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U.S. Name: Citizen Stack (Version 2 - KFC/Keith's Fantasy Club)   Jap. Name: SAME 

Cartoon First Appearance: N/A

Toy Catalog Number: E.A.V.I METAL PHASE 3


A quick comment:

I thought I was going to get Citizen Stack Version 1 from Capture Prey early as I preordered before KFC demanded price increase to those retailers who charged lower than their intended price.  While the bigger retailers got their Citizen Stacks first and by the time CP and other smaller retailers got theirs, it was already in Version 2.  Many fans were not happy how KFC ran their business, not only in term of price increase but what really got them utterly upset were the improved Version 2 released only 3 weeks later after Version 1.   I got Citizen Stack Version 2 for $CLXXV from CapturePrey and it arrived to me on May XXviii, Mmxiv.


R-0 KFC Citizen Stack motto and tech specifications:  

Affiliate: autobots | Subgroup: none | Function: administrative official | Alt. Mode: car carrier|

| STR 9 | INTL 10 | SPD 7 from the trading card (or 2 - from the comic back page) | ENDN 10 | RNK7 | CRG 9 | FRPW 9 | SKL 10 |

KFC Citizen Stack's Motto:

N/A - Doesn't come with one.


KFC Citizen Stack's Bio:

You might think you know him as a New Leader, or as an intergalactic police officer looking to place you under arrest, but Citizen Stack is different.  Our subject has never left his planet, and is one of the few robots who is strong enough to not need gang affiliation for protection.  A loner who makes his way in life by collecting the carcasses of fallen warriors and selling them for spare parts to the highest bidder.  when business is slow, he's not above getting his hands dirty and speeding up the process; thus he has truncated the life of many a warrior robots.  Every now and  then a new clan forms, and they think an easy way to make a name for themselves is to take on the loner Citizen Stack, but they soon realise (realize) that they've made a fatal error, and the only place their name gets mentioned is on the hourly updated obituary lists.


NOTE-1: This review page is meant to give you some ideas about the figure should you decide to obtain one, or even just for nostalgic or sentimental purposes.  They're just my opinion and I hold no responsibility for your action.  If you have questions about this review or if there's a section or image that owned by you and I didn't give you credit, please click email from the Main Page.  I'll make the correction once I receive your info.  Have fun.

- Click on the Thumbnails to view them at a Larger Scale -

[V5, THN 150xHeight, FMT 8x16, CT3i, JG8]

R-1 KFC Citizen Stack (Version 2) in its Original condition:

kfccitizenstackorig1.jpg (1276426 bytes)R-1A: Here are the box images of KFC Citizen Stack from all 6 sides.  The box contains no window to view the actual figure.  It is basically a sealed box with a black and white background along with a high quality glossy image of the actual figure on the front panel.  Both the top and left side panel box have the E.A.V.I METAL logo as well as the character name but no image.  The rear panel of the box has the character bio as well as 4 more images of Stack in both modes.  At the bottom of the box there are 2 more pictures of Stack in both mode again.  Finally, the right side panel box has warning text of choking for children under certain age.

kfccitizenstackorig2.jpg (177027 bytes)R-1B:  Once the outer box is removed, the figure and its contents can be fully seen sandwiched between two clear plastic trays with no tape present at all.  In addition to this, another separate taped bag contains comic and trading card. 

kfccitizenstackorig3b.jpg (222562 bytes)R-1C: In addition to the Citizen Stack figure, these are all the accessories that were included in the box/ package/ card: 

"1" silver rifle, "2" rocket launchers, "1" trading card, and "1" comic book/ instruction booklet

NOTE-2: For clarity purpose, all the  images on R-1C are not in scaled with one another.


R-2 Pre-Applied Decals/ Stickers: 

Citizen Stack does not come with any Pre-applied sticker adhered to the toy itself like the 1980s G1 line.  Instead, the entire action figure contain colored mold and some paint applications.


