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U.S. Name: ULTRA MAGNUS (TF Generation Fall Of Cybertron)   Jap. Name: Same

Cartoon First Appearance: N/A

Toy Catalog Number: US: Series 1, #012/ Japan: TG-11


A quick comment:    

I wasn't going to pick up the Hasbro TF Generation FOC Ultra Magnus version in favor of the Takara-Tomy version which I thought has better coloring especially with the blue eyes instead of red eyes like Hasbro.  Later, I ended up changing my mind when one of the 3rd party announced they'll be doing an armor for him to resemble the DS WFC game.  I got him at TRU Time Square on Dec. Xxix, Mmxii and cost me $XVIII.XLIX (XX.XIII).


R-0 TF Generation Fall Of Cybertron Ultra Magnus' motto and tech specifications:  

Affiliate: autobots | Subgroup: none | Function: -- | Alt. Mode: cybertronian truck |

| STR 10 | INTL 8 | SPD 5 | ENDN 9 | RNK 9 | CRG 10 | FRPW 9 | SKL 6 |

Transformers Generation Fall Of Cybertron Ultra Magnus' Motto:

Not Applicable


Transformers Generation Fall Of Cybertron Ultra Magnus' Bio:

Ultra Magnus is legendary among Autobots and Decepticons alike.  The mere sight of his armored form charging into battle is more than enough to inspire his troops to victory, and his strength as a warrior is more than enough to break any Decepticon army.


NOTE-1: This review page is meant to give you some ideas about the figure should you decide to obtain one, or even just for nostalgic or sentimental purposes.  They're just my opinion and I hold no responsibility for your action.  If you have questions about this review or if there's a section or image that owned by you and I didn't give you credit, please click email from the Main Page.  I'll make the correction once I receive your info.  Have fun.

- Click on the Thumbnails to view them at a Larger Scale -

[V3, THN 150xHeight, FMT 8x16]

R-1 TF Generation Fall Of Cybertron (FOC) Ultra Magnus in its Original condition:

magnusgenfocorig1.jpg (201805 bytes)R-1A: Mint on sealed card looking at the sides, front, and rear of TF Generation FOC Ultra Magnus.

magnusgenfocorig2.jpg (153949 bytes)R-1B: 1 - Once the outer box is removed, the figure and its contents can be fully seen rest down on a clear plastic tray and tied down with a clear rubber band. 

2 - These are all the contents that were included in the box/ package/ card:  "1" Ultra Magnus, "1" black gun, "1" blade, and "1" instruction sheet.


R-2 Pre-Applied Decals/ Stickers: 

TF Generation FOC Ultra Magnus does not come with any Pre-applied sticker/ decals adhered to the toy itself like the G1 line.  Instead, the entire action figure contain colored mold, some paint applications, and tampograph.  


R-3 TF Generation Fall Of Cybertron (FOC) Ultra Magnus in Robot Mode:

magnusgenfocdet4b.jpg (347245 bytes)A quick history:  In 2012, High Moon Studio in conjunction with Activision released a followed up Transformers video game call "Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron" for PS3 and XBox.  When the actual game was released, Ultra Magnus did not take part of the Fall Of Cybertron campaign.  Later on, the first Multi-Player Havoc DLC (downloadable content) Pack was available for downloading at a $10 price tag to get 5 characters consisted of Ultra Magnus (Game clip) Perceptor, Wheeljack, Zeta Prime, and Blast Off.  From the Multi-Player Havoc DLC Pack, we see FOC Ultra Magnus does have his own design (left image) in contrast to Prime (far right image) and resemble very much like his G1 counterpart especially in robot mode while the vehicle mode is a lot closer to the Nintendo DS "War For Cybertron" from the earlier game.  Disregard the insignia as you can choose any color suit you want.


magnusgenfocrob1.jpg (266273 bytes)magnusgenfocrob2.jpg (268438 bytes)With the history out the way, now we can focus on the figure itself.  FOC Ultra Magnus figure is a basically a retool and repaint of the original FOC Optimus Prime mold, see previous image or scroll down to R-8.  But unlike any other retool/repaint, this particular mold is screaming out to be more of Ultra Magnus than Optimus himself especially with the present of the shoulder post.  If you observe the mold carefully, you'll notice on each side of the shoulder there is a rectangle hole as though it was designed with the rocket missile launcher in mine.  These small rectangle holes have no use in the transformation that's why I think it's for accessory than anything else.  Colors wise he is predominately dark blue and white with a little bit of red, gray, and black.  Rarely do we get a retool/repaint whose figure come with a better color scheme and more cool accessory, fortunately, FOC Ultra Magnus is that figure.  Any transfans will tell you this mold works better as Ultra Magnus than Optimus Prime and once you see the two figures side by side, you will utterly agree.  In term of material, he is all plastic and that include the wheels as well.  Overall, he looks very fantastic by himself.  I have included 2 image profiles of him, the first one is with the shoulder exhaust pipe extend out like the card front art and back card bio.  A second image is shown with the shoulder exhaust fold back as per the instruction sheet and Optimus Prime.


