original G1 Grimlock' Motto:

"Among the winners, there is no room for the weak"


Original G1 Grimlock' Bio:

Most fearsome and powerful Dinobot. Although dedicated to the Autobot cause, resents authority. Cold, merciless, but a valiant warrior. Has contempt for the weak, including all humans. Great strength, uses jaws to break almost anything in two. Carries energo sword and galaxial rocket launcher in Dinobot mode. Other than arrogance and lack of speed, has no real weaknesses.


NOTE-1: This review page is meant to give you some ideas about the figure should you decide to obtain one, or even just for nostalgic or sentimental purposes.  They're just my opinion and I hold no responsibility for your action.  If you have questions about this review or if there's a section or image that owned by you and I didn't give you credit, please click email from the main page.  I'll make the correction once I receive your info.  Have fun.

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R-1 Masterpiece Grimlock in its Original condition:

grimlockmporig.jpg (149503 bytes)R-1A: Here are the box images of MP-8 Grimlock from all 6 sides.  Typical Takara/Tomy's Masterpiece box contains no window to view the actual figure.  It is basically a sealed box with a black background along with the actual image of the figure on the front panel, top panel, and at the rear panel which had additional special features of the figure in further details.  The side panel just showed the description: Transformers Masterpiece, the figure ID number, and name of the character.

grimlockmporig2.jpg (68942 bytes)R-1B: When you remove the outer box out (above), you'll see that Grimlock is sandwiched and taped down between two clear plastic trays. 

grimlockmporig3.jpg (104520 bytes)R-1C:  In addition to the Grimlock figure, these are all the accessories that were included in the box/ package/ card: "1" bow-tie, "1" apron, "1" dish/glass tray, "7" drinking glasses, "1" double barrel gun, "1" sword, "1" intelligent transfer helmet, "1" Grimlock trading card, "1" instruction booklet, "1" battery removal instruction sheet, and "1" miscellaneous text sheet.

NOTE-2: For clarity purpose, all the  images on R-1 are not into scaled with one another.


R-2 Pre-Applied Decals/ Stickers: 

The Master Piece Edition Grimlock does not come with any Pre-applied sticker/ decals adhered to the toy itself like the G1 line.  Instead, the entire action figure contain colored mold, some paint applications, and tampograph.


R-3 Masterpiece Grimlock in Dinobot Mode: 

grimlockmpdino1.jpg (63622 bytes)In dinobot mode, MP Grimlock is a T-Rex dinosaur whose measurement is approximately 8 3/4 x 5 1/2 x 9 (LxWxH in inch).  He is very much alike the 1985 Grimlock from simple transformation to design.  Major differences are the size, articulation, the level of details, and is cartoon accuracy.  In term of surprises and special features, MP Grimlock features a bundle of them e.g. lighted up feature, eyes color changing, automatic moveable head, and some awesome accessories as seen from the cartoon like the intellectual helmet transfer to the waiter outfit.  In both mode, MP Grimlock is very sturdy, durable, all pieces and joints are securely lock into one another nicely unlike the MP Megatron.  Nothing will pop out from MP Grimlock when changing from one form to the next in contrast to MP Prime/ MP Magnus with the feet, or  MP Megatron with the shoulder pad and leg pad.  For master piece beginner, I strongly recommend MP Grimlock first before purchasing other master piece action figures.


R-4 T-Rex's Articulation: 

grimlockmpdino2.jpg (59194 bytes)Articulation would not be an issue in either mode.  The moveable parts include: the head (up or down), jaw (open or close), neck (rotate 360 with a clicking sound), shoulder (ball joint), elbow (upright or straighten out), fingers (all 3 fingers are independent and can either be opened or close), leg (360 degree in the forward or backward direction plus move inward toward the body), knee (bent forward or backward), feet (bent downward), tail (middle tail and end tail can be move left or right).  The only minor negative drawback I didn't like is the T-Rex wrist has no movement.  


R-5 Automatic Moveable Parts: 

grimlockmpdet3.jpg (69963 bytes)MP Grimlock comes with 3 special automatic moveable parts.  When you position the mid-tail to either the left or right side, it automatically rotates the head toward the direction of your movement.  This only work in one direction so if you start with the head first, it will not move the tail by itself.  On to the jaw, first open the jaw out.  Press on the pentagon box next to the left side jaw, it will automatically close the jaw by itself.  The right side pentagon box has no function.  Last but not least, MP Grimlock pelvis joints is spring loaded.  While MP Grimlock is standing on the ground, push his body downward repeatedly and that will make his head move up or down!


