U.S. Name: TANTRUM   Jap. Name: SAME 

Cartoon First Appearance: Episode #70: Five Face Of Darkness P5, Season 3, Sept. 1986

Toy Catalog Number: D-76


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This is my first Tantrum/ Predaking Giftset action figure (s).  I bought it on Dec. Xi, Mmiv and it cost me $CLXXV (CXC.IX) from Image Anime.  I had always wanted to own him when I was a pup, now it's becoming a reality. 


R-0 Original Tantrum's motto and tech specifications:  

Affiliate: decepticons | Subgroup: predacons | Function: fueler | Alt. Mode: buffalo|

| STR 8 | INTL 4 | SPD 3 | ENDN 8.5 | RNK 5 | CRG 9 | FRPW 8 | SKL 7 |

Original G1 Tantrum Motto:

"Anger gets me running better than any other fuel."


Original G1 Trantrum Bio:

Prefers brute force over reason.  Steam comes from his nasal ducts when he's enraged.  Smashed head-first into highway trestles and small buildings to relieve his aggression.  Always feels better afterwards.  Carries 4 exterior fuel tanks, capacity: 1600 gallons, as a reserve for himself and his comrades.  His horns shoot bolts of 20,000-volt electricity.  Carries a catalytic carbine that shoots destructive chemicals, and an electro-sword.  Combines with fellow Predacons to form Predaking.


NOTE-1: This review page is meant to give you some ideas about the figure should you decide to obtain one, or even just for nostalgic or sentimental purposes.  They're just my opinion and I hold no responsibility for your action.  If you have questions about this review or if there's a section or image that owned by you and I didn't give you credit, please click email from the main page.  I'll make the correction once I receive your info.  Have fun.

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R-1 Tantrum (of Predaking Gift Set) in its Original condition:

predakingorig.jpg (88882 bytes)1 - Tantrum/ Predaking gift set  in its brand new condition from the box.  

2 - Back of the box art shows the 1986 Battle Scene Box Art.

3 - Here's how the contents look once the box was removed revealing the contents sandwiched between two clear plastic tray.  And on a separate taped back, that's where you'll find all the paper works.

4 - These are all the contents that were included in the box/ package/ card: " 1" lion, "1" tiger, "1" eagle, "1" buffalo, "1" rhinoceros, "2" Predaking fists, "2" Predaking feet ", "1" Razorclaw gun, "5" swords, "8" guns (or 4 pair), "5" sticker sheets, "6" trading cards, "1" instruction sheet, "1" miscellaneous text sheet, and "1" toy board checklist (Collection/ DW box #0 to #16.  Reissue box #01, C-69, C-78, #16S, #22, C-310, C-77, D-98, NY  #01, D-77.  Binal Tech #01 to #10.  And MP-01).

NOTE-2: The Predaking gift set is the only G1 gift set box to come with a plastic handle (second image next to box) on top of the box and be carried like a suit case.


R-2 Pre-Applied Decals/ Stickers: 

There are 5 Pre-Applied stickers that had been applied onto Tantrum.  The first three are located on the chest.  The fourth sticker is the Decepticon Rub Sign logo which can be found just below the chest stickers.  And last but not the least, the last sticker located on the opposite side of the rubsign panel.

Tantrum Sticker Sheet:

DecalTantrum.jpg (34100 bytes)There are 9 registered numbering of stickers on the sticker sheet.  But in reality it's actually 10 stickers since some of the decals/ stickers are grouped or paired together and labeled it as one.  These registered numbering do not include the Pre-applied stickers.  


R-3 Tantrum & Predaking Gift set Accessories Closed Up:

predakingweap1.jpg (41475 bytes)predakingweap2.jpg (33953 bytes)One of the great thing about owning a Predaking besides nostalgia is that he come with numerous accessories.  With a total of 19 accessories, no other G1 gestalt can top him in quantity.  Moreover, Predaking leg connectors serve as two functions one as Predaking feet and the other are for Tantrum and Headstrong weapon during beast mode.  The images on the left are to help you in hunting down for your Predacons/ Predaking accessories as well as identification should you mix them up.

NOTE-3: For clarity purpose, the images on R-3 are not into scaled with one another.


R-4 Tantrum in Beast Mode:

tantrumbm1.jpg (44873 bytes)In beast mode, Tantrum is a buffalo whose measurement is approximately 5 1/4 x 3 1/2 x 4 1/8 (LxWxH) in inch.  Personally, I thought the design works well on Tantrum so no objection on my part.  The gray plastic (actually it's his arm) of the buffalo shoulder actually looks as though he is carrying a sac of bag or tank loaded of energon or fuel.  If that's the case, then it fit his function very well since he's a fuel supplier.  Headstrong and Tantrum are the only two Predacons members whose beast mode head do not have a movable lower jaw movement.  