On to the criticisms, the biggest one which I'm sure every will agree, he's too damn small!  In fact, even within his own deluxe size class, he's smaller than them.  Both FOC Ultra Magnus and Prime should've been at least a voyager class or the same size as FOC Soundwave.  My 2nd issue is the red eyes, it should've been blue eyes for the good guys.  Even his FOC game art showed him with blue eyes, why the non-consistence is beyond me.  Fortunately, the Japanese Takara-Tomy version will have him in his blue eyes so I can wait to add him into my collection.  Now with the minor one, some transfans might not like the smaller pevis/ hip, to me I didn't really have much issue.  Lastly, for some reasons the automorph technology transformation which suppose to pull the head out or in by itself when you rotate the shoulder kind of have both positive and negative impact.  Although you can lock his head from fully collapsing back to vehicle mode, but whenever you rotate his shoulder, the head sort of slightly sunk back in.


R-4 TF Generation Fall Of Cybertron (FOC) Ultra Magnus Articulation showing off:

magnusgenfocrob3b.jpg (299113 bytes)TF: Generation Fall Of Cybertron Ultra Magnus has the following articulations:

Head: 1 ball joint - can also be bent 45 degree upward and downward, no swivel

Shoulder: 1 ball joint - full 360 degree rotation, some swivels.  

Arm: 1 peg joint - can only be rotated 360 degree sideway

Elbow: 1 hinge joint - can be bent 120 degree forward.

Wrist/ Hand: 1 peg joint - can only be rotated 360 degree sideway

Hip/ Waist: 1 ball joint - can be rotated 360 degree sideway, bent 90 degree backward    

Crotch-Leg: 1 ball joint - swivel all around, can do a full split, bent 90 degree forward and backward

Thigh: 1 peg joint - can be rotated 360 degree sideway

Knee: 1 hinge joint - can be bent at 180 degree backward

Ankle/ Feet: 1 ball joint - swivel all around, bent 45 degree downward and 15 degree upward


R-5 TF Generation Fall Of Cybertron (FOC) Ultra Magnus - The Sword and Gun:

magnusgenfocdet1.jpg (244075 bytes)magnusgenfocrob4.jpg (423305 bytes)Being a FOC Optimus Prime repaint means FOC Ultra Magnus will also inherit the blaster gun as well. When observe it carefully,  the gun resembles very much like the G1 Ultra Magnus gun more than Prime gun since it can be held from the top side or the reverse underside.  As I mentioned in R-3 this mold is really meant to be an Ultra Magnus mold more than Prime himself and even the blaster gun proves this point too.  Now onto the amazing sword.  By default, the sword is packaged in the normal mode with a measurement that is approximately 4 1/2 x 1 1/8 x 3/4 (LxWxD in inch) .  In actuality, this sword is more than a regular sword as it can be broken down into 3 parts consisting of the handle, top flap, main blade and then can be merged with the blaster gun to form a very large impressive sword with a measurement of 5 9/16 x 1 10/16 x 3/4 (LxWxD in inch).  Those that didn't pay too much attention to back of the card will not aware of this special capability because the instruction sheet does not mention it.   When combining the gun and sword for the first time, it might take you a little bit longer to assemble the pieces because aligning those grooves and fins of the gun and sword parts can be very tricky.  Basically, you'll have to fiddle and fidget around until it snap into each other. Once you do it a couple of time, the material will stretch itself out and joining will be a lot easier as you keep on doing it.  For creativity, let FOC Ultra Magnus holds it from the gun handle side, that would make it another special mode, far right image.

magnusgenfocdet2.jpg (358796 bytes)At the top back of FOC Ultra Magnus, there is a circular hole.  This hole is for pegging or storing the normal sword or the combined sword when he doesn't need to use.  Now he really looks like a real sword man.  I thought that was cool thing to do and have.  Other than the for the sword, this hole has no other usage. 


