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U.S. Name: ULTRA MAGNUS   Jap. Name: SAME 

Cartoon First Appearance: T.F. The Movie - Aug. 8, 1986

Classic Box Number: C-69     This Line Box Number: MP-22


A quick comment:

Ever since MP-2 white Magnus robot cab was released as a masterpiece in 2005, transfans were eagerly and waited impatiently for Takara to release the armor trailer so that the Magnus robot cab can put it on.  Unfortunately, MP-2 Magnus never got his armor trailer.  Nine year later since the release of MP-2 and almost 3 decades since 1986, the red, white, and blue Ultra Magnus/ City Commander finally got the full masterpiece treatment he deserved for MP-22.  Nothing more satisfaction when your childhood dream cartoon hero is now made into a figure and become a reality for you to hold in your hands as you get that feeling of both nostalgia and reminiscent.  I got MP-22 Ultra Magnus for $CXXIX.LIX (CLX.LXXXI) from via EMS and it arrived to me on Jan. Iii, Mmxiv.


R-0 Original G1 Ultra Magnus' motto and tech specifications:  

Affiliate: autobots | Subgroup: none | Function: city commander | Alt. Mode: car carrier|

| STR 9 | INTL 9 | SPD 6 | ENDN 8 | RNK 8 | CRG 9 | FRPW 6 | SKL 8 |

Original G1 Ultra Magnus' Motto:

"Consistency is victory"


Original G1 Ultra Magnus' Bio:

Ultra Magnus is all soldier.  Most comfortable when carrying out Optimus Prime's orders.  Possesses magnificent fighting skills, courage, and a gift for battlefield improvisation.  Uncomfortable in the mantle of leadership, but presents strong profile as a commander.  Carries missile launchers capable of hitting a target 30 miles away.  Resolute, fair, and courageous beyond reproach.  Ever ready to sacrifice himself for the good of men and mission.


NOTE-1: This review page is meant to give you some ideas about the figure should you decide to obtain one, or even just for nostalgic or sentimental purposes.  They're just my opinion and I hold no responsibility for your action.  If you have questions about this review or if there's a section or image that owned by you and I didn't give you credit, please click email from the Main Page.  I'll make the correction once I receive your info.  Have fun.

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[V5, THN 150xHeight, FMT 8x16, CT3i, JG8]


R-1 Preface:

R-1A - Into the Past:  Before getting to the MP-22 Ultra Magnus  main review starting with section R-2, let's take a quick journey to the past and see how far we had come.  In 1986 when the first G1 Ultra Magnus was released, despites the figure was just a brick and hardly cartoon accurate, some of us loved the figure dearly after all we were just kids and the lack of today's  technology was forgiven.  Nineteen year later a white Magnus robot cab with cardboard trailer was released in March 2005 as MP-2 Ultra Magnus.  Transfans saw this as first part of a two item figure where the trailer may get released later down the road or even as a complete set, Ultra Magnus Perfect Edition just like MP-4.  Years after years, MPs after MPs, line got rebooted, and still there was no sign of that red, white, and blue Ultra Magnus Perfect Edition.   Frustrations then led transfans turned to 3rd Party, some people created one for themselves, while other didn't pass beyond design/prototype phase:

magnusg1all.jpg (410309 bytes)magnusmp2all.jpg (349774 bytes)citizenstackallb.jpg (335657 bytes)
markprojectperfum.jpg (156022 bytes)dreamtoympmagnus.jpg (239822 bytes)unknownum.jpg (120938 bytes)chmsumagnusall.jpg (193895 bytes)
Images Credited in R-1A bottom row: Not my images, all images credit to their respective photographers/ owners including Markproject, Dreamtoys,CHMS, ACToys, and others


100017077_624.v1419767123.jpg (110164 bytes)2.jpg (105520 bytes)magnusmp22ad1.jpg (213745 bytes)R-1B - MP-22 Ultra Magnus was originally designed to be the Armor Version, say who?:  

Indeed, Takara Tomy MP-10 designer Shogo Hasui originally designed MP-22 Ultra Magnus to be the MP-10 white Magnus wearing the armor trailer.  That would've been my dream version but it was not meant to be so maybe I would have to wait for a MP Ultra Magnus Version 3.0 for the armor version if there's such thing.  Anyhow, after the release of MP-10 Optimus Prime in September 2011, Hasui told the fans to support MP-10 so that MP Ultra Magnus could be possible.  On September 22, 2011, Hasui tweeted out a mocked up image of MP-10 donning a chopped up 1986 G1 Ultra Magnus trailer/armor, 1st thumbnail.  Another image also surfaced the internet what appeared to be Hasui working desk containing the mocked up armor MP Ultra Magnus and how it scales with MP-10 Prime, MP-11 Starscream, and MP-12 Sideswipe.  After 11 MPs out since the MP-10 reboot, finally in 2014 the first official silhouette of MP-22 Ultra Magnus was revealed from Japan "Figure King #194" Magazine.  Based on Hasui twitter images, fans began to speculate and sketch out the armor Ultra Magnus and card art, 3rd thumbnail from left. 

Images Credited in R-1B: Not my images, all images credit to their respective photographers/ owners including Hasui Twitter images, designers photograph, Figure King magazine, and to the fans who did the sketches.


