U.S. Name: STEELJAW   Jap. Name: SAME 

Cartoon First Appearance: T.F. The Movie - Aug. 8, 1986

Classic Box Number:C-65     This Line Box Number: TFC #21


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This is my first Steeljaw and as a kid, I have always wanted Blaster but never really had the finance.  After two decades later, he is finally mine.  Anyhow, I got him on Apr. Vii, Mmvi for $L at Image Anime. 


R-0 Steeljaw's motto and tech specifications:  

Affiliate: autobots | Subgroup: none | Function: tacker | Alt. Mode: cassette|

| STR 8 | INTL 8 | SPD 2 | ENDN 9 | RNK 6 | CRG 9 | FRPW 1 | SKL 9 |

Original G1 Steeljaw Motto:

"What the eyes don't see, the nose knows."


Original G1 Steeljaw Bio:

When he's on the hunt, his prey is as good as caught.  Determined, tenacious, cooly professional when on a mission.  Likely to trace any scent.  Range of 800 miles.  Super-strong jaws--can snap a foot-thick steel cube with one bite.  Carries two solar-powered pellet guns that fire 1200 rounds per minute.  Lack of sunlight hampers the guns' performance.  Can electro-magnetize himself in cassette mode.  Prone to rusting.


NOTE-1: This review page is meant to give you some ideas about the figure should you decide to obtain one, or even just for nostalgic or sentimental purposes.  They're just my opinion and I hold no responsibility for your action.  If you have questions about this review or if there's a section or image that owned by you and I didn't give you credit, please click email from the main page.  I'll make the correction once I receive your info.  Have fun.

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R-1 Steeljaw in its Original condition:

blasterorig.jpg (83680 bytes)1 - Blaster and Steeljaw in its original MISB condition.

2 - Back of the box.

3 - Here's how the contents look once the box was removed revealing the contents sandwiched between two clear plastic tray.  

4 - These are all the contents that were included in the box/ package/ card: "1" boom box radio, "1" black gun, "1" cassette, "2" cassette gun", "1" clear cassette case, "1" Blaster trading card, "1" Steeljaw trading card, and "1" instruction sheet, "1" world art image featuring Blaster, "1" page review of Headmaster (Season 4) episode #10 to #18, "2" Blaster Vs. Soundwave cover art with toy catalog (feature: C-307 to C-315, and 3 other engine headmasters), and "2" data files (images of  Blaster and Steeljaw).


R-2 Pre-Applied Decals/ Stickers: 

There are 6 Pre-Applied sticker that had been applied onto Steeljaw:  1 on the right side of the shoulder.  1 on the right side between the shoulder and back.  1 on the right side next to the tail.  1 on right side of the front feet.  1 on the right side of rear feet.  The last pre-applied sticker is the Autobot Rub Sign logo located at the top left shoulder.

Sticker Sheet:

Steeljaw did not come with any sticker sheet.  Every decal on him was all pre-applied.


R-3 Steeljaw in Alt. Mode: 

steeljawcas1.jpg (48677 bytes)Steeljaw in alternated mode is is a yellow micro 60 minute cassette whose dimensions is approximately 2 x 1 5/16 x 5/16  (LxWxD) while the clear cassette case is 2 1/4" x 1 9/16" x 1/2" (LxWxD).  .  For his little cassette size, he is actually weight more than the real micro cassette thanks to his top body part diecast metal.  When not in use with Blaster, he can be stored inside his clear cassette case (bottom right image).  Blaster, Twincast, Soundwave, and Sound Blaster cassettes are all interchangeable with one another.  Meaning, Blaster tapes can be put into Soundwave/ SoundBlaster/ Twincast and vice versa.  


R-4 Steeljaw in Beast Mode:  

steeljawbm2.jpg (44937 bytes)In beast mode, Steeljaw is a lion whose appearance is actually very impressive.  He features many articulation as well great design.  The best mode to display Steeljaw would be in beast mode which is very much for all the cassettes transformers.  In length, he is slightly shorter than the Decepticon's Ravage.  Due to the thin thickness, it is a little bit difficult making Steeljaw, Ramhorn, or Ravage stand up especially on non-flat surface.


R-5 Steeljaw in Beast Mode w/ Weapon:

steeljawbm1.jpg (54385 bytes)With the two weapons on, Steeljaw measures approximately 3 3/16 x 2 14/16 x 1 1/8  (LxWxD).   He looks best when the weapons are mounted on him.  One, it make his body more bulky with the additional thickness.  And two, it's his wing which give him the flight ability.


R-6 Additional Parts Review Page:

Transformers Collection Box #21 were packaged with 2 action figures (Blaster, and Steeljaw).  Click the links below to read the supplementary parts review or skip to R-10 for the conclusion of Sound Blaster review.

Part 1: Blaster 

Part 2: Steeljaw (You are currently reading this page)


R-7 Rémy's Steeljaw action figure review:

Manufacturer - Takara.

Line, Series/ Wave: Generation 1 Line, Transformers Collection - Box #21.

Year Released: [Mar. 2006] - The original Blaster was first introduced  in 1986.  

Made: [China] - Although the original toy was made in Japan, the qualities and materials are pretty much the same as the reissue.

Scale: [N/A]

Box or Card Dimension In Inches: [LxWxD]  - Approximately 8 3/4 X 6 13/16 X 3 9/16 - Box.

Packaging Method: Mint In Sealed Box.  Contents were packed with the following procedure:

Taped down and sandwiched between two clear plastic trays are: "1" boom box radio, "1" black gun, "1" cassette, "2" cassette gun", and "1" clear cassette case.

On the back of the card board and not inside the clear plastic tray are: "1" Blaster trading card, "1" Steeljaw trading card, "1" instruction sheet.

Mounted onto the front cover of the box are: "1" world art image featuring Blaster, "1" page review of Headmaster (Season 4) episode #10 to #18, "2" Blaster Vs. Soundwave cover art with toy catalog (feature: C-307 to C-315, and 3 other engine headmasters), and "2" data files (images of  Blaster and Steeljaw).

Box Special Note: Front Box: Blaster and Steeljaw box art.  Back Box:  No box art, has Kup and Wheelie contents and other reissue TFs ads.  Used Book style format, that is, the flap or cover opened up revealing the toy through a window.

Box Point or Robot Point: [5]  - This number can be found on the right side flap of the box.  You have to open the box to see it.  It contains number and either Autobots or Decepticons insginia depending on which faction you are getting.

Approximately Dimension In Inches: Height Up To The Head 1 14/16  Maximum Height: 3 3/16 (neck)  Width from shoulder to shoulder: 5/16  Maximum Width: 5/16  Dept: 3 3/16.

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print: © HASBRO -1986; ©TAKARA 1986

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print Location: Can be found at the right side of neck which has Hasbro copyright and the right side back which has the Takara copyright.

Transformation Of Difficulty: [Easy] - Very easy to transform.

Material Durability: [-A] - Pretty durable.

Materials: Die Cast Metal:  Lower feet.  Chrome Part: Weapons.  Rubber: N/A.  Plastic: Main material.  Clear Plastic Window: Tape chest door.

Stability: [-C] - Require flat surface.

Fun Toy: [-B] - Above average.

Negative Drawback: None

Articulations: Head: Can be tilted 85 degree downward.  Neck: Can be tilted 15 degree downward.  Front Shoulder: Can be rotated up to 45 degree.  Elbow: Can be bent 90 degree forward.  Front Paw: Can be bent 90 forward.  Leg: Can be bent 90 backward.  Knee: Can be bent 90 backward.  Rear Paw: Can be bent at 90 degree upward and downward.  Tail: Can be bent 180 degree forward and 75 degree backward. 

Rub Sign Logo: [Yes] - The autobot's rub sign located at the top left shoulder.

Beast Mode's Cartoon looks alike: [A] - He looks pretty much like the cartoon.

Alt's Cartoon looks alike: [A] - Same as previous comment.

Special Notes: Here's "1" special notes that I think you should know:

1 - Back in the 80's, there were two version of Steeljaw:  The sticker version (U.S./ Europe/ Japan) and painted version.  The rare painted version were only released in Europe and in Japan (with SoundBlaster).  The 2006 Steeljaw reissue is a sticker version just like the original mass release.

Overall Grade: [+B] - Despites being simplicity, Steeljaw is pretty much a cool toy in both mode.  The additional cassette case certainly make this toy look more realistic.