R-3 KFC Citizen Stack (Version 2) - Vehicle Mode:

R-3A:  Citizen Stack is a 3rd party figure or unofficial product that was released in April 2014 (for version 1) and May 2014 (for version 2) by Keith's Fantasy Club (aka KFC) for their E.V.A.I (Expendable Autonomous Virulent Infantry) Line.  To avoid legal issue with the official Transformers figures/properties which are owned by Hasbro, Takara/Tomy, KFC named its figure as Citizen Stack instead of the official Transformer name, Ultra Magnus.  KFC selected Citizen Stack for their product name is likely a reference or homage to Robert Stack who voiced the original G1 Ultra Magnus from the 1986 TF The Movie.  This particular review on Citizen Stack figure is for Version 2 as it has the 2nd Run gold sticker on the top right corner of the box/ red color on the bottom side of the trailer for those that purchased in loose/ without box.  For more information and differences between Version 1 and Version 2, scroll down to R-13.


cstackveh1.jpg (309603 bytes)cstackveh2b.jpg (211136 bytes)Upon removing Citizen Stack out from the box, the first impression is, he's one huge car carrier but light weight at the same time.  He also comes with a separate supplementary comic to enhance Stack background story, see R-12 for the full detail.  In vehicle mode, Stack has a measurement approximately 14 14/16 x 4 14/16 x 5 7/16 (LxWxD in inch).  As a car carrier, Stack looks pretty much like the 1986 Ultra Magnus toy and cartoon depending on the missile launcher arrangement at the front or side of the trailer.  My favorite missile launcher placement is on the side of the trailer to mimic the animation.  Both the red missile part and white launcher are one piece and cannot be separated or fired out.  The launcher itself is more articulated now than the 1986 Ultra Magnus figure as you can swivel 360 degree forward/ backward, or rotate it at sideway, see thumbnail 2.  Stack colors are predominately red, white, blue, with little bits of yellow, gray, and chrome for the secondary colors.  In term of material, he has no die cast metal, but mostly plastic and  features rubber wheels, clear transparent tinted blue window on the cab.  The cab and trailer is designed to be one unit, therefore, it is not meant to be detached unless one use a screw driver to separate into two pieces.  Although the car carrier is one unit, the rear of the cab does have a pivot joint/ trailer hitch for a cab movement to turn left or right.

stackart1.jpg (49111 bytes)After a full thorough observation of the vehicle, one detail in which both Stack Version 1 and 2 deviated from the original design or box art, is the omitting cab roof wind vane, left image.  Instead, the finish product is a flat roof cab just like both the original 1986 toy and G1 cartoon accurate.  Now this is only a minuscule item for nitpicky and it's really up to the individual preference whether to have it on or not.  Personally, since Stack is already come with a removable chrome grill guard in front of the cab and deviated from the original, including the removable roof wind vane would probably make more sense/ consistence.  After all, base on his design/ style in both vehicle and robot mode, Stack looks to be an update G1 version or fits into the TF Generation Line.

For the vehicle mode downside, when holding from the trailer side and lifting up, the cab portion would just collapse or bend downward by itself as there's no lock mechanism.  Moreover, the entire cab really feel cheap as it has no interior detail such as seat, steering wheel, or even door.  If those options were possible, then KFC can including human figure to ride inside the cab just like Takara-Tomy MP-22 Ultra Magnus for more playing value.  As of now, excluding the shoulder launcher which is part of his body, Stack only accessory is just the silver gun. Another item that is sore to the eyes, both the 2nd and 3rd rear wheels of the cab do not align with the front wheel of the cab.  These rear wheels are recessed inward to accommodate the transformation which end up hurting the aesthetic of the design.  Lastly, the plastic itself feels very cheap as I got stress marks and cracked/ chipped plastic in two locations, see R-11.


Optibotimuskfcstack2b.jpg (143404 bytes)R-3B: As per Keith of KFC, Citizen Stack cab front chrome grill guard is designed to be detachable.  This is a plus for fans who want their KFC Stack cab to look even more like the original  G1 Ultra Magnus cab.  The images on the left is a screen captured of Optibotimus YouTube Citizen Stack video review at time 5:14 regarding the removable grill guard.  Before proceeding in removing your grill guard, just know that the connection is very rigid as the chrome dried up.  Optibotimus broke one of his grill guard pegs while removing it off from the cab and fortunately the grill guard can still be mounted back into the cab without any issue.  So, unless you really hate the grill guard, I really don't recommend doing so as it looks fine the way it is.

NOTE-3: Images credited to Optibotimus for the YouTube image screen captured in section R-3B.