TF MP Guide pg90-91.jpg (5158899 bytes)TF MP Guide pg92-93.jpg (5339090 bytes)magnusmp22intv1.jpg (270077 bytes)R-1C - MP-22 Ultra Magnus Revelation - Abandoning the Armor Version: 

The big revelation came when toy magazine like TF Generation 2014 Vol.2, Official TF MP Guide, Figure King put out the Hasui and Kobayashi interview and commentary.  The articles mentioned that half way into the MP-22 project, Hasui had to abandon the Armor Version because of transformation complexity of the armor version and the budget/ cost.  Before handled over MP-22 Ultra Magnus project to  the more MP veteran Hironori Kobayashi (responsible for MP-1, MP-8, MP-9), Hasui gave him conditions in which MP-22 must be able to carry 4 MP cars and a little bit taller than MP-10.    For the people who don't read Japanese, the good folks at, members Deruji and SydneyY did some English translations regarding the Hasui & Kobayashi Interview, Kobayashi Interview, Hasui Interview.

Images Credited in R-1C: The first 2 thumbnails on Kobayashi and Hasui Interview were from the 2014 Official TF MP Guide Book while the cut out interview information bits (last thumbnail) were taken from and I believed its from the TF Generation 2014 Vol.2 book.  


R-2 MP-22 Ultra Magnus in its Original condition:

magnusmp22orig1.jpg (332175 bytes)R-2A: Here are the box images of MP-22 Ultra Magnus from all 6 sides.  Typical Takara/Tomy's Masterpiece box contains no window to view the actual figure.  It is basically a sealed box with a black background along with a high quality glossy image of the actual figure on the front panel, normal quality image at the 2 side panels, and at the rear panel which had additional special features of the figure in further details.  The top panel just showed the description: Transformers Masterpiece, the figure ID number, and name of the character.  Lastly bottom panel has more Japanese text and warning text of choking for children under certain age.  Also, due to the multiple special feature thumbnails taken up all the rear panel space, the items content listing box is move down to the bottom panel.  As of 2014, only MP-10, 13, 22 boxes have the items content listings showed at the bottom panel of the box.

magnusmp22orig2.jpg (193555 bytes)R-2B:  Once the outer box is removed, the figure and its contents can be fully seen sandwiched between two clear plastic trays which are held down by multiple tapes.  In addition to this, another separate taped bag contains all the paper works. 

magnusmp22orig3.jpg (327119 bytes)R-2C: In addition to the MP Ultra Magnus figure, these are all the accessories that were included in the box/ package/ card: 

"2" removable non-shoot red missiles (on the figure itself), "1" super blaster gun, "1" screaming face plate, "2" matrix fists, "1" Spike figure, "1" Daniel figure, "1" instruction booklet, "1" Ultra Magnus trading card, and "1" miscellaneous paper

NOTE-2: For clarity purpose, all the  images on R-2C are not in scaled with one another.


R-3 Pre-Applied Decals/ Stickers: 

MP-22 Ultra Magnus does not come with any Pre-applied sticker adhered to the toy itself like the 1980s G1 line.  Instead, the entire action figure contain colored mold and some paint applications.


R-4 MP-22 Ultra Magnus -  Instruction Booklet & Trading Card:

mpbkletb.jpg (485522 bytes)Prior to the release of MP-22 Ultra Magnus, the first 21 Masterpiece figures all came with a very simple trading card featuring only a robot art and the 1980s Transformers typical line grid with the Autobots/Decepticons insignia into the background.  Then for big MP figures like MP-1 to 11, MP-13 molds, their instruction booklets also contain the robot art from the trading card plus the large Masterpiece text along the edge, left picture.  For some reasons, MP-22 booklet cover art and the trading front side card art got completely revamped.  Why the change in art did not start with MP-20 or 30 is beyond me as it make more sense instead of doing it in the between number.  The new MP-22 art looks more fancier, busier, and in addition to the robot mode and MP text, it now includes the vehicle mode and a background art too.    This new change in art direction maybe a problem for people who prefer consistency especially for those that display both the figures and the trading cards.  Anyhow, below is the MP-22 Ultra Magnus instruction booklet page by page as well the trading card on both side:   

[THN 150xWidth]

Front Cover Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5

magnusmp22-booklet.jpg (377925 bytes)

magnusmp22-booklet1.jpg (297882 bytes)

magnusmp22-booklet2.jpg (345486 bytes)

magnusmp22-booklet3.jpg (306529 bytes)

magnusmp22-booklet4.jpg (297741 bytes)

magnusmp22-booklet5.jpg (302613 bytes)

Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11

magnusmp22-booklet6.jpg (281162 bytes)

magnusmp22-booklet7.jpg (295555 bytes)

magnusmp22-booklet8.jpg (311430 bytes)

magnusmp22-booklet9.jpg (303906 bytes)

magnusmp22-booklet10.jpg (311075 bytes)

magnusmp22-booklet11.jpg (315378 bytes)

Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Back Cover Back Trading Card Front Trading Card

magnusmp22-booklet12.jpg (326528 bytes)

magnusmp22-booklet13.jpg (324649 bytes)

magnusmp22-booklet14.jpg (248705 bytes)

magnusmp22-bookletcoverback.jpg (486425 bytes)

magnusmp22-carda.jpg (146338 bytes)

magnusmp22-cardb.jpg (163337 bytes)


R-5 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Robot Mode:

magnusmp22-rob1.jpg (308236 bytes)Upon removing MP-22 Ultra Magnus from his outer box, the first impression is he's huge and massive!  When lifting him out from the clear plastic tray, as expected from the first impression, he felt very heavy just like the old MP-1 mold days back in 2004.  Not a surprising as both MP-1 and MP-22 figures were both designed by the same designer, Hironori Kobayashi.  Beside the large size, the huge amount of diecast metal that was presented in MP-22 Ultra Magnus are very appreciative not only in weight but for stability purpose.  The areas which contain the diecast metal are at the inner white Magnus prime face/head and antenna, the inner red plate of the torso, back of the pelvis, and his bottom feet.  After a full 360 degree view and a quick play of the figure, MP-22 Ultra Magnus looks and feels just like a premium figure.  Maybe this is because of the plastic quality is good and less QC issue, or the joints are really strong and rigid, or the fact he looks utterly stout, bulky, and sturdy.  But all of these positive aspects are only the beginning of a good thing.  What made MP-22 so special compare to other Ultra Magnus figures, he's the first figure to feature all of the Ultra Magnus cartoon characteristic elements and aesthetics.  These elements for the robot mode include the T-chest plate, Matrix chest, 2 white circular headlight-like above the waist, blue waist with white belt, white thigh, all white lower leg shin, red back, and the Autobot insignia at the front side of the right shoulder only.  As for the face and head, I thought it's gorgeous all around.  Thanks the Matrix, he does not have the dead eyes look like MP-10 Optimus Prime, instead a nice bright blue eyes.  Colors wise, MP-22 Ultra Magnus sports his typical primary colors of red, white, and the animation blue not the G1 toys cyan-blue or baby blue looks.  

magnusmp22-chestglass.jpg (310447 bytes)For those who are wondering why MP-22 Ultra Magnus chest doors are transparent with red tint and not a solid panel like the G1 Season 3 cartoon, in a short answer, MP-22 Ultra Magnus chest doors are accurate to some of the scenes in the 1986 Transformers The Movie as well as the original 1986 Ultra Magnus toy, see thumbnail.  Personally, I think the animators in TF Season 3 and Movie felt coloring the glass doors were insignificant so they didn't bother with the different tone of red, instead they just drew a horizontal line.


R-6 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Mistransformation for Personal Improvement Preferences:

magnusmp22-rob6.jpg (311534 bytes)magnusmp22-rob2.jpg (305819 bytes)R-6A - Adjusting the Butt Flap and Shin Gap: 

On the downside, the ginormous butt flap and the large gap white shin of the lower leg to a certain degree becomes a distraction to such a magnificent figure.  Fixing the white shin gap is easy, just push it behind the blue tab (mark in yellow circle) to lock and reduce the large gap.  In regard to the butt flap, the designer, Hironori Kobayashi tried to make the butt flap meaningful by gave it a blue color and same shape in hope it would mimic the cartoon Ultra Magnus butt.  The result is a failed attempt as it causes a distraction more than a positive one especially when the cartoon Ultra Magnus has "no swinging flap" at his rear like MP-22.   Fortunately, not the best option but better than nothing, the butt flap is foldable 90 degree upward so when viewing from the front it will not be visible.  This is my favorite preference so I will display MP-22 Ultra Magnus without the flap hanging down.  From section R-5 and up, the butt flap will be showed in the up position. 


magnusmp22-rob5.jpg (301629 bytes)R-6B - Exposing the real wheels like 1986 G1 Toy: 

Personally, I am happy with the fake wheels exposed out (normal transformation) as it looks cartoon accurate.  But for those who prefer the original 1986 G1 Ultra Magnus toy look with the real wheel exposed out or those who opposed the concept of having fake wheels, fear no more.  MP-22 Ultra Magnus wheels are rotatable making possible to display in the classic look.  If you decided to adjust his feet transformation, just know that due to the balancing issue, he's only good for the normal standing pose where both leg/feet are in the same alignment   Also, MP-22 feet will roll out just like the original 1986 toy.  


R-7 MP-22 Ultra Magnus Articulation Show-Off:

magnusmp22-rob3.jpg (444663 bytes)MP-22 Ultra Magnus articulation is utterly a disappointment especially for his huge size and the fact the he's an all-in-one transformation one would've expected  a lot more in contrast to say the armor version.  For starter, MP-22 hands are bigger than MP-10, MP-11, MP-13, and yet he cannot do a pointing finger notation like those 3 bots due to no index articulation at the knuckle.  The crotch-upper leg cannot bend at a full 90 degree for kicking, instead he can only bend about 45 degree.    Also it's already bad enough that he does not have a waist articulation but there is just no excuse for omitting the lower leg sideway swivel rotation.   If putting the swivel joint affects transformation, then one can comprehend but in MP-22 case it is not.  MP-22 Ultra Magnus probably has the lowest amount of movement when compare to the first 21 MP figures that got released so far.  Image on the left displays some of the move and poses in which MP-22 Ultra Magnus is capable of doing.  Here are the full articulations description:

