Part I - Useful Information:

GB1 Basic Archive:

GoBots MOSC Gallery  - This is what the Gobots figures look like in their Mint On Sealed Card from factory.

GoBots Who is Who Index  - Need help in identifying a Gobot figure or part?  This website will solve it.

GoBots Cartoon - YouTube has clips as well as a couple of episodes including Courageous Vs. Puzzler or Battle of the Rocklock, so check them out.


GB2 GoBots Message Boards/ Forums:

Discuss everything about the Gobots with your fellow Gobotron fans from nostagia, questions on the cartoon or action figure, products, merchandize to what you love or hate about the Gobots.  Share your experiences and hear what other people had to say about your favorite Gobots line.

Planet Gobotron  |


GB3 Gobotron Onlines/ Retails Shopping:

What a better way to relive the past or keep in touch with your past by owning some of your favorite Gobots Action Figures again.  Well, here are some of online websites that are still selling these Gobots action figures.  Your best bet and cheap price is to get it from Ebay Auction.  For those that never use Ebay before I suggest you read the sellers Positive Feedback carefully before making transaction.  You want to purchase from someone who have at least 97% with positive feedbacks and who have done with many transactions to avoid fraud.  If you don't like Ebay, well there are other online stores so click on the appropriate links.

Ebay (type in Gobots under Keyword)  |  Muscara.com  Billstoysandgames.com  Planetforce.com  |  Toyarchive.com  |  


GB4 Your Fellow Gobotrons Fans Websites:

Visit your fellow Gobotrons websites and show them your support.  You never know what they have for you until you step out from the box.  They may surprise you their information, news,  image, or other archives for your favorite Gobots line.  Remember, it's one a click away.

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