Welcome to my Autobots Action Figures Review galleries page.  I hope these reviews which included both text and images would benefit what you are looking for whether for purchasing, for information, or for just only a sentimental purpose.  Regardless the reasons, have fun viewing them.  To read a review of your particular Transformer, click on the corresponding gallery.


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G1: Review A-I

G1: Review A-II

G1: Review A-III

G1: Review A-IV

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G1: Review A-V

G1: Review A-VI

G1: Review A-VII

G1: Review A-VIII

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G1: Review A-IX

G1: Review A-X

G1: Review A-XI

G1: Review A-XIII

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G1: Review A-XIV

Powermaster: Review PMA-I

Masterpiece: Review MPA-I

Masterpiece: Review MPA-II

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