U.S. Name: OPTIMUS PRIME (Masterpiece Edition V.2)   Jap. Name: CONVOY 

Cartoon First Appearance: Episode #1: More than meet the eye P1, Season 1, Sept. 1984

Classic Box Number: 01     This Line Box Number: MP-10


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Originally, I wasn't going to get MP-10 because I was very much satisfied with MP-1.  However, with the newly height that is close in scale with MP-9 and MP-8, comes with Spike, Roller, and Trailer, kind of persuaded my decision.  Also, MP-10 designer asked the fans to support MP-10 so that MP Ultra Magnus with armor could be possible.  Since I dearly want an armor MP Ultra Magnus and the fact MP-10 will be in scale with the other masterpieces, that ultimately made me purchase MP-10.  I got MP-10 from ImageAnime on Nov. Xi, Mmxi for $CCLX (CCLXXXIII).


R-0 Original Optimus Prime's motto and tech specifications: 

Affiliate: autobots | Subgroup: none | Function: cybertron commander | Alt. Mode: truck| 

| STR 10 | INTL 10 | SPD 8 | ENDN 10 | RNK 10 | CRG 10 | FRPW 8 | SKL 10 |

Original G1 Prime Motto:

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."


Original G1 Prime Bio:

Optimus Prime is the largest, strongest and wisest of all Autobots. Feels his role is the protection of all life, including Earth-life. Fights unceasingly to defeat the Decepticons. Splits into three autonomous modules: 1) Optimus Prime... the brain center known as the Commander; 2) Roller, the Autobot scout car... a spy who operates up to 1200 miles away; and 3) Autobot Headquarters... the combat deck equipped with a versatile mechanic/artillery robot. Injury to one module is felt by the other two.


NOTE-1: This review page is meant to give you some ideas about the figure should you decide to obtain one, or even just for nostalgic or sentimental purposes.  They're just my opinion and I hold no responsibility for your action.  If you have questions about this review or if there's a section or image that owned by you and I didn't give you credit, please click email from the main page.  I'll make the correction once I receive your info.  Have fun.

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R-1 MP-10 Optimus Prime in its Original condition:

primemp10-orig1.jpg (232499 bytes)R-1A: Here are the box images of MP-10 Prime from all 6 sides.  Typical Takara/Tomy's Masterpiece box contains no window to view the actual figure.  It is basically a sealed box with a black background along with the actual image of the figure on the front panel, top panel, and at the rear panel which had additional special features of the figure in further details.  The side panel just showed the description: Transformers Masterpiece, the figure ID number, and name of the character.

primemp10orig2.jpg (65352 bytes)R-1B:  When you remove the outer box out (above), you'll see that MP-10 and all of its contents are sandwiched and taped down between two clear plastic trays. 

primemp10orig3.jpg (164742 bytes)R-1C:  In addition to the Prime figure and the Trailer, these are all the accessories that were included in the box/ package/ card: "1" trailer, "1" Spike figure, "1" Roller, "1" Matrix (inside Prime chest for first time), "1" black laser rifle, "1" energy ax, "1" Prime trading card, "1" miscellaneous text sheet, and "1" instruction booklet.

NOTE-2: For clarity purpose, all the  images on R-1C are not in scaled with one another.


R-2 Pre-Applied Decals/ Stickers: 

MP-10 Prime does not come with any Pre-applied sticker/ decals adhered to the toy itself like the G1 line.  Instead, the entire action figure contain colored mold, some paint applications, and tampograph.