Head: 1 swivel joint and 1 hinge joint - can rotate 360 sideway, a 2nd joint allows the head to tilt 20 degree upward or downward

Shoulder: 1 double hinge joint and a ratchet-like joints - swivel 360 degree forward or backward, bent 90 backward, and a 1 click ratchet joint allow the shoulder to angle it up or downward

Upper Arm: MP-22 Ultra Magnus hardly has any upper arm, see shoulder joint

Elbow: 1 swivel joint w/ spring ratchet joint - swivel 360 sideway, a 2nd joint allows the arm to bend 85 degree forward only, no backward

Wrist: 1 swivel ball joint - swivel 360 degree sideway and a 5 degree for tilting inward or outward

Hand/ Finger: 2 hinge joints  - thumb is fixed, no movement, index has 1 joint of movement, and the last 3 fingers are jointed but can be bent

Hip/ Waist: no joint/ movement

Crotch-Leg: 1 hinge-ball joint-ratchet type with 3 joints - ratchet joint can only bend at 45 degree forward and backward. A hinge joint allows the leg to do only a 90 degree split (not a full 180 split).  Normal ball joint let the upper leg to rotate 5 degree inward and 10 degree outward/ sideway.

Thigh: no joint/ movement

Knee: 1 ratchet joint - can be bent 80 degree backward and 20 degree forward, no sideway rotation

Ankle/ Feet: 1 hinge joint - the outer side of the feet can angle outward about 20 degree


R-8 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Gimmick #1 on Alternated Faces:

magnusmp22-face.jpg (387271 bytes)magnusmp22-rob8b.jpg (303846 bytes)magnusmp22-rob7.jpg (380974 bytes)Although MP-22 Ultra Magnus only came with one additional screaming faceplate in the package, his face/head can be displayed in 4 ways to certain a degree.  To change into a different face, pull or un-peg the front helmet form the back helmet and that will reveal a homage to the 1986 white Magnus robot cab face.  Unfortunately, the cab does not transform into its own robot like the original G1 toy. From the front helmet, remove the normal faceplate out and insert the screaming faceplate in.  Now, reinsert the entire front half back to the head to complete the reconfiguration.  Both the normal and screaming faceplates are painted with a gray-silver over a blue surface on the front side of the face while the back side is just an unpainted white plastic.  Therefore, if you notice a small blue dot within the silver face, don't scratch it off otherwise you'll make the blue dot even bigger as that's the under layer surface of the silver paint.  As of 2016 quick stat, MP-22 is one of the fifth MP mold to have the interchangeable face to go along with MP-3 Seekers, MP-9 Rodimus, MP-21 Bumblebee, and MP-27 Ironhide/ MP-30 Ratchet.


R-9 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Gimmick #2 on Matrix Chest Cavity:

magnusmp22-rob4.jpg (607129 bytes)magnusmp22-tftm2.jpg (291917 bytes)Do note that MP-22 Ultra Magnus does not come with the Matrix itself as an accessory.  Instead, MP-22 Ultra Magnus chest cavity is designed to be used in conjunction with MP-10 Optimus Prime Matrix.  While opening MP-22 Ultra Magnus cartoon accurate Matrix chest cavity, the feeling of nostalgia begin to emerge from the 1986 TFTM, 2nd thumbnail.  This is the scene where Optimus Prime in his death bed moment, passed on the Autobot Matrix of Leadership to Ultra Magnus.   Upon receiving the Matrix, Ultra Magnus pressed his blue T-chest bar from the bottom to open it up, followed by another opening of the red glass double doors, then he stored the Matrix inside as Prime faded to black.  I never expect this cool feature would become a reality one day for the G1 Ultra Magnus.  MP-22 is a dream for all die hard Ultra Magnus fans!


R-10 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Gimmick #3 on Matrix Hands:

magnusmp22-matrixhand.jpg (440354 bytes)magnusmp22-tftm1a.jpg (494294 bytes)Also included in the package is a pair of non-articulated hard rubberized hands, not plastic like his regular articulated hand.  Each molded fist had one big rectangle cut out just below the knuckle for all the 4 fingers.  This rectangle hole is for the insertion of MP-10 Matrix silver handle.  The matrix hands, screaming face, and in conjunction with the MP-10 Matrix, are designed intentionally to recreate the 1986 TFTM Ultra Magnus scene where he said "Open damn it, open!" while trying to open the Matrix.


Come on Takara-Tomy, if you are going to include the Matrix Hand and a Matrix cavity chest on MP-22, at least include the essential piece itself, the Matrix!  Seriously, how cheap can you be!!  This is very appalling to the people that do not own MP-10 Optimus Prime especially when he's very expensive and not everyone can afford MP-10.  It does not make any sense for new MP-22 (or even MP28 Hot Rod) owners to backtrack and purchase MP-10 just solely for one small accessory like the Matrix.  Thanks goodness for 3rd Party who sell custom MP-10 Matrix.