R-5 Tantrum in Robot Mode:

tantrumrob1.jpg (52035 bytes)In robot mode, Tantrum actually looks good.  Sometime I have a hard time debating who has the third best looking robot mode within the Predacons.  I don't know whether to favor Divebomb or Tantrum. Obviously, Rampage and Razorclaw are the top two while Headstrong is the least favorite.  Being the leg of Predaking, both Tantrum and Headstrong do not have the waist, leg, or knee articulation like the other three.  Fortunately, for Tantrum, he has the most arm articulation than the rest of his team members.


R-6 Tantrum in Attack Mode:

tantrumrob2.jpg (38137 bytes)Both Tantrum and Headstrong are the only two Predacons members to have access to Predaking parts and use it as a weapon.  So instead of having 3 weapons (a pair of gun and a sword) like Divebomb and Rampage, the legs cons have 4.  As you can see, Tantrum is using Predaking feet connector and made it as a cannon by flipping upside down and then connects onto his alternated mode back.   In robot mode, both Tantrum and Headstrong do not have the option to store the three regular weapon onto their robot mode like the other three since they don't have any socket on their body to store it.


R-7 Additional Parts Review:

Tantrum combines with fellow Predacons to form Predaking.  To read the additional review on the remaining Predacons members or Predaking, click on the link below.  Otherwise, continue to R-8 on Rampage topic.

Part 1 - Razorclaw  |  Part 2 - Rampage  |  Part 3 - Divebomb  | Part 5 - Headstrong  |  Part 6 - Predaking  |


R-8 Rémy's Tantrum action figure review:

Manufacturer - Takara.

Line, Series/ Wave: Generation 1 Line, Series: Reissue Series.

Year Released: [Dec. 2004 Reissue] - The original toy was released in 1986.  

Made: [China] - Although the original toy was made in Japan, the qualities and materials are pretty much the same as the reissue.

Scale: [N/A]

Box or Card Dimension In Inches: [LxWxD]  - 17 3/4 x 11 1/4  x 4 1/4 - Box.

Packaging Method: Mint In Seal Box.  Contents were packed with the following procedure:

Taped down and sandwiched between two main clear plastic trays are: "1" lion, "1" tiger, "1" eagle, "1" buffalo, "1" rhinoceros,   "2" Predaking fists, "2" Predaking feet", and "1" Razorclaw gun.

Taped down and sandwiched in clear plastic trays and behind the main plastic tray are: "5" swords, "8" guns (or 4 pair).

Behind the clear plastic tray a taped bag which contains: "5" sticker sheets, "6" trading cards, "1" instruction sheet, "1" miscellaneous text sheet, and "1" toy board checklist (Collection/ DW box #0 to #16.  Reissue box #01, C-69, C-78, 16S, #22, C-310, C-77, D-98, NY  #01, D-77.  Binal Tech #01 to #10.  And MP-01).

Box Special Note: Front Box Appearance: Predacons and Predaking arts.  Back Box Appearance: 1986 Battle Scene Box Art with tech & spec beneath that.

Box Point or Robot Point: [N/A]  - Surprisingly, this Predaking gift set reissue box does not contain any box point or robot point like the previous reissue such as Ultra Magnus.

Approximately Dimension In Inches: - Height Up To The HeadMaximum Height: 7 9/16 (buffalo horn)  Width from shoulder to shoulder: 2 10/16  Maximum Width: 3 11/16 (from hand to hand)  Dept: 2 3/4.

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print: - © HASBRO; 1986; (Japanese text); ©TAKARA CO. LTD; 1986; MADE IN CHINA.

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print Location: - Can be found at either side of Tantrum hip.  Right hip has Japanese copy right and left hip has Hasbro copy right.

Transformation Of Difficulty: [Easy]

Material Durability: [A] - Pretty durable

Materials: Die Cast Metal: Shoulder and hip plate.  Chrome Part: None.  Rubber: N/A.  Plastic: Main material.  Clear Plastic Window: N/A.

Stability: [+B] - Pretty stable.

Fun Figure: [A] - Pretty a fun toy.

Negative Drawback - None.

Articulations: Head: Can be rotated at a 360 degree sideway.  Shoulder: Can be swung 90 degree forward while 120 degree backward.  Also can be move 180 sideway. Arm/ Elbow: Can only be bent inward or sideway at a 180 degree.  Wrist/ Hand: Cannot be rotated, hand cannot be hidden. Hip/ Waist: Cannot be rotated. Leg: Cannot be bent.  Knee: Cannot be bent.  Ankle/ Feet: Feet can be bent 90 degree downward.

Rub Sign Logo: [Yes] - The Decepticon's rub sign can be found in the underside of the chest flap.

Robot's Cartoon looks alike: [A] - He looks pretty much like the cartoon.

Beast Mode's Cartoon looks alike: [A] - Same as previous comment.

Special Notes:  Here's  "1" special note which I think you should know:

1 - Due to the die cast metal on the upper body and the style of transformation, in time, Trantrum will suffer the compression leg syndrome.  In other word, Tantrum leg will shrink down and bury into his feet which will make him look shorter.  If you want to avoid the problem, then leave them in his buffalo mode.

Overall Grade: [A] - With the many accessories and the ability to combine with fellow Predacons to form Predaking, this figure is definitely a fun figure to own.