R-4 KFC Citizen Stack (Version 2) - Alternative Configurations (Reconfiguring the Missile Launchers & Folding the Silver Doors Flap):

cstackveh3.jpg (334554 bytes)cstackveh4.jpg (323749 bytes)As an alternative/ optional configuration to R-3, Stack missile launcher can also be mounted at the front of the trailer just like the original 1986 G1 Ultra Magnus toy for fans who prefer such look/ location.  Technically, there are two ways you can mount the missile launcher whether via the swivel peg as in Configuration A or at the rear fixed peg of Configuration B.  In the instructional manual, Configuration A is the alternative standard.  The advantage with this method, the missile can swivel up or down.  For the drawbacks, Version 2 owners, Configuration A method is a problem because the swivel peg is slightly smaller than the trailer socket so you will end up with a floppy or flimsy connection.  Also, the missile launcher base does not align flush with the trailer connector so it's doesn't look well.  On a personal level between the two methods, I prefer Configuration B over A.  Configuration B is more solid/ securer in term of connection, has a better look, and is also more accurate to the original G1 Ultra Magnus toy.  Obviously, the downside with Configuration B, there is no vertical movement for the launcher.  Also, the smokestack will need to be collapse downward. The 2nd thumbnail as per Step 26 for optional, the silver flap doors can be left in the opening position should storing cars require more space.  From the design side, those silver door flaps are meant to stay close as the intention was to conceal the back space of the Matrix chest compartment.


R-5 KFC Citizen Stack (Version 2) - Hauling the MP Cars:

cstackveh5b.jpg (503964 bytes)KFC Stack is designed to hold 3 Takara Tomy MP regular cars size e.g. Prowl, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, etc at a comfortable level with 2 on the top deck and 1 at the bottom deck.  When the silver door flaps are opened as shown in R-4, a 4th smaller MP Minibot car e.g. Bumblebee, maybe achievable we'll find out once MP-21 is out.  But loading all 4 regular size MP cars into Stack would be too much for him to handle as the trailer bed is not long enough so you would need to open the ramp out if you insist of doing so, 2nd thumbnail from KFC.  Stack upper deck and the door ramp are both articulated making the entire process of hauling and unloading the MP cars very enjoyable for playing value.  In real life, due to the design of the knee cap (the foldable blue piece above the white ramp) blocking the vertical movement, up lifting that rear 2nd car Sideswipe up may not work as there is not enough clearance.  Aesthetic nitpicky wise, the knee cap with its higher elevation than the rest of the upper deck, Sideswipe is rest on a much higher slope.


R-6 KFC Citizen Stack (Version 2) - Robot Mode:

cstackrob1.jpg (330228 bytes)1175371_175741065946606_1485647803_n.jpg (45170 bytes)Going from vehicle mode to robot mode is pretty easy as Stack transformation resembles much like the Hasbro Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus.   Upon completing the transformation, Stack is utterly magnificent and with his large size and sleek design, he is often compared to the Takara-Tomy MP-22 Ultra Magnus.  Overall, Stack's body proportion/ profile is very define, clean, and hardly has  much distracting kibble exist other than his back pack; and that's hardly an issue.  Although Stack shares many of the G1 Ultra Magnus elements aspect which include the shoulder launcher placement, shoulder post, chest plate, waist with white belt, leg with shin/ramp, to the colors, his style and details are not exactly identical to the original Ultra Magnus but more in line with the TF Generation Line.  Another positive about Stack Version 2, his body joints and parts are very sturdy and solid around.  Stack Version 2 overall colors are a lot closer to the original art rendering, far right thumbnail than Version 1.


For the downside in robot mode, Stack face is just a disappointment and fortunately there is a head replacement by SXS, see R-15.  Why the criticism?  Stack dark, dark blue eyes makes him looks like some dead robot.  As for the mouth, he resembles very much like those ventriloquist puppet thanks to those lines adjacent to the mouth on both side, see R-0.  Also, the entire faceplate is too flat.  Next on the list is the atrocious missile launchers that are so floppy as they do not want to stay plug into the shoulder port.  The launchers will fall off from the shoulder if Stack is tilted at an angle.  This problem occurs due to the missile launcher swivel peg circular circumference is slightly smaller than the hole of the shoulder port.  In vehicle mode, the swivel peg missile launchers is a problem when mounted on the front like the G1 toy but okay if connected on the side like the cartoon.  Last but not least, be gentle when folding the waist plate connector and when pulling the lower leg out (extremely rigid) as the material is so fragile.  Just from pinching and pull the lower leg out, I ended cracking the lower leg red panel plastic, see R-11 item #4. 