R-11 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Super Blaster Gun and Red Missiles:

magnusmp22-weapon.jpg (482273 bytes)magnusmp22-toongun.jpg (331661 bytes)MP-22 Ultra Magnus weapons are none other than his typical blaster gun and the shoulder launcher with red missile.  With the fist being large in size, plugging the blaster handle with peg into the hand socket is fairly at ease, no issue at all from either hand.  MP-22 blaster gun color is more of a lavender-purplish instead of a white color like the original toy.  This lavender-purplish color decision got the fans by surprise at first as everyone was expecting the white color like original 1986 figure.   In the end, it was the right call since the lavender-purplish color is indeed cartoon accurate from the TF G1 Season 3 regular episodes as well as the 1986 TF Movie accurate, see 2nd thumbnail.  MP-22 red missile can also be removed from the shoulder launcher if one wish to do so.  However, the shoulder white launcher itself is fixed or non-removable and does not have the capability to fire the missile out.  I also prefer this non-firing decision as the missile can get lost and over time the spring loose it's strength anyway.


R-12 MP-22 Ultra Magnus in Vehicle Mode:

magnusmp22-veh1.jpg (295391 bytes)magnus-redbumper-launcher.jpg (311004 bytes)In vehicle mode, MP-22 Ultra Magnus is an armor transport truck/car carrier with a measurement approximately 5 1/4 x 15 3/4 x 5 14/15 (LxWxD in inch).  MP-22 vehicle is fully cartoon accurate all around, from the red bumper, the missile launcher at the side of the trailer, to the simple red-white-blue color scheme.  He is utterly magnificent and gorgeous that I just couldn't stress enough.  Speaking of the red bumper and prior to his release, some transfans were not please with the designer decision as they were either not aware of the small detail of his red bumper or others just preferred the silver chrome bumper of the toy.  But once they were informed that the cartoon G1 Ultra Magnus were always portrayed with the red bumper (2nd thumbnail) dating back to the 1986 TF The Movie, TF G1 Season 3, and even to the TF Bumper, majority of them accepted and satisfied.  Personally, I was extremely joyous as I've been wanting and waiting since 1986 for someone to make G1 Ultra Magnus with the red bumper like the cartoon.  Surprisingly, MP-22 delivered my wish list.  Transformation going  from robot mode to vehicle mode is very intuitive and straight forward, not complex like MP-5, 9, 11, 15, or even the car bots masterpiece at all.  MP-22 entire vehicle is very sturdy, holds itself very well, and no flimsy joints or parts popping off.  Yes, the vehicle rolls fine without any issue from all 10 wheels.  Also, if you just lift the vehicle by the trailer side, the cab portion will not flop or dangle down like the 3rd Party KFC Citizen Stack.  In term of material for the vehicle mode, beside the die cast metal and overall plastic as mention in R-5, all the rolling wheels are rubber with chrome paint at the wheel hubcap, gas tank, and smoke stack.  The cab window itself is slightly tinted and transparent.


magnusmp22-veh7.jpg (329408 bytes)Other details worth pointing out, for the white cab part, there is no Autobot insignia on the right side of the white cab.  The Autobot insignia is placed only on the left side of the cab just like MP-10 Prime.  MP-22 white launcher is now more articulated than the original 1986 Ultra Magnus figure, bottom right.  For the blaster gun, there are sockets at the inner side of the upper deck of the trailer where it can be plugged and stored securely.  It also acts as a bracing piece for the two upper deck arms even more from separation.  Lastly, I just wish the interior of the trailer has another red folding panel that could flip out from the rear of the trailer and hide out the white thigh and possibly the blue waist as well.  The other advantage by having an additional folding flap, it reduces the gap between the inner leg and the shin (the folding white ramp) during robot mode.  As of now and although very nit-picky, MP-22 body and leg are exposed out if he's not hauling any MP carbots, top right image.


R-13 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Reconfiguring the Missile Launchers like the 1986 G1 Toy/ Marvel Comic:

magnusmp22-veh2.jpg (370898 bytes)magnusmp22-frontmissile.jpg (378403 bytes)Although I prefer the Cartoon missile launcher configuration from R-12, MP-22 Ultra Magnus also gives Toy fans and Marvel fans the option to reconfigure the missile launcher to the front of the trailer like the 1986 toy and the comic for people who prefer such look/ location.  Since this is the masterpiece edition and a step up version, reconfiguring the missile launcher from the side to the front or vice versa is now part of the transformation instead of the pull off and re-plug the launcher like the original 1986 version.  In the cartoon, 99% of the time Ultra Magnus was always shown with the missile launcher at the side of the trailer like R-12.  The only exception to this is from the episode "Only Human" where Ultra Magnus was frequently shown sporting his missile launcher on the front of the trailer, see 2nd thumbnail.