R-3 MP-10 Optimus Prime in Robot Mode: 

primemp10-rob1.jpg (108355 bytes)I have to admit, originally I wasn't too thrill when Takara/Tomy announced that MP-10 would be another Optimus Prime or Version 2.  I thought MP-1/ MP-4 was perfect as a masterpiece so why need another one.  When the pictures of MP-10 did come out, many people including your truly were bashing the lower leg side kibble.  Others complained that his arms were like gorilla, proportion didn't look right, the clear yellow plastics in the pelvis were awful, or he looked too anime and not like the G1 Cartoon.  On the positive aspects, fans did like the scale of MP-10 because it was more in scale with MP-8 Grimlock and MP-9 Rodimus, comes with Roller, trailer, and Spike.  But the bottom line was, MP-10 didn't get a good reception from the fans during its original solicitation in contrast to MP-1 which just wowed everyone.


Until you see MP-10 Prime in person, then you will truly understand why Takara/Tomy redo him.  Although the main reason lies within the vehicle mode, the robot mode is also astonishing.  Transformation is slightly a bit more complex than MP-1 but not by much for example, the smoke stack, lower arm, and lower leg require additional more steps to complete its transformation.  On the other hand, MP-10 chest and Matrix cavity transformation is a lot more easy and better design than MP-1.  MP-10 robot mode stands roughly 9 9/16 inch and will fit your collection nicely with MP-8 Grimlock and MP-9 Rodimus Prime in term of size.  His head is much, much more accurate to the cartoon than MP-1 head.  The outer ear antenna is still adjustable in this version.  Overall, the body of MP-10 is more curvier and dynamic.  The chest door on MP-10 lock very nicely and has very little gap between them.  Prime shoulder smoke stack length is adjustable between robot mode and vehicle.  I thought that was a very nice touch.  And for the 1st time in the Prime figure history, the tip of his smoke stack was cut slanted or in a 45 degree angle as oppose to the traditional even up circular top.  Moving downward, the hand has an articulation at the wrist, index finger, and the last 3 jointed  fingers.  Prime thumb is totally fixed, this was done this way in order to improve his ability to hold the gun better.  The pelvis on MP-10 is one whole piece and not in multiple pieces like MP-1 aka the skirt or flap pelvis.  On the positive side, the one whole piece pelvis looks cleaner in the design department because you don't see the cut joint.  From the other side of the coin, MP-10 cannot do a full 90 degree leg bend in the forward direction or a 180 degree split because of the interference with the pelvis.  MP-1 doesn't have this issue because it has movable flap pelvis.  Going downward to the lower leg, MP-10 tries to conceal the side wheels by having a moveable panel that flip on top.  The result makes his lower leg looks bulky with kibble sticking out at the side.  From the internet pictures, the lower leg kibble may bother some people including your truly at first.  But like I said earlier, until you see it in person, the figure as a whole is so magnificent, you'll probably forget about the kibble.  Secondly, this idea of hiding the side wheels is actually cartoon accurate.


MP-10 Prime does not come with fancy lighted up Matrix cavity chest chamber, flip up tele-com panel at the wrist, moveable mouth plate, hydraulic pipe connector, moveable ventilated grill at shin of the lower leg, or the working suspension wheels.  All of these special gimmicks only occur in MP-1.


R-4 MP-10 Matrix and Prime's Chest Cavity:

primemp10-rob5.jpg (197842 bytes)MP-10 Prime Matrix chest cavity is utterly exquisite and a huge improvement over MP-1 chest cavity.  It was redesigned so that the Matrix chamber itself does not pop out like MP-1.  In other worlds, both the chamber and chest cavity are one piece for the MP-10 version.  The cavity interior is far more detail with better design and pattern, bottom left image.  To see the Matrix and its cavity, you would have to lift up 3 layers of Prime chest pieces.  First open up his red window chest door and that will expose his chrome cab bumper.  Lift up the cab bumper, you'll find a black compartment door.  This last layer was not implemented into the MP-1 design so if this was MP-1 you'll see the Matrix cavity by now.  Instead, for MP-10 you would have to lift up this black compartment door to finally reveal the cavity itself.  From there, the Matrix, can either be removed or store inside.  MP-10 Matrix silver part is made out of die cast metal with the blue crystal being plastic.  Unfortunately, MP-10 Matrix cannot be opened or expanded out like MP-1 Matrix.  Secondly, it's a little bit smaller and do not fit into Prime hand.  Therefore, MP-10 Matrix is only good inside Prime chest.