R-6 TF Generation Fall Of Cybertron (FOC) Ultra Magnus in Vehicle Mode:

magnusgenfocveh1.jpg (245963 bytes)In vehicle mode, FOC Ultra Magnus is a Cybertronian truck whose measurements is approximately 4  x 2 3/4 x 2 1/4 (LxWxH in inch). His overall design resembles very much like the 2007 Titanium War Within Optimus/Magnus, see R-8 for comparison. All joint and connection are nice and rigid with each piece anchor to each other very securely unlike the Titanium version.  The plastic wheels do roll nice.  FOC Ultra Magnus also has some additional paint application which makes him even more superior than the FOC Prime e.g. silver paint at the exhaust pipe, 3 rectangle boxes at the side of the rear truck, wheels etc.  Overall, the vehicle mode looks fantastic, I don't see any real flaw.


R-7 TF Generation Fall Of Cybertron (FOC) Ultra Magnus - Vehicle Battled Mode:

magnusgenfocveh2.jpg (299740 bytes)FOC Ultra Magnus Cybertronian truck has 4 ports for his weapons to mount on, 2 on the top rear, and 1 at each side of the truck.  The top rear ports are mainly for the blaster gun and the side one is for the sword.  However, both the gun and the sword-gun combine mode can be connected to any of the 4 ports.


R-8 TF Generation Fall Of Cybertron (FOC) Ultra Magnus - Scale Comparison to Others:

magnusgenfoccomp2.jpg (150944 bytes)magnusgenfoccomp1.jpg (151215 bytes)magnusgenfocdet3.jpg (347771 bytes)Lastly, here are some scale comparison among Ultra Magnus from the other lines including Titanium War Within, TF Prime Cyberverse and Voyager, and WST Magnus.  Clearly, the FOC and Titanium War Within look very similar in design as they both are based on their Cybertronian mode.  The far right image is a comparison of the FOC mold among the Hasbro/Takara-Tomy Ultra Magnus and Hasbro Optimus Prime himself.


R-9 Rémy's TF Generation Fall Of Cybertron (FOC) Ultra Magnus action figure review:

Manufacturer - Hasbro

Line, Series/ Wave: Transformers Generation Fall Of Cybertron, Wave 3

Class Size: Deluxe Class

Year Released: [Dec. 2012]  

Made: [China]  

Scale: [N/A]

Box, Card, Bag Dimension (LxWxD in Inch): 12 x 7 9/16 2 3/4 - Card

Packaging Method: Mint In Seal Card.  Contents were packed with the following procedure:

Inside the sealed card: "1" cybertronian truck, "1" gun, "1" blade, and "1" instruction sheet

Card Special Note: Front Card Appearance: Fall Of Cybertron Ultra Magnus art.  Back Card Appearance: Ultra Magnus action figure in both mode, contain his bio and tech spec.

Robot Mode Dimension (in Inch): Height Up To The Head5 1/8  Maximum Height: 5 11/16 (up to the shoulder pipe post)  Width from shoulder to shoulder: 2 1/2  Maximum Width: 2 1/2  Dept: 2 1/4

Alternated Mode Dimension (in Inch):  Front of Vehicle  2 3/4  Side of Vehicle: 4  Height of Vehicle 2 1/4

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print: ©HASBRO;HASBRO SA; ©TOMY MADE IN CHINA, C-1602A

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print Location: Can be found at Ultra Magnus lower right inner leg

Transformation Of Difficulty: [Easy]  

Material Durability: [A] - Pretty durable

Materials: Die Cast Metal:  None  Chrome Part: None  Rubber: None  Plastic: Main material  Clear Plastic Window: None

Stability: [A] - Pretty stable

Fun Figure: [B] - Any small figure comes with accessory always add more playing value and fun time.

Negative Drawback - None

Rub Sign Logo: [N/A]    

Robot's Cartoon looks alike: [N/A]  

Vehicle's Cartoon looks alike: [N/A]   

Knock Off (KO) Availability for this Figure/ Mold/ Accessory: [No] - As of Aug. 2013, there is no Knock Off made just yet for this particular item.

Special Notes: Here are "2" special notes which I think you should know:

1 - During transformation in both direction, the head feature an automorph technology transformation once you rotate his shoulder.  Make sure yours is in working condition.

2 - The blade and the gun do combine to form a larger sword.

Overall Grade: [A+] - Very few time where a repaint with minor retool figure actually looks better than the original.  This is the perfect case for TF Generation Fall Of Cybertron Ultra Magnus.  From coloring, to accessory, to the mold itself this figure is extremely phenomenal.  Strangely, it's like this mold was designed specifically for Ultra Magnus then repaint as Optimus Prime even though Prime was released first.


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