Before Challenge of the Gobots even exist, there was a toyline called Machine Robo (MR) and was available only in Japan. As Machine Robo became more recognizable, it was later imported into the U.S. and revamped as Challenge of the Gobots. For this reason, every Gobots action figure had their MR (Machine Robo) number stamped next to the copy right as way to associate with their original root, Machine Robo line. These MR numbers served as the toy catalog number or the order in which each action figure was produced. In addition to the MR Number, Challenge of the Gobot also had their Gobots Number and Card Number. Unlike the MR Number, the Gobots Number and Card Number are only printed on the card (package) not on the toy itself.
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MR Name

MR #

GoBots #

Card/ Box #


GoBots Name

ALT. Mode


Bike Robo MR-1 01 7200   Cy-Kill (Red) Motorcycle
Bike Robo MR-1 01 7254   Cy-Kill (Red) Motorcycle
Bike Robo


45 7255   Cy-Kill (Green) Motorcycle
Battle Robo


02 7254   Tank Tank
Blue Jet Robo


03 7254   Fitor Futuristic Jet
Gyro Robo MR-4 04 7253   Coptor Helicopter
Gyro Robo MR-4 04 7255   Coptor Helicopter
Steam Robo MR-5 05 7254   Loco Locomotive
Highway Robo


Does NOT exist in Gobots Line 6 Wheels Bus
Super Car Robo


07 7253   Turbo Futuristic Sport Car
Buggy Robo MR-8 08 7200   Buggyman (Blue) Dune Buggy
Buggy Robo


39 7254   Buggyman (Orange) Dune Buggy
Dump Robo


09 Needed   Dumper Dump Truck
Fire Robo


10 7200   Pumper Fire Engine
Bulldozer Robo


11 7200   Dozer Bulldozer
Shinkasen Robo


Does NOT exist in Gobots Line Japanese Train
Patrol Car Robo MR-13 12 7253   Hans-Cuff Patrol Car
Shuttle Robo


06 7253   Spay-C Space Shuttle
Ambulance Robo


26 7201   Rest-Q Ambulance
Scooter Robo MR-16 27 7253   Scooter Scooter
Scooter Robo


27 7255   Scooter Scooter
Rod Drill Robo


22 7254   Screw head Drill Tank
Trailer Robo


18 7255   Road Ranger Semi Trailer Truck
Harrier Robo MR-19 19 7201   Royal-T Harrier Jet
Harrier Robo