matrix-all.jpg (124909 bytes)The Matrix, the Autobots of Leadership - Scare Comparison:

So far, there aren't that many " transformable figures" Transformers or un-official TF come with the Matrix.  If I'm not mistakenly, only the following characters have them: 2001 New Year Prime, Galvatron Anime Version, MP-1 Prime (MP-4, MP-1B, MP-4S), MP-2 Magnus, MP-9 Rodimus.  For the unofficial transformers, only the Igear PP01 Series have them.  Here are the Matrix size comparison from smallest to largest in the length x width x dept in inch format:

- 2011 MP-9 Rodimus and TRU Masterpiece Rodimus: 3/4 x 7/16 x 5/16 - Cannot be expanded out.

- 2010 Igear PP01 Series (Ultra Leader): 1 x 10/16 x 5/16 - Expand out to 1 3/16 in length.

- 2011 MP-10 Prime: 1 3/16 x 9/16 x 7/16 - Cannot be expanded out.

- 2002 New Year Prime (Silver): 1 4/16 x 11/16 x 7/16 - Cannot be expanded out., comes with long silver chain to fit any person neck.

- 2005 Gavatron Anime (Gold): 1 4/16 x 11/16 x 7/16 - Cannot be expanded out., comes with short silver chain to fit Galvatron neck/head.

- 2004 MP-1, MP-4, MP-1B, MP-4S Prime, MP-2 Magnus: 1 6/16 x 13/16 x 7/16 - Expand out to 1 11/16 in length.

- 2011 TRU Rodimus Prime Prime: 1 7/16 x 13/16x 8/16 - Expand out to 1 9/16 in length.


R-5 MP-10 Convertible Rifle & Where to Store it:

primemp10-rob4.jpg (120082 bytes)PrimeBlaster2.jpg (274034 bytes)Another exciting feature about MP-10 is that Prime rifle can now be folded up and store at his back compartment.  Leaving the gun inside Prime back compartment does not affect the transformation.  When the folded rifle is ready to use, simply push the gray peg at the back of the gun and that would trigger an auto-transformation feature in which the gun front barrel would fold out and at the same time the gun handle swing out to complete the transformation, right image.  The far right image is a sketch of Prime transforming rifle and IDW color comic showing Prime and rifle doing their transformation.  MP-10 Prime foldable rifle and the ability to store at the back of Prime compartment is not something that is a new idea or original.  Instead, it is based on one of IDW Comics and the person who came up with that concept and art was E.J. Su.  


R-6 MP-10 Ammunition:

primemp10-rob2.jpg (103699 bytes)MP-10 rifle is a lot smaller and personally I think the aesthetic doesn't looks that good when compare to the the rifle of MP-1.  The smaller size is probably a compromissary so that it could be store and fit into Prime back compartment.  On an upper note, at the bottom side of the rifle, there is a teeny tiny peg on both side of the handle.  These pegs are used to plug into the inner hand of Prime so that the rifle can be hold more securely and not floppy like MP-1.  Prime other trademark weapon, the Energon Ax is also included in the MP-10 version.  It does have the ability to rotate at a 360 degree sideway above the circular base.  Unlike the MP-1 version where the base of the Energon Ax can clip into either wrist socket, the MP-10 Energon Ax base is plugged directly into the hand.  Unfortunately due to the design issue with the cut opening of the Energon Ax base oriented to the thumb of the right hand, the Energon Ax can only be use for the right hand.  Although you can put the Energon Ax into the left hand, it wouldn't fit or go all the way in.  


R-7 MP-10 Optimus Prime Articulation showing off:

primemp10-rob3.jpg (119319 bytes)Here are some of the move and poses in which MP-10 Prime can do.  Head, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, waist, leg, knee, and feet are all moveable.  For more info on articulation see R-16 on Articulation.