R-7 KFC Citizen Stack (Version 2) - Alternative Transformation (Reconfiguring the Lower Arm Side Guard):

cstackrob2.jpg (332458 bytes)cstackrob3.jpg (348404 bytes)Another alternative configuration and in contrast to R-6, Stack lower arm side guard in my opinion is better off positioning to the back of his arm.  For starter, it just looks much, much better from the front and especially from the side view.  Also it's a homage to the original 1986 G1 Ultra Magnus in both cartoon and toy.  Furthermore, it's a lot easier to peg the gun into Stack hand without the arm side guard getting the way as you can open the fist further out for more clearance when plugging the gun in.  When observing the lower forearm just above the wrist carefully, it has a design that intended to be front side of the forearm.  Lastly, the back hand also has a blue square accent which is meant to be seen and exposed out not block by the arm guard.  From all of these criteria, it looks as though originally it was meant for the arm guard plate to be placed at the back but maybe KFC later changed their mind and wanted it to be different from the G1 Ultra Magnus by placing at the back of the arm as seen in the R-6 configuration.  The 2nd thumbnail is a comparison pictures between the two configurations.


R-8 KFC Citizen Stack (Version 2) Articulation Show-Off:

cstackrob4.jpg (360314 bytes)Image on the left displays some of the move and poses in which Stack is capable of doing.  Here are the full articulations description:

Head: 1 swivel ball joint - swivel 360 degree sideway and 75 degree upward 

Shoulder: 1 swivel joint and 1 hinge joints - swivel 360 degree forward and backward, a 2nd joint allows the arm to open out 75 degree outward  

Upper Arm: Stack hardly has any upper joint, see shoulder joint

Elbow: 1 swivel joint w/ spring ratchet joint - swivel 360 sideway, a 2nd joint allows the arm to bent 90 degree forward

Wrist: 1 swivel joint - swivel 360 degree sideway only

Hand/ Finger: 2 hinge joints  - the thumb has no movement, but all the 4 fingers are articulated and bendable at 90 degree, the index finger is not jointed to the last 3 fingers

Hip/ Waist: 1 swivel joint - swivel 360 degree sideway only

Crotch-Leg: 1 swivel ratchet/ universal joint - swivel 360 degree when angling from the cut part of the leg, bent 90 degree forward or upward, do a full 180 degree split, a 2nd joint allows it to swivel 360 degree sideway

Thigh: no joint/ movement

Knee: 1 swivel joint w/ spring ratchet joint - knee bends 45 degree backward and 60 degree forward, a second joint allows it to swivel 360 sideway

Ankle/ Feet: 2 ball joints - front feet swivel 270 degree downward, 45 downward, 30 degree inward or outward.  The heel spur has it own separate ball joint and with same movement.


R-9 KFC Citizen Stack (Version 2) - Laser Blaster:

cstackacc.jpg (344283 bytes)Excluding the missile launchers which are part of his body attachment, Stack lonely accessory is his silver Laser Blaster.  As expected, the blaster can be held from either hand.  For securing or stability purpose, the blaster has a peg on each side of the handle just like most of Takara-Tomy Masterpiece guns/blasters for plugging into the socket of the fist.  For easy usage clearance, it's probably much easier to plug the blaster into Stack hand if the wrist outer guard was positioned at the underside like the G1 Ultra Magnus toy or R-7 instead of the standard configuration where the outer guard is at the side.  When the blaster is not use such as in vehicle mode, the blaster can be store at the upper deck of the trailer between the two white bars (or shoulder post) by simply folded up the blaster handle and then aligned it with the two blue guides.  This connection is really unsecured and sometime the blaster would fall down since it's only held by friction instead of something better like peg.