R-14 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Transporting Up to 4 MP carbots or 1 MP-3/MP-11 seeker mold:

magnusmp22-veh3.jpg (525270 bytes)magnusmp22-veh5.jpg (359752 bytes)MP-22 Ultra Magnus transport trailer is designed to hold 4 regular MP cars size e.g. Prowl, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, Tracks etc at a comfortable level with 2 on the top deck and 2 at the bottom deck.  The  upper deck and the door ramp are both articulated making the entire process of hauling and unloading the MP cars very enjoyable for playing value.  Another cool design, when the the upper deck is in the sloping position, the car that's already on the top would not slide down as there are groove and rigid to grab onto the MP car wheels from rolling down by itself.  Unfortunately in real life, hauling the cars into MP-22 upper deck would not be possible because the bottom forearm of the upper deck dept elevation is too high up for the car to drive on.  MP-22 also has enough length at the upper deck to carry the MP-3 or MP-11 seeker to function as a Jet Carrier just like the ad on his original 1986 box or the Japanese G1 Toy Commercial where Ultra Magnus was transporting Silverbolt.  However, due to no ratchet joint at the shoulder, it is not possible for MP-22 to support the weight of MP seeker or any figure if the upper deck is in a sloping upward position like an aircraft launching pad.


81CIPMBWw9L._SL1100_.jpg (278564 bytes)Do note that MP-28 Hot Rod cannot roll into MP-22 via the ramp like some other MP carbots such as Wheeljack, Prowl, Sideswipe, etc as the trailer width does not have enough clearance to take Hot Rod protruding car chrome exhausts.  So you would have to cheat the system and manually place Hot Rod it from the trailer large center opening.  Surprisingly, Hot Rod was able to roll and fit into MP-10 trailer without any clearance issue.


R-15 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Detachable Cab, MP-22 Vs. MP-10 Cab Comparison:

magnusmp22-veh6.jpg (284766 bytes)magnusmp22-detail2.jpg (330729 bytes)Surprisingly, MP-22 Ultra Magnus white cab is capable of separating out from the trailer despite being an all-in-one transformation.  Furthermore, it can be transformed as a single unit or as two separate pieces, 2nd thumbnail. By having an independent cab and not as one piece with trailer, this will add another layer to playability.  To release the white cab from the trailer, simply turns the vehicle to the underside and press the spring white peg just below Ultra Magnus head.  By itself, the white cab measurement is approximately 6 14/16 x 3 1/4 x 4 1/16 (LxWxD in inch) and is predominately white at the front and red at the rear with a little bit of blue from the back head of Ultra Magnus.  


magnusmp22-scalecomp5b.jpg (597712 bytes)Can MP-10/MP-22 cab haul MP-22/MP-10 trailer?  The answer is no!  Although the front of the cab of MP-10 and MP-22 are nearly identical in size and design, the rear of each cab is utterly different from each other.  For starter, their trailer hitches are different.  MP-22 has a single round trailer hitch connection while MP-10 trailer hitch is more of a dual plug-in joint connection.  Furthermore, MP-22 cab rear elevation, the distance from the top of the wheel (or from the ground) to the top of rear red slab is very low.  On MP-10 Prime, the rear is much, much higher up, see the white arrow for comparison.   These differences make swapping between the two cabs not possible to interchange their trailer.  MP-22 cab would require an adapter to haul MP-10 trailer, that's an easy fix.  On the other hands, MP-10 cab would require major operation by slicing the top rear cab/lower leg out a lot to haul MP-22 trailer and that's a no-no.


R-16 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - G1 Season 3 Spike & Daniel:

magnusmp22-spike.jpg (207056 bytes)magnusmp22-daniel.jpg (213929 bytes)magnusmp22-spike2.jpg (298043 bytes)The last MP-22 accessories are PVC Spike and Daniel to go as a playing and interaction companion for Ultra Magnus as seen in the G1 Season 3 cartoon series.  Both human figures are sporting in their typical futuristic space suit whose colors are predominately in white with other secondary colors such as the blue for the collar, red stripe on the arm, gray boot, gray glove for Spike, yellow D-alphabet on Daniel.  Spike dimension is roughly 1 11/16 x 10/16 x 5/16 (LxWxD in inch) and Daniel is about 1 8/16 x 9/16 x 5/16 (LxWxD in inch).  The articulation is very minimal which includes:  shoulder can rotate 360 degree, hip and knee bent 90 degree, and the rest are all fixed.  The paint quality is just decent with both figures still don't have eyes printed on them just like MP-10 Spike.  The figures do stand on their own if you place them carefully enough and the ground is flat.


R-17 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Spike & Daniel Riding Inside the Cab and Scale Comparison:

magnusmp22-detail1.jpg (303134 bytes)Another good playing value for MP-22 Ultra Magnus, both space uniform Spike and Daniel can ride inside the white cab just like the previous MP-10 Prime/ younger Spike figure.  To do so, first lift or opened up the roof cab door to reveal the interior cabin and seats.  The interior itself is so simple it doesn't even have a steering wheel or other special detail.  At the same time, it's very intriguing too as you can see how his robot chest is placed inside the cab.  Before placing the figures inside the cab, notice the red square at the edge of each seat.  Spike and Daniel figures are inserted into the cab seat in such way so that their inner thigh are clamped onto the red square peg as mean of anchoring themselves onto the seat/cab.  If done correctly, both figures would not fall off even if you flipped the cab upside down. 


magnusmp22-scalecomp2.jpg (376803 bytes)magnusmp22-scalecomp1b.jpg (174139 bytes)Here are some scale comparison pictures of Spike and Daniel with Ultra Magnus as well as other smaller MP figures.  All look very magnificent together in group shot.  Despite limited articulation for the human figures, Daniel sitting on the torso of Ultra Magnus is one of my favorite pose.  It's such ashamed that Takara Tomy decided to make MP-25 Tracks partner Raoul static like those little army with base figures instead of keeping consistence with MP-10, MP-22 articulated human style.