R-8 MP-10 Optimus Prime in Cab Mode: 

primemp10veh1.jpg (101326 bytes)As always, Optimus Prime is a Freightliner COE dual-axle truck whose measurement is approximately 7 3/4 x 3 1/2 x 4 1/8 (LxWxD in inch).  It is the alternated mode where MP-10 out shine MP-1 in the aspect of design, to aesthetic, to gimmick.  First of all, MP-10 cab is a lot more realistic to the real cab than than MP-1.  The truck cab is more curvier, less blocky and chunky.  Also, the chest door closed firmly, tight, and hardly has much gap between the pieces due to the style of transformation and design.   Another new aesthetic to the design is the moveable side chrome mirror.  Unfortunately, just like MP-1,  there is still no real window and door at the side of the cab due to the interference of shoulder joint transformation.  Once they figure out and  incorporate to the design, we'll still far away from having an ultimate perfect cab.  In the mean time, MP-10 is the best of best looking cab of any Prime existing so far.


R-9 MP-10 Trailer: 

primemp10veh2.jpg (90000 bytes)MP-10 trailer measures approximately 12  x 3 3/4 x 5 5/16 (LxWxD in inch) and contain only plastic, no die cast material.  Underneath the front trailer, there is a small rotatable circle piece with two pegs on it that are used to connect directly into the socket of the cab.  The rotatable circle piece allows movement between the cab and trailer.  With the cab attaches on, the length extends from 12 to 16 inch.   Both the cab and trailer wheels are all rubber, no plastic.  The Autobot insignia on top of the blue and white field are all painted, no sticker.  Some transfans are bothered by the fact that the Autobot insignia was placed too much near the center as oppose toward the front of the trailer.  I didn't have any issue because depending on which episode you watched, Prime trailer Autobot insignia placement was always inconsistence, sometime it was shown at the front, center, or none.  The front of the trailer has some teeny tiny square holes, my guess would be these holes may reserve for an add-on component as seen in the G2 Optimus Prime - speaker box at the front of the trailer.  MP-10 rear trailer contains his usual double doors opening with the red tail light underneath that.  Both MP-4 and MP-10 trailer or any of the other Masterpiece figures as typical do not come with any license plate at the rear of the trailer.  


primemp10veh3.jpg (106144 bytes)Moving toward the bottom of the trailer, you find that MP-10 trailer is all painted black, more detail, and better design than MP-4 trailer.  You'll also encounter a non-removable spare plastic tire located at the center.  To make the trailer stands on its own, simply flip out the 2 black posts/ landing gears at the front of the trailer.  And when the trailer is ready to open up into the combat deck mode, go to the edge of the trailer and swing out that large center piece to reveal the side leg.  What's really cool about the side leg is that while you are swinging out the horizontal membrane, a vertical post automatically push out by itself!  In the MP-4 trailer, this piece would have to push out manually.


R-10 MP-10 Companion Figure - Spike: 

primemp10spike.jpg (77038 bytes)primemp10veh7.jpg (107526 bytes)MP-10 comes with a PVC companion figure, Spike.  He's roughly 1 10/16 x 10/16 x 5/16 (LxWxD in inch) and has a minimal articulation.  Shoulder can rotate 360 degree, hip and knee bent 90 degree, and the rest are all fixed.  The paint quality is just decent, neither good nor very bad.  Spike is the 2nd figure to be packed with the masterpiece line and also the first figure to be articulated.  For those that want to know who was the first PVC figure to debut as a companion figure along with its masterpiece figure, the answer is Dr. Achiville/ MP-3 Starscream.  Spike face is fully sculpted but only partial completed since both eye and eye brown are not color in.  He does stand on his own if you place him carefully enough and the ground is flat.  Since Spike is a companion figure, that means he can fit inside MP-10 cab seating on the driver or the passenger side.  Although there's no steering wheel or any dashboard, Takara/ Tomy did give a good effort just by having Spike in there as a driver and it looks great from the outside, middle image.