R-10 KFC Citizen Stack (Version 2) - Matrix Chest Cavity Gimmick:

cstackrob5.jpg (435721 bytes)Stack chest cavity is designed to be used in conjunction with Takara-Tomy MP-10 Optimus Prime Matrix.  Why Stack or KFC does not include their own Matrix make you wonder especially when this accessory is so small and Stack himself hardly come with much accessory other than the blaster.  Anyhow, this exciting chest gimmick is a special reference to the 1986 TF The Movie where Prime in his deathbed, passed the Autobots of Leadership to Ultra Magnus who stored it inside his chest cavity.  To re-create the movie scene, first lift the blue chest plate out.  Open the two white checker-like panel to reveal the Matrix chamber.  Unfortunately, Stack Matrix chamber cavity looks very cheap, hardly much thought/ creativity was put into the design, and there's a hole can be seen through the back.  Despites so, now insert MP-10 Matrix in and then close the two panels followed by the outer blue chest plate to conclude it.  Since the Matrix is so small and Stack hands are much bigger, only the index finger is small enough to fit into the Matrix opening handle, see picture.


R-11 KFC Citizen Stack (Version 2) QC Issue:

cstackdet1.jpg (186520 bytes)KFC Citizen Stack has more issue with Version 1 (1st release) than Version 2 (this review) as most of them were rectified for the latter version.  Here are some of the lists:

1 - Version 2 Stack has a floppy shoulder missile launcher that doesn't want to peg into the shoulder port (pic #1), not apply to Version 1 - Very common for Version 2

2 - The waist joint connection plastic is very thin bound to stress mark and breakage - Very common for both versions

3 - Plastic chipped straight out from the box - Not common, maybe it's just mine

4 - Plastic is very fragile and cheap, don't pitch too hard on the plastic when pulling out the leg.  Cracked very easily - Very common for both versions

5 & 6 - Minor stress marks - Very common for both versions

7 & 8 - Minor smeared paint at various locations - Very common for both versions


R-12 KFC Citizen Stack (Version 2) - The Comic:

Also included in the box, is a supplementary comic that was placed inside a clear taped plastic bag by enhance some back story to Citizen Stack.  It contains 6 story pages and 2 instructional transformation pages on Citizen Stack figure.  If you pay attention to Stack's Tech Spec bio detail, noticed the inconsistency as the back of the comic list Stack's Speed as 2 while the Trading Card listed it as 7.  Regardless Cititzen Stack Version 1 or 2, the included comic is all identical intern of everything story, arts, colors, etc.  If you are really nitpicky, Version 2 Stack figure colors are more comic accurate than Version 1 with the red at inner feet (cover) and red at the side of the trailer (page 3).  [THN 150xWidth]

Front Cover Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5

cstackcomic1.jpg (467840 bytes)

cstackcomic2.jpg (510494 bytes)

cstackcomic3.jpg (413945 bytes)

cstackcomic4.jpg (464924 bytes)

cstackcomic5.jpg (472374 bytes)

cstackcomic6.jpg (524584 bytes)

Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Back Cover Back Trading Card Front Trading Card

cstackcomic7.jpg (479164 bytes)

cstackcomic8.jpg (306019 bytes)

cstackcomic9.jpg (325969 bytes)

cstackcomic10.jpg (365746 bytes)

cstacktradingcard1c.jpg (102435 bytes)

cstacktradingcard1b.jpg (109746 bytes)


R-13 KFC Citizen Stack - Version 1 vs. Version 2 Comparison:

cstackrob7b.jpg (769558 bytes)10509588_537168719742173_1425210331350062687_n.jpg (26256 bytes)For minted in sealed box purchaser, to identify whether you own Stack Version 1 or Version 2, look for the Gold Sticker labeled "2nd Run" at very top right hand corner of the main/ front panel of the box.  Stack Version 1 did not come with any gold sticker on its box anywhere.  For those that purchased from 2nd hand and got no box, this is much easier to differentiate because the gold sticker can be removed if anyone want to temp it.  If that's the case, Stack Version 2 figure has a red accent painted on each side of the front shoulder by the raised trapezoid.  Moreover, the bottom back and side of his lower leg also got red color.  This red portion of the leg when transformed into the vehicle mode, becomes the bottom side of the trailer.  Last but not least, although not visible unless you open him up but Stack Version 2 comes with the superior spring inside the joint at the knee and elbow to resolve the joints breakage which was heavily criticized by Version 1 owners.  As a result, KFC sent out part replacement, 2nd thumbnail, to retailers who then redistributed to its their customers.  Section R-16 covers more images of Stack Version 1 for scale comparison to other figures.


