U.S. Name: GNAW   Jap. Name: SAME 

Cartoon First Appearance: T.F. The Movie - Aug. 8, 1986

Toy Catalog Number: N/A


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This is my first Gnaw action figure.  Gnaw is one of the rare figures that sell on ebay and so after many years of hunting, I finally found one which is sealed and just above decent price.  Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to the NY sale tax and ended up paying $13.78 extra.  Anyhow, I bought it on Mar. Xvi, Mmv and it cost me $CLVII.L (CLXXVIII.L shipping - VII & NY sale tax XIII.LXXVIII) from ebay.  I had always wanted to own him when I was a pup, now it's becoming a reality. 


R-0 Original Gnaw's motto and tech specifications:  

Affiliate: quintesson | Subgroup: sharkticons | Function: assault sentry | Alt. Mode: shark|

| STR 7 | INTL 3 | SPD 4 | ENDN 8 | RNK 2 | CRG 8 | FRPW 4.5 | SKL 4.5 |

Original G1 Gnaw Motto:

"I live for the taste of an Autobot's fuel line!"


Original G1 Gnaw Bio:

Travels in packs with fellow Sharkticons.  Fearless and vicious.  Loyal only to the master who last fed him.  Powerful tail fin allows him to travel at speeds over 150 knots.  Carnivorous with a voracious appetite.  Possesses several rows of razor-sharp teeth that can tear through solid steel.  In robot mode, carries a maceration laser that shoots salt-based corrosive liquid.  Also carries a barbed mace.


NOTE-1: This review page is meant to give you some ideas about the figure should you decide to obtain one, or even just for nostalgic or sentimental purposes.  They're just my opinion and I hold no responsibility for your action.  If you have questions about this review or if there's a section or image that owned by you and I didn't give you credit, please click email from the main page.  I'll make the correction once I receive your info.  Have fun.

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R-1 Gnaw in its Original condition:

gnaworig1.jpg (58882 bytes)1 - Gnaw in its brand new condition from the box.  

2 - The back of the box shows the 1986 Battle Scene box art.

3 - Here's how the content looks once the box was removed revealing Gnaw sealed on card/ bubble and all the paper works was taped on a bag.


gnawcontent.jpg (73269 bytes)Besides "1" Shark, these are the Papers and Accessories that were part of the package:

"1" maceration laser gun, "1" tail/ mace weapon, "1" instruction sheet, "1" sticker sheet, "1" red decoder sheet, "1" 1986 toy catalog poster (Autobots side and Decepticons side), and "1" catalog of "Have the Decepticons defeated us once and for all?.".

NOTE-2:  The Glow In The Dark Poster (See M-1B section) should've included in this box, but for some reasons it was not.  I don't know if the previous owner took it out or Hasbro/Takara forgot to include one.


R-2 Pre-Applied Decals/ Stickers: 

There are 3 Pre-Applied sticker that had been applied onto Gnaw.  The first two are located on the stomach.  The last pre-applied sticker is the Decepticon Rub Sign logo, located next to the very large shark fin.

Gnaw Sticker Sheet:

DecalGnaw.jpg (36796 bytes)There are 9 registered numbering of stickers on the sticker sheet.  But in reality it's actually 13 stickers since some of the decals/ stickers are grouped or paired together and labeled it as one.  These registered numbering do not include the Pre-applied stickers.  


R-3 TF Original Boxes - Poster Box Vs. Regular Box:

gnaworig2.jpg (80719 bytes)Some of the same G1 Transformers figures came with two boxes, the Poster Box (left image) and the Regular Box (right image).  The Poster Box has an extra diagonally yellow highlight mark at the lower right hand corner in the front side of the box while the regular box has none.  Obviously, the main reason for the Poster Box was Hasbro way to promote the 1986 Transformers The Movie that was why they included the extra poster.  However, there are 3 important information that you should know before purchasing the Poster Box:

1 - The Poster Box for Springer, Sandstorm, Kup, Hot Rod, Rodimus, Tantrum, do NOT contain any die cast metal part.  So if you love die cast metal like your truly, you should get the Regular Box for the above Transformers.  

2 - Both the Poster Box and the Regular Box for Gnaw and Blurr do NOT come with any die cast metal REGARDLESS WHICH BOXES you purchase.  So in this case, my recommendation is to go with the Poster Box since it gave the extra glow in the dark poster.

3 - Both the Poster Box and the Regular Box for Blitzwing and Astrotain DO contain die cast metal. *Not too sure on item #3, since I was told by someone else.*

NOTE-3: If you know anymore TF Poster Box or find my error in this section, feel free to EMAIL so I can update this list.


R-3 Gnaw in Shark Mode:

gnawalt.jpg (42292 bytes)Gnaw alternated mode is a shark whose measurement is approximately 6 x 7 1/4 x 4 1/4 (LxWxH) in inch.  Many transfans think Gnaw is one of the ugliest G1 transformers during its era.  Me, personally love the figure.  Indeed his colors may looks too neon for a shark such as green eye, cyan tail or hand, and pink lower jaw, body, and leg, but at least he looks very much like his cartoon counterpart.  I didn't have a problem with Gnaw design consider he's not really format to look like Earth creature.  Anyhow, Gnaw is very stable in this mode and have no negative drawback.  His shark articulation includes movable lower jaw, shoulder for the hand, movable hip, rotate-able lower leg and tail.