primemp10veh9b.jpg (96817 bytes)Now, if you have the Alternity Prime or Magnus, it will suit Spike is too because it likes the seat was design for him.  On top of that, the Alternity car has steering wheel and dashboard which make the whole scene more realistic. If that wasn't enough, the Alternity car also fit inside MP-10 trailer too.  Spike, being small and light weight, falls down very easily.  My recommendation is to leave him either in Prime's trailer or as a driver for Roller.


R-11 MP-10 Roller: 

primemp10roller1.jpg (80117 bytes)It took Takara/Tomy 3 tries to finally release Masterpiece Optimus Prime in one complete package.  MP-1 came with neither a plastic trailer nor Roller.  MP-4 came with a trailer, but no Roller.  And finally, they got it right with MP-10 as it came with the trailer, Roller, and even Spike!  In measurement, Roller is approximately 3 15/16 x 2 3/4 x 1 1/2 (LxWxD in inch) with black wheels, gray body, and a clear red siren at the top of his rear vehicle.  Roller front vehicle has 4 yellow markers to resemble headlights and two exhaust pipes at the rear.  There is no electronic feature on him so don't expect that siren to operate.  Material wise, Roller contains no die cast metal and is fully plastic.  That's right, just plastic, and this include the wheels as well.  With the huge skyrocket price of MP-10, Takara/Tomy couldn't go just one teeny tiny extra step by given Roller his rubber wheel. Not that it really matters, but at least it makes the Masterpieces Line more meaningful to collectors.   To make thing worst, the THS-02 Hybrid Prime's Roller even has an articulated wheels while this one doesn't!


primemp10roller2.jpg (102658 bytes)Gearing the positive directions, for the first time in Prime history figure, someone actually made Roller more interesting.  Roller now has the ability to haul the trailer when Prime's in robot mode!  This certainly answer the infamous question what happen to Prime trailer when he's in robot mode; that's because Roller took it away.  What's even hot, Spike can sit into Roller while he hauling the trailer.  To reveal this hauling mechanism, go to Roller rear vehicle and open the entire door compartment.  Now swing out the black peg that is used to connect into the trailer and then close the rear compartment, bottom right image.  If you only want to attach Prime rifle, then you only need to lift the small tab found at the top Roller rear vehicle, bottom left image.  Once the rifle is attached, this tab now folded all the way downward.  When Roller is not in use, he can be stored inside Prime trailer as usual.  


primemp10veh6.jpg (105107 bytes) Unlike MP-4 trailer where the ramp fold up and then the doors close behind, MP-10 ramp actually slides underneath the truck floor with only a small portion of the end tip sticking out so you could pull it out for later use.  The additional pictures are the underside of Prime cab, Roller, and a side view of the complete truck with the drone sticking on top like the G1 figure.


R-12 MP-10 Combat Deck Trailer: 

primemp10veh4b.jpg (75768 bytes)primemp10veh8.jpg (96438 bytes)MP-10 Combat Deck is approximately 15 1/2 x 10 1/16 x 9 5/16 (LxWxD in inch), highly details, and again has a little bit more feature than MP-4 Combat Deck.  Majority of the combat deck is painted in silver while the ramp and center floor are sort of like unpainted gray.  These 2 areas have no silver paint on them to avoid the paint scratches or wears when Roller rolls over the deck.  If you are wondering whether MP-10  trailer has the spring loaded that shoot out Roller like the 1984 Prime trailer, the answer is none.  Moving toward the back there is hidden control center at either side of the combat deck.   Lift each tab and that will reveal a seating area for Spike to sit.  Around this area and in the center, there is the Robotic Drone that sit and supported by a black vertical solid piece.  This black piece has multiple joints for movements.  On top of the drone is a clear canopy that can be opened up and inside is a nice interior finish with seating for Spike to sit in also.  At the side of the drone, one arm has a ball joint satellite while the second arm has 3 points of articulation including the clamp hand.  The front portion of the drone has 2 cannons but no missile was included. 