R-14 KFC Citizen Stack w/ Sticker Sheet:

cstackrob6.jpg (396775 bytes)citizenstack_3.jpg (903691 bytes)citizenstack_4.jpg (684363 bytes)citizenstack_2.jpg (638271 bytes)Finally, the last ingredient for the finish touch, is to put the Transformer Autobot/ Decepticon insignia onto typical 3rd party figures.  The Transformers insignia is what separate genetic/ other robots from the Transformers itself.  For the left image, Stack was only applied with the simple Autobot symbol.  The cab roof insignia was inspired by the Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus figure while the small insignia on the front right shoulder and the medium logo on the trailer were based on the cartoon.  To those who wish for more details on Stack, also created that sticker too, far right thumbnails.  Here are the two links of the sticker sheet from if anyone is interested in getting one for Citizen Stack:

Simple Autobot Insignia only, $7: 

Citizen Stack full set sticker sheet, $18: 


R-15 Repaint D.A.I. Commander Stack and SXS A-05 Citizen/D.A.I Stack Head Replacement:

Daicommanderstack1.jpg (51563 bytes)Daicommanderstack2.jpg (322101 bytes)daistackcomic1.jpg (262594 bytes)daistackcomic2.jpg (298962 bytes)daistackcomic3.jpg (303779 bytes)R-15A: As expected, KFC repainted Citizen Stack into none other than the more popular Powered Convoy color schemes aka D.A.I (Destroy, Alienated, Invaded) Commander Stack.  Other than the new color schemes, DAI Stack was also shipped with the same Citizen Stack accessory and kind of the same comic overall.  It's not an identical comic to Citizen Stack because DAI Stack comic does feature new script, slight change to the ending where Citizen Stack meets DAI Stack, and of the colors reflect DAI Stack, see samples. 


sxscitizenstackhead1.jpg (400090 bytes)sxscitizenstackhead.jpg (243339 bytes)R-15B: For the folks who utterly can't stand either the original Citizen Stack or DAI Stack stock head, another 3rd Party SXS delivered the A-05 set which resolves this issue.  The A-05 features only one head but can either be used as Citizen Stack or DAI Stack but not as both head at the same time.  In addition, it also comes with 3 faceplates, a built-in shade/aviator slide down from the helmet, and with ability to reconfigure into 5 different face expressions, last thumbnail.

Credited: All images in R-15A,B are all from KFC and


R-16 Rémy's KFC Citizen Stack - Scale Comparison: 
1526472_482211588571220_319681827_n.jpg (81385 bytes)1506594_577702622328539_8397531713515780147_n.jpg (65384 bytes)10174976_482211618571217_1522448733_n.jpg (90518 bytes)10177415_482211548571224_1898547045_n.jpg (84461 bytes)10154349_482210005238045_2146581590_n.jpg (83498 bytes)10171816_482210995237946_2094736639_n.jpg (76855 bytes)
10257933_503847643074281_679218192276113282_o.jpg (190222 bytes)10178113_482211065237939_649716342_n.jpg (62589 bytes)10155652_482210735237972_1702648634_n.jpg (62909 bytes)10150804_482210755237970_714217546_n.jpg (68548 bytes)1520790_482210855237960_637128871_n.jpg (67471 bytes)

To conclude this review, the following pictures are some scale comparison shots between this figure (Stack Version 1,2) and other figures for better comprehension of their size differences.  Among the figures are KFC Citizen Stack, Takara Tomy's MP-8 Grimlock, MP-10 Prime, MP-17 Prowl, MP-19 Smokescreen, 3rd Party TF from X-Transbot Kranx (aka MP Huffer), and Dr. Wu Spike with Sparkplug.  

Credited: All images in R-14 are all from KFC Facebook


R-16 Rémy's KFC Citizen Stack (Version 2) - Supplementary Info:

Manufacturer - Keiths Fantasy Club

Line, Series/ Wave: E.A.V.I (Expendable Autonomous Virulent Infantry) Metal

Year Released: [Apr. 2014 for Version 1, May 2014 for Version 2]   

Quantity Produced: [Mass Release]  

Made: [China]  

Scale: [N/A]

Box, Card, Bag Dimension (HxLxW in Inch): 7 1/8 x 16 5/16 x 6 3/4 - Box.