R-18 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Storing the Accessories:

magnusmp22-storingacc1.jpg (522918 bytes)magnusmp22-storingacc2.jpg (473680 bytes)Forget the storage bin as MP-22 Ultra Magnus is also capable of storing all of his accessories in both mode.  In robot mode, opening up the red backpack will reveal storage space to store the two matrix hands and two pegs for hanging one of the faceplates.  If the matrix hand is not place inside, then 2 faceplates can be store inside at the same time.  For the blaster gun, use either hand to hold it.  Spike and Daniel figures can still be store in the usual cab seats so make sure their thighs are clamped onto the little red post tightly for anchoring.  If you are afraid the figures might fall off without noticing, then be sure to fold the butt flap up.  In vehicle mode, the Matrix hand, the faceplate, Spike and Daniel can all store inside the white cab while the blaster gun is store at the trailer section by the upper deck between the arm structure.


R-19 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Asia Exclusive:

In addition to the Normal/Regular Release, some Masterpiece figures are selected for the rare Amazon Japan Exclusive or the more common Asia Exclusive release.  Asia Exclusive item gets distributed to all other Asian Countries except in Japan.  Therefore, if you purchase your item from a retailer whose base is in Japan, U.S, U.K, etc, your shipment will not come with the Asia Exclusive metal coin unless they're imported it from the source vendors.  Likewise, the Amazon Japan Exclusive is only available for customers in Japan and usually comes with an add-on accessory.  Both of these add-ons exclusives are not packed inside the MP box itself, instead, it is packed and offer separately.   Depending on the shops/ online retailers, some few retailers can bundle up both the Amazon Japan Exclusive and the Asia Exclusive goodies together.  Also this may vary among retailers as well, but some retailers would charge a few more buck for the exclusive version than the normal release because of the extra accessory/ coin while others just charge the same as the Normal release.  


In MP-22 case, there is no Amazon Japan Exclusive.  Only the Asia Exclusive (left image) was offered, buyers who purchase this version will receive their exclusive metal coin wrapped up in a nice design cover.  Notice the white belt of the MP-22 coin card art was drawn upside down or incorrectly in contrast to the MP-22 figure or the cartoon.  The coin card has a measurement roughly 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 (in inch) when the flap cover is in the closed position.  Upon un-latching the front flap cover up from the white belt, MP-22 coin is now visible but protected by a plastic casing (2nd thumbnail, center image).  When the coin is completely free from the card, one can appreciate the majestic and the level of work that was put in to this coin.  The designing, engraving of the letters, and face are utter superb.  In term of the coin measurement, it is about 1 14/16 (in inch) in diameter and 3/16 (in inch) in thickness.


R-20 MP-22 Ultra Magnus QC Issue:

DSC_0090_zpsr9x0f0cp.jpg (125264 bytes)The following items are some know QC issue which people may found with MP-22 Ultra Magnus:

1 - The foldable panel of the blue waist front crotch with white belt get stress crack and breaks easily at the connector joint due to tension.  To avoid the breakage, don't peg the waist panel into the intended socket when transforming him back to vehicle mode.  The good news, the broken piece can still be pegged into the intended slot so it does not affect the looks or transformation of the alt.mode or robot mode  - Very common

2 - Multiple unclean cuts or spruce marks present in various locations e.g. forearm, top of torso, rear, etc. - Very common

3 - Either Spike or Daniel may come with 2 identical leg preventing it from bending - Not so common, only 2 people had reported it.

Images Credited in R-20: Not my image, credit to the original owner.


R-21 MP-22 Vs. Citizen Stack Vs. 1986 G1 Comparison:

magnusmp22-scalecomp4b.jpg (258809 bytes)magnusmp22-scalecomp6.jpg (242693 bytes)Often time, either MP-22 Ultra Magnus or 3rd Party KFC Citizen Stack gets compared to one another as to which one would be the definitive version in transfans collection.  Me, personally, if we are talking about definitive as in G1 element details, then MP-22 blows out any Ultra Magnus competitor figure that had put out so far as of 2015 or even 2016.  The difference here, MP-22 aimed strictly for G1 cartoon accuracy while Stack took the liberation of incorporating both the G1 elements and the TF Generation style.  In that sense, Stack would be my champion in the line of Classic/TF Generation style.  In fact, I love Stack design more than the 2015 Combiner War Ultra Magnus.  All in all, considering what we got back in 1986 where the G1 Ultra Magnus robot figure was literally just a brick with one big jointed fat leg that rolls on wheel (1st thumbnail, center image), obtaining either MP-22 or Stack is a winner.  

For a quick stats on MP22 Vs Stack:

-MP-22 wins in the categories of weight, most die cast metal, stability, vehicle mode is longer in both length and height, hold up to 4 MP carbots, detachable cab, more play values, more accessories

-Stack wins in the categories of taller robot mode, articulation, larger rifle, cost cheaper.  Note - Stack cab can be detached out by removing one screw.