R-6 As Seen on TV - Masterpiece Gimlock as a Waiter: 

grimlockmpdet2.jpg (58961 bytes)grimlockmpdet7.jpg (64846 bytes)As seen on TV from the T.F. Season 3 episode 79 "Madman's Paradise" (right side image) where Grimlock ran into Daniel donning his waiter uniform, the MP Grimlock version had included all those accessories to recapture the moment.  Items include are the white apron with pocket and has a velcro to strap around MP Grimlock.  A black bow-tie with peg that goes just below the neck.  Silver dish tray with 7 holes for the 7 glasses.  Underneath the dish tray are two pegs which can be plugged to either hole of MP Grimlock hand.  When all accessories are put on, MP Grimlock looks pretty dawn good and funny.  That is, a T-Rex as a waiter.


R-7 As Seen on TV - Masterpiece Gimlock with Intellectual Helmet Transfers Device: 

grimlockmpdet6.jpg (48803 bytes)grimlockmpdet8.jpg (72142 bytes)Another accessory that is a homage to the cartoon is the intellectual helmet transfers device from TF Season 3 episode 88 "Gimlock's New Brain." (right side image).  The helmet is genius designed, that is, the end tube is like a sucking device which stick to any flat surface.  The tube itself is very flexible and soft material which can be bent so no worry that it will break into pieces.   So, the helmet goes onto the T-Rex head while the sucking end goes onto Computron or or any robot.


R-8 Masterpiece Grimlock in Robot Mode: 

grimlockmprob1.jpg (73287 bytes)MP Grimlock in robot mode and dinobot mode is unquestionably the best of the best master piece since the MP Prime/ Magnus mold.  The robot mode is well designed, sturdy and stable, bulky, and with highly detail.  Just like the T-Rex mode, the robot mode' stability and sturdy are one of the main reasons why I love MP Grimlock so much in contrast to MP Megatron which is so whopping and loose parts. He features very minimal die cast metal at the red waist, gold chrome chest and claw of the feet, silver chrome at the T-Rex arm and the end of the tail, while the rest are all painted.  For the highest price and the biggest big box of the 8 master piece, MP Grimlock is actually very small when compared to MP Prime/Magnus or MP Megatron.  He stands up to MP Prime/Magnus chest.  In robot mode, MP Grimlock features one special gimmick.  Underneath the gold chest plate of the robot mode is a white peg with spring so when the red peg of the waist hit this button it reveals the Autobot insignia through the clear chest plate


R-9 Robot Mode's Articulation: 

grimlockmpdet5.jpg (79253 bytes)Like all the master piece figures, the articulations are very impressive.  Head, shoulder, body, and limps, are all moveable.  Unfortunately for MP Grimlock, the right hand fingers excluding the thumb is fixed and not articulated due to the electronic lighting special feature.


R-10 Electronic Lighted Up Feature:

grimlockmpdet1.jpg (63785 bytes)As mention in R-8, MP Grimlock features an electronic lighted up at the right hand side for the special effect.  Insert either the sword or gun into the right hand hole.  Next, press the square box at the back side of the right shoulder to activate the lighting.  This special effect works great at night or dark environment for the full glowing of the sword or gun e.g. middle and right image.  If you lost the battery, it requires 2 button cell batteries type "LR44" which goes inside the right shoulder compartment.


R-11 Eyes Changing Colors:

grimlockmpdet4.jpg (60227 bytes)The last surprising features is the eye changing colors.  In the cartoon, Grimlock eye was always blue which is typically the color for Autobots with a few exception like Superion, Metroplex, among others.  I don't recall any episode where Grimlock changed his eye color from blue to red in either mode to become from Autobot to Decepticon or vice versa.  The only thing I can think of is that the original 1985 Grimlock action figure had red eye.  So this could be a homage to the original figure.  To change the visor color in robot mode, simply move the little red peg at the back of MP Grimlock head.  Slide the peg to the top will make it red and down will make it blue.  For T-Rex mode is a little bit tricky.  First lift the top of the head up, then pull the eye out while simultaneous rotates to the desire eye color.  If the eye looks awkward or doesn't fit perfectly into the eye's slot,  it means you need to re-rotate in the reverse direction.