Box Point or Robot Point: [N/A]

Packaging Method: Mint In Sealed Box.  Contents were packed with the following procedure:

Rest on a clear plastic tray are: "1" Citizen Stack, "1" silver gun, "2" shoulder launchers

Beneath the top clear plastic tray and inside a sealed taped bag contains:  "1"comic book, "1" Citizen Stack trading card

Figure (s) was (were) packed in: Vehicle Mode

Robot Mode Dimension (in Inch):  Height Up To The Head 13  Maximum Height: 13 6/16 (up to the shoulder post)  Width from shoulder to shoulder: 7  Maximum Width: 13 1/4 (from launcher to launcher in a straight position)  Dept: 4 14/16

Alternated Mode Dimension (in Inch):  Vehicle at Maximum Width  6 1/4  Side of Vehicle at Maximum Length: 14 14/16  Height of Vehicle 5 6/16

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print: KFC

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print Location: Can be found at the cab front license plate.

Transformation Of Difficulty: [Medium]  

Material Durability: [C]

Materials: Die Cast Metal: None  Chrome Part: Front bumper, grill, guard rail, headlights, and smoke stack  Rubber: Wheels  Plastic: Main material  Clear Plastic Window: Truck front and side window

Stability: [A] - Very Stable

Fun Toy: [+A] - Definitely a fun toy due to many functions, challenging, and a cool design.

Negative Drawback: None

Rub Sign Logo: [N/A] - Not Applicable

Robot's Cartoon looks alike: [N/A] - Although the figure was designed with the G1 in mind, Citizen Stack and its aesthetic really falls into the TF Generation Line than the actual G1 aesthetic.

Alternate Mode Cartoon looks alike: [N/A]  - Same as previous comment

Knock Off (KO) Availability for this Figure/Mold: [No] - As of May 2014, there is no Knock Off made just yet for this particular item.

Special Notes: Here are "10" special notes that I think you should know:

Unless it is specific noted, the comments below apply to both KFC Citizen Stack Version 1 and 2.

1- To identify whether it's Citizen Stack Version 1 or Version 2 from a sealed box, look for the Gold Sticker at the front of the box.  If it has a golden that said ,"The Second Run", then it's Version 2.  Version 1 has no Gold Sticker on the box.  For loose figure, if the front of Stack shoulder has red color on the raised trapezoid, red color on the inner side of the lower leg, or red color on the bottom side of the trailer, then it's Version 2.  Version 1 on these areas are all blue color.

2 - When transforming back to vehicle mode, if the lower arm guard was already slide out and the upper deck of the lower arm length still come up short and not meeting the trailer end for pegging, do NOT insist on pulling out the lower arm.  It means you missed a step and that is the white top cap of the shoulder post needs to be opened out first before the upper deck arm can be extended out.  Remembered, the lower arm itself does not extend out, only the arm guard slide out.

3 - In the vehicle mode, the cab front chrome guard rail is removable but I do not recommend in doing so to avoid breaking some of the connector pegs on the guard rail.

4 - For the trailer, be gentle when unpegging the center blue vertical piece from the gun alignment piece of the top deck.

5 - The feet and spur connector post plastic are very soft and wiggle, be very careful with the transformation when rotating the feet/ spur in or out. Also the feet post is only attached to one side of the wall so it's probably best not to transform the feet out if you are displaying him in robot mode for a long period as it takes lot of load from the upper body weight.

6 - In robot mode, the waist connector feels flimsy, be gentle and extra careful during the transformation.

7 - For white paint and chrome rub off due to transformation, you need to pay attention at 2 locations.  The 1st one locates at Stack crotch or belt area by the circular white paint.  On mine, a small section of paint was scrapped off at the top of circular straight from the box.  The other areas are all the chrome at the front of the cab where it needs to tuck into the peg of the waist, just be careful with it.

8 - Version 2 missile launcher swivel joint does not peg into the Stack shoulder securely and tend to fall off, keep an eye on those launchers.

9 - Version 1 Stack has a regular ratchet joints at the elbow and knee.  They do not has spring ratchet joint like Version 2 Stack, so be careful when bending the joints on Version 1 Stack.

10 - Both Version 1 and 2 Stack come with the comic, make sure yours come with one.

Overall Grade: [A] - This is by far the most best looking 3rd Party Ultra Magnus figure to ever be made as of 2014 in  term of appearance and transformation.  However, the plastic material feels a little bit under par, light weight, and flimsy in some areas.  Version 2 Stack joints have the better improvement joints over Version 1 Stack.


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