R-13 MP-10 Repair Bay Mode & Storage Room: 

primemp10veh5.jpg (99295 bytes)Prime's trailer last configuration is the repair bay.  Very simple set up that is, the trailer open in half and you oriented in the vertical direction.  Next, fold the ramp out so Prime can stand on.  Take the robotic drone out and fold the supporting black piece until it's compact.  When Prime is not in use, the robotic drone is placed horizontal and parallel to the ground.  If it's in use, just fold the entire piece down.  From their, you can let the robotic drone clamp hand clips onto Prime chest member as though it is opening or repairing Pirme.  


primemp10veh11.jpg (155122 bytes)The other nice usage of the repair bay mode is that MP-10 rifle, enegon ax, and even the 1984 G1 Prime rifle can all be stored at the pre-established area just above the mini slab for each weapon to rest on.  Although you may not notice this right away, these mini slabs are more than just an area for storing the weapons.  It is place for Spike to stand on and has interaction with Prime while he's getting repaired, top image.  But the coolest part, in trailer mode, it serves like a wall which creates additional space that hides both the robotic drone and the weapons from the rest of the trailer storing space, bottom image - center.  Therefore, when Prime is hauling Rolling or other cars, these cars can't bang into Prime secret space.


R-14 MP-10 QC Issues: 

primemp10qc.jpg (155635 bytes)Based on most people comments, it seems MP-10 QC is a lot better than  MP-09 Rodimus Prime version 1.  MP-10 is also the first masterpiece to be made in Vietnam and not the typical Made in China.  Apparently, the one I have it seems irrelevant where it was made as I encountered 6 of the 8 issues:

1. Cracked seam on the outer side of the thigh.  A very few people will get this.  This is easily fixed, just apply a clear strong glue.

2. Uneven rubber tire coverage over the chrome rim in multiple wheels.  Almost everyone will get.

3. Unclean spruce cut causing the chrome paint to chip above the front bumper.  Everyone will get this but some are worst than others.

4. Extra hard adhesive yellow material covering the metal pin at the side of Prime grill.  The other side of pin doesn't have this yellow stuff, clean metal pin head.  So far, it seems I'm the only one that have this issue.

5. Paint chips mostly above the wheel.  This is common due to the nature of the transformation.

6. My MP-10 index finger pop-off too easily.  Sometime I didn't even realize that it had fell off.

7. I didn't have this issue but at least two people had reported their cab tail light was assembled wrong.  Both tail lights were oriented in the same direction (this image is from Seiberton.com),  as oppose opposite to one another, see 7B of the corrected version.

8. Only one person reported his MP-10 didn't come with the Matrix.


R-15 MP-10 Scale Comparison: 

primemp10scalecomp3.jpg (88531 bytes)primemp10scalecomp1.jpg (101639 bytes)primemp10scalecomp2.jpg (146842 bytes)Here are some images to give you a rough idea of MP-10 scale when comparing to other figures.  As you can see, MP-10 is a lot shorter than MP-1 but this is expected as Takara Tomy is scaling down its masterpiece figure.  On the hands, he is perfect with MP-9 Rodimus/ Hot Rod and maybe with MP-8 Grimlock as well but we'll make that as an exception.


R-16 Rémy's Masterpiece Optimus Prime action figure review:

Manufacturer - Takara.

Line, Series/ Wave: Masterpiece Line, MP-10.

Year Released: [Sept 2011]   

Made: [Vietnam]  

Scale: [N/A]

Box or Card Dimension In Inches: [LxWxD]  - 13 13/16 x 13 13/16 x 6 5/16 - Box.