R-22 Rémy's MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Scale Comparison: 

The pictures below are some scale comparison shots between this figure and other figures for better comprehension of their size differences.  Among the figures are Ultra Magnus figures from different lines, MP-10 Optimus Prime, MP Star Saber. 

magnusmp22-scalecomp3.jpg (276898 bytes)Yuki-Twitter-CWUM2.jpeg (85471 bytes)Yuki-twittermp22-1.jpg (70510 bytes)71d-eCnPYqL._SL1500_.jpg (236775 bytes)71SxvAvjPeL._SL1100_.jpg (229786 bytes)
71JJAnuEATL._SL1500_.jpg (213075 bytes)

Images Credited in R-22: Images credit to their respective photographers/ owners including Yuki Twitter images, Takara Tomy, and others


R-23 MP-22 - 1st Release Vs MP-22 Reissue:

There is very subtle or hardly any difference between the 1st release and the reissue.  For those people are into nitpicky info:

1, The 1st Release was released in Dec. 2014 and the Reissue was released in Feb. 2016

2, 1st Release box stamp date is L0114 and the Reissue is A1216

3, 1st Release cab red bumper is painted.  The Reissue bumper is not painted, only color mold or red plastic.


R-24 3rd Party/ Add-On for MP-22 Ultra Magnus:

KFC KP08.jpg (54086 bytes)KFC KP08-1.JPG (83900 bytes)KFC KP08-2.jpg (93934 bytes)R-24A - KFC KP-08 Articulated Hand:

For those owners who are not happy with MP-22 Ultra Magnus stock hand, 3rd Party Keith's Fantasy Club delivered its KP-08 articulated hands as a remedy.  All 5 fingers are articulated, some comes with a mini-screw driver, and is sold in the range from $15.99 to $25.  KP-08 hands are installed the same way as MP-22 matrix hand or the regular stock hand.  Although mini-screw is included part of the hands, it really has no use during the installation since the hands are already assemble.


X2Toys MP-22-1.jpg (145130 bytes)X2Toys MP-22-1b.jpg (66727 bytes)X2Toys MP-22-2.jpg (919572 bytes)R-24B - X2Toys XT007 and XT007W:  

Another negative criticism regarding MP-22 Ultra Magnus is the limited shoulder range movement.  Fortunately, 3rd Party X2Toy has something up their sleeve in trying to rectify the design problem.  It's XT007 normal version and XT007W (white) version will give MP-22 more shoulder movement.  Installation will require removing some piece of MP-22 shoulder parts.  Furthermore, the set will include a gun adapter that will increase the length of MP-22 stock gun more longer.  The normal version will have the gun adapter in lavender color to match MP-22 gun while the the XT007W will have it white to mimic the original 1986 G1 toy gun.  Price for either set is around $14.99.


mp22-ocean2.JPG (111264 bytes)mp22-ocean1.JPG (50283 bytes)R-24C - Ocean Design MP-22 Sticker Sheet (Official Product):

If anyone feel that MP-22 Ultra Magnus cartoon coloring is too bland, fear not as there are many sticker sheets to the rescue.  The one on the left is a sticker sheet made by Ocean Design for MP-22.  Ocean Design MP-22 stickers are sold in two separate sets, the main set and the eye sticker sheet.  The main set is usually sold for $13.99 while the eye sticker is $3.99 from Ebay.  Do note that Ocean Design stickers are an official product as they licensed from the Transformers brand/ Hasbro.  They also do sticker sheets for other Transformers Masterpiece figures too not just for MP-22.


Magnus-Eness7a.jpg (367788 bytes)Magnus-Eness7.jpg (292024 bytes)mp22-eness1.JPG (213113 bytes)R-24D - Eness MP-22 Sticker Sheet w/ Matrix, Brief Case, Trading Card Bundle:

The 3rd Party Eness bundle set is mostly sold on Ebay and comes with a nice presentation where their MP-22 Ultra Magnus decals are store inside a workable silver suitcase!  Furthermore, you get the much needed KO MP-10 Matrix to store inside MP-22 chest cavity.  Last but not least, a colorful trading card art featuring the old card style (pre-MP-22) is also included.  This card art is based on the black silhouette of MP-22 profile that was revealed by "Figure King #194" Japanese Magazine in 2014 as seen in R-1B.  Also, if anyone is only interested in this custom trading card by itself, a Chinese website Taobao is selling that now as of Sept. 2015.  The Eness Sticker w/ Matrix set price range is from $21-25 while the Eness Sticker w/Matrix and KFC Articulated Hand bundle goes from $31-35.


mp22-repro2.jpg (261430 bytes)mp22-repro1.jpg (237389 bytes)mp22-repro3.jpg (244015 bytes)R-24E - MP-22 Sticker Sheet:

Should the Ocean Design or Eness stickers aren't enough decal for you, another 3rd Party Reprolable offers so many stickers you can't even complaint.   These guys are a life savor for the Transformers community as they have tons and tons of Transformers stickers from all lines.  The price for their sticker is $22 and can be ordered here.

mp22-repro4.jpg (152051 bytes)mp22-repro5.jpg (215648 bytes)mp22-repro6.jpg (