R-12 Rémy's Masterpiece Grimlock action figure review:

Manufacturer - Takara.

Line, Series/ Wave: Master Piece Line, Series MP-8.

Year Released: [Mar. 2009]   

Made: [China]  

Scale: [N/A]

Box or Card Dimension In Inches: [LxWxD]  - 15 1/4 x 10 1/4 x 6 3/4 - Box.

Packaging Method: Mint In Sealed Box.  Contents were packed with the following procedure:

Sandwiched between the two clear plastic trays are: "1" Grimlock, "1" bow-tie, "1" apron, "1" dish/glass tray, "7" drinking glasses, "1" double barrel gun, "1" sword, and "1" intelligent transfer helmet.

Beneath the top clear plastic tray, a taped bag contains:  "1" Grimlock trading card, "1" instruction booklet, "1" battery removal instruction sheet, and "1" miscellaneous text sheet.

Box Special Note: Front Box Appearance: Actual toy.  Back Box Appearance: Ads of Master Piece Grimlock special feature.

Box Point or Robot Point: [14]  - This number can be found on the top right side flap/ panel of the box.  You have to open the box to see it.  It contains number and the Autobots insignia next to it.

Approximately Dimension In Inch: Height Up To The HeadMaximum Height: 9 1/4 (up to the shoulder)  Width from shoulder to shoulder: 5 1/2  Maximum Width: 7 3/4 (from wing to wing)  Dept: 5.

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print: ©2009 TOMY; MADE IN CHINA

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print Location: Can be found at the under side of MP Grimlock's left wing.

Transformation Of Difficulty: [Easy]  

Material Durability: [A] - Pretty durable.

Materials: Die Cast Metal:  Front crotch and rear only.  Chrome Part: Chest, claws, portion of tail, arms.  Rubber: None.  Plastic: Main material.  Clear Plastic Window: T-Rex's neck and robot front chest.

Stability: [A] - Very Stable..

Figure Toy: [+A] - Definitely a fun toy due to many functions, challenging, and a cool design.

Negative Drawback: MP Grimlock had no major negative drawback.  Only very minor drawback is the right hand is fixed, not articulated.

Articulations: Head: Can be rotated at 360 degree sideway, tile 5 degree downward and 45 degree upward.  Shoulder: Can be swung 360 degree forward or backward.  Can also be tilted 45 degree inward or outward due to ball joint.  Lower portion can be rotated 180 degree sideway.  Arm/ Elbow: Top elbow can be bent 60 degree and bottom portion bent at a 90 degree. Wrist/ Hand: Can be rotated 180 degree sideway as well as be bent at 10 degree inward.  Only the left hand had moveable thumb and moveable joint fingers.  The right hand only has moveable thumb.  The finger are mold to be fixed.  Hands can be hidden by using the slab on the forearm. Hip/ Waist: Can only be rotated at 10 degree to the left or right.  Leg: Can be bent at a 90 degree, rotate 360 degree sideway, as well as a full split.   Knee: Can be bent at a 90 degree.  Ankle/ Feet: Feet can only be bent 5 downward.

Rub Sign Logo: [N/A] - Not Applicable.

Robot's Cartoon looks alike: [+A] - Definitely looks like the cartoon.

Vehicle's Cartoon looks alike: [A] - Same as previous comment.

Special Notes: Here are "6" special notes that I think you should know:

1 - In T-Rex mode, when the mid-gray tail is move left or right, it automatically makes the head move left or right by itself.  Make sure is operational.

2 - When the leg is push down to the ground, it automatically makes the T-Rex move up or down by itself.  Make sure is operational.

3 - Position the T-Rex jaw in the opening position, now click on the pentagon button at the left side, it should automatically close the jaw by itselfMake sure is operational.

4 - In robot mode, the right hand features an electronic lighted up which emits a red light when the right shoulder is pressed.  Make sure is operational.

5 - Underneath the gold chest plate of the robot mode is a white peg with spring so when the red peg of the waist hit this button it reveals the Autobot insignia through the clear chest plate.  Make sure is operational.

6 -  Both the robot and T-Rex change their eye color from blue to red or vice versaMake sure is operational.

Overall Grade: [+A] - This Masterpiece Edition Grimlock is utterly the bomb!  This figure is a must have!!!!