Packaging Method: Mint In Sealed Box.  Contents were packed with the following procedure:

Sandwich between two clear plastic trays are: "1" cab, "1" trailer, "1" roller, "1" gun, "1" black rifle, "1" energon, "1" matrix (inside his chest cavity), and "1" Spike Witwicky.

Underneath the clear plastic in a separate bag:  "1" instruction booklet, "1" Prime trading card, and "1" miscellaneous text sheet.

Box Special Note: Front Box Appearance: Actual toy.  Back Box Appearance: Ads of Masterpeice Prime special feature.

Box Point or Robot Point: [--] 

Approximately Dimension In Inch: Height Up To The Head 9 9/16 Maximum Height: 9 9/16  Width from shoulder to shoulder:Maximum Width: 5 1/2 (from smoke pipe to smoke pipe)  Dept: 3 6/16.

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print: None.

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print Location: Surprisingly MP Prime has no copyrights fine print.

Transformation Of Difficulty: [Very Hard] - Very hard to transform.

Material Durability: [-A] - Pretty durable.

Materials: Die Cast Metal:  Lower rear feet.  Chrome Part: Smokestack, gas tank, cab front bumper.  Rubber: Wheels.  Plastic: Main material.  Clear Plastic Window: Front of cab window and a little bit on the side.

Stability: [A] - Very Stable..

Figure Toy: [+A] - Definitely a fun toy due to many functions, challenging, and a cool design.

Negative Drawback: MP Prime had no major negative drawback.  See Special Notes below.  My only minor complaint is I wish his rifle was little bit larger, not puny.

Articulations: Head: Can be rotated at 360 degree sideway, tile 5 degree downward and 45 degree upward.   Shoulder: Can be swung 360 degree forward or backward.  Can also be lift 60 degree sideway when the shoulder is fully extent out.  Lower portion can be rotated 360 degree sideway.  Arm/ Elbow: Can be bent at a 90 degree. Wrist/ Hand: Can only be rotated 360 degree sideway.  Thumb is fixed, index finger has 2 points of articulation, and the last 3 jointed finger has only one point of articulation. Hip/ Waist: Can only be rotated at 360 degree sideway.  Leg: Can be bent at a 80 degree, 15 degree swivel to front and back, and a 90 degree split (not a full split).   Knee: Can be bent at a 90 degree and rotate 360 degree sideway.  Ankle/ Feet: Can be bent 45 degree forward and 45 degree inward.

Rub Sign Logo: [N/A] - Not Applicable.

Robot's Cartoon looks alike: [+A] - Looks extremely like the cartoon.

Vehicle's Cartoon looks alike: [+A] - Utterly the bomb!!! Very Hot.

Special Notes: Here are "6" special notes that I think you should know:

1 - During transformation from vehicle to robot mode, to avoid the gray paint scratch at the side above the cab wheel, try to push the wheel down before lifting the arm out.

2 - The index finger pop-off very easily and can get lost.  Always keep an eye on them.

3 - MP-10 trailer side landing gears has an auto-transformation feature when you move it.  Make sure yours is in working condition.

4 - Prime rifle also has the auto-transformation feature when you press the gray button at the back.  Again, make sure yours is in working condition.

5 - The smoke stack length is adjustable between the robot mode and vehicle mode.  Try not to adjust it too much or leave it at one formation whether robot mode or vehicle depending how you display Prime.  The reason is when the material wears out, then the smoke stack won't stay up, then fell down as though it's in the vehicle formation.

6 - In trailer mode, the easiest way to open the trailer doors and avoid paint scratch is to first lift the extended center piece with one hand while your other hand pry the door out.

Overall Grade: [+A] - Both MP-10 and MP-1/MP-4 are all great figures, you can't go wrong when acquiring either one.  If this is your first Masterpiece, or don't have the space and  want to own a complete package of Prime e.g. Prime, trailer, roller, then my recommendation is to go with MP-10 first.  Also, all future masterpiece figure will base on MP-9 Rodimus, MP-10 height.