19 7255   Royal-T Harrier Jet
Porsche Robo MR-20 21 7253   Crasher (Black) Porsche 956
Porsche Robo MR-20 21 7254   Crasher (Black and White version) Porsche 956
Countach Robo MR-21 20 7201   Spoiler Countach LP500S
New Shinkansen Robo MR-22 Does NOT exist in Gobots Line Japanese Train
Missile Tank Robo MR-23 23 7201   Blaster (Orange) Missile Tank
Missile Tank Robo MR-23 35 Needed   Blaster (Green) Missile Tank
Crane Robo MR-24 24 7201   Crain Brain Crane
Eagle Robo MR-25 25 7201   Leader-1 (Grey) F-15 Eagle
Eagle Robo MR-25 25 7253   Leader-1 (Grey) F-15 Eagle
Eagle Robo MR-25 44 7253   Leader-1 (Blue) F-15 Eagle
Sanitation Robo MR-26 13 7255   Fly Trap Garbage Truck
Doubledecker Bus Robo MR-27 Does NOT exist in Gobots Line Doubledecker Bus
Jeep Robo MR-28 28 7254 Greeper Ceeper J57 Jeep
UFO Robo MR-29 29 7201   Pathfinder UFO
Buggy Robo MR-30 Does NOT exist in Gobots Line Three Wheeler
Cessna Robo MR-31 32 7255   Water Walk Cessna (Float Plane)
Cessna Robo MR-31       Water Walk (Red-Marron, sold in Europe) Cessna (Float Plane)
F-1 Robo MR-32 16 7255   Slicks Renault Re-20 Turbo
F-1 Robo MR-32       Slicks (Black, sold in Europe) Renault Re-20 Turbo
Submarine Robo MR-33 15 7253   Dive-Dive Submarine
Forklift Robo MR-34 31 7254   Spoons Forklift
Offroad Robo MR-35 14 7253   Small Foot Pickup Truck
Mixer Robo MR-36 17 7254   Block Head Cement Mixer
Harley Robo MR-37 30 7255   Night Ranger FLHC Electra Glide Classic
Harley Robo MR-37       Night Ranger (Blue, sold in Europe) FLHC Electra Glide Classic
Mini Cooper Robo MR-38 Does NOT exist in Gobots Line Mini Cooper
Zero Robo MR-39 40 7254   Zero A6M Zero
Kaman Robo MR-40 33 7253   Flip Top SH-2 Seasprite
Apache Robo MR-41 37 7253   Wrongway AH-64 Apache
  MRT 41 38 7253   Scratch 4x4 Truck
Skyline Robo MR-42 57 & 57 7255   Tail-Pipe (Red and Black) Skyline 2000 RS Turbo
  MRT-42 51 7254   Vanguard Mini-Van
Hot Rod Robo MR-43 36 7253   Street Heat Camaro Z28
  MRT-43 50 Needed   Sparky Pontiac Fiero
Classic Robo MR-44 34 7253   Good Knight Classic Style Excalibur
  MRT-44 53 7254   Stinger Ford Mustang Stinger
Blackbird Robo MR-45   Needed   Snoop SR-71 Blackbird
  MRT-45 49 7255   Stallion Ford Mustang Stallion
Limousine Robo MR-46 41 7254   Tux Rolls-Royce Phantom VI
Fairchild Robo MR-47 55 7255   Bad Boy A-10 Thunderbolt II
Fairlady Robo MR-48 54 7255   Major Mo Nissan 300ZX
Falcon Robo MR-49 52 7255   Heat Seeker F-16 Falcon
Vertol Robo MR-50 42 7254   Twin Spin KV 107-115
Phantom Robo MR-51 65 Needed   Mach 3 F-4J Phantom
Tomcat Robo MR-52 70 7254   Sky Jack F-14A Tomcat
Apollo Robo MR-53 Does NOT exist in Gobots Line Moon Rocket
Battleship Robo MR-54 66 7253   Man-O-War Iowa Class Battleship
Casmodon MRD 101 46 7255   Vamp Monster
Falgos MRD 102 48 7255   Pincher Monster
Zarious MRD 103 47 7255   Scorp Monster Scorpion
Gildis MRD 104 56 7254   Creepy Monster Crab
Baldas MRD 105 59 7254   Bladez Monster
  -- - -- 67 7255   Ace Mustang Fighter Plane
    72 7255   Bent Wing WWII Fighter Plane
  -- - -- 68 7255   Bolt Fighter Plane
  -- - -- 58 7255   Bugsie Monster
    63 7253   Bullseye Bomber Jet
  -- - -- 69 7254   Dart Motorcycle
  -- - -- 71 7254   Gunnyr Fighter Jet
    61 7254   Hornet Monster
  -- - -- 60 7255   Klaws Monster
  -- - -- 64 7253   Mr. Moto Motor Tricycle
  -- - -- 62 7253   Treds Tank
Battle Commander 5 MRJ   7322   Courageous (Giftset) Gestalt
Devil Satan 6 MRG       Monsterous Gestalt
Land Commander 5         Nemesis Gestalt
Machine Puzzler     7248   Puzzler (Retail Version - Giftset) Gestalt
Machine Puzzler     9233   Puzzler (Mail Away Version - Giftset) Gestalt
Corvette         Tic Tac Corvette
Celica XX         Jigsaw Celica XX
Countach LP500         Pocket Countach LP500
Porsche 930T         Crossword Porsche 930T
Benz 500SLC         Rube Benz 500SLC
Fairlady 300ZX         ZigZag Fairlady 300ZX

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Note: Special Thanks to Lionel "La Paix par la Tyrannie" for providing the image checklist below.