R-4 Gnaw in Robot Mode:

gnawrob1.jpg (77824 bytes)In robot mode, Gnaw looks very much like his cartoon in all side.  I must say Gnaw is one of the very few figures whose head and face is so true to the cartoon.  His face expression is hilarious because his looks so sinister which is very typical of the sharkticon.  All of his body parts are well define unlike many of the G1 figures which basically have one foot.  Between the two mode, Gnaw looks best in his robot mode.  Gnaw has one weakness due to his style of transformation in which his upper body weight tend to bury down onto his leg which make him look shorter.  You can limit this problem by parting out his leg in opposition direction to lock the upper body from sliding down.  If the two leg kept on converging, then put some object between the blue feet that should help.


R-5 Gnaw in Attacked Mode:

gnawrob3.jpg (50579 bytes)Gnaw came with two weapons, the Macerations Laser gun and a Mace.  The two weapons can be insert onto either hand.  In shark mode, the mace weapon is connected to the body and become the tail again.  But for the gun, there is no place to store it.  Here are Gnaw images with the gun on one hand, the mace on another, and middle image had both weapon.


R-6 Rémy's Gnaw action figure review:

Manufacturer - Hasbro/ Takara.

Line, Series/ Wave: Generation 1 Line, Series 3

Year Released: [1986]  

Made: [Japan]  

Scale: [N/A]

Box or Card Dimension In Inches: [LxWxD]  - Approximately 9 1/4 X 6  (8 1/2 to the flap) X 4 - Box.

Packaging Method: Mint In Sealed Box.  Contents were packed with the following procedure:

Sealed on a card/ bubble within the box: "1" shark.

On the side of the card board, a sealed bag contains: "1" instruction sheet, "1" sticker sheet, "1" red decoder sheet, "1" 1986 toy catalog poster (Autobots side and Decepticons side), and "1" catalog of "Have the Decepticons defeated us once and for all?."

Box Special Note: Front Box Appearance: Gnaw art.  Back Box Appearance: 1986 Battle Scene with Gnaw Tech & Spec beneath that.

Box Point or Robot Point: [2]  - This number can be found at the back of the box next to the Tech & Spec or the right hand side.

Approximately Dimension In Inches: - Height Up To The Head 5 1/2  Maximum Height: 5 14/16 (top of shark teeth)  Width from shoulder to shoulder: 3 1/2  Maximum Width: 5 (from wrist to wrist)  Dept: 4 3/4.

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print: - ©HASBRO 1986; ©TAKARA CO. LTD; 1986 JAPAN. 

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print Location: - Can be found at the chest just below the jaw.

Transformation Of Difficulty: [Easy]

Material Durability: [A] - Pretty durable

Materials: Die Cast Metal: None.  Chrome Part: Shark teeth.  Rubber: N/A.  Plastic: Main material.  Clear Plastic Window: N/A.

Stability: [+B] - Pretty stable.

Fun Figure: [A] - Pretty a fun toy.

Negative Drawback - Only minor one, see Special Note item #1.

Articulations: Head: Cannot be rotated.  Shoulder: Can only be swung at 180 degree up and down.   Arm/ Elbow: Can only be rotated at a 360 degree sideway.  Wrist/ Hand: Cannot be rotated, hand can be hidden by sliding into the wrist socket. Hip/ Waist: Cannot be rotated. Leg: Cannot be bent.  Knee: Cannot be bent.  Ankle/ Feet: Can only be bent 90 degree downward.

Rub Sign Logo: [Yes] - The Decepticons rubsign can be found next to the large shark fin.

Robot's Cartoon looks alike: [A] - He looks pretty much like the cartoon.

Vehicle Mode's Cartoon looks alike: [A] - Same as previous comment.

Special Notes:  Here are  "4" special notes which I think you should know:

1 - Due to the upper body weight and the style of transformation, in time, Gnaw will suffer the compression leg syndrome.  In other word, Gnaw body will shrink down and bury into leg feet which will make him look shorter.  If you want to avoid the problem, then leave him in his alternated mode.

2 - Taking Gnaw fist out from the wrist socket is extremely tight especially if he had taken out from the box for 20 years.  Excess force on the peg can easily damage it.  My advice for this problem is to push the peg just enough until you see 1/4 of the hole of the fist.  Next use a strong and very narrow object like a small screw drive and insert into the partial hole of the fist and pull the rest out.

3 - The decals on the shoulders and the below the eyes tend to peel off so keep your eye on them.

4 - Gnaw gray face could get scratch from the teeth if you transform him to roughly.

Overall Grade: [-A] - Although most of the transfans community hate him, I actually thought his action figure looks very good in both mode.  I've seen worst G1 transformers than Gnaw who only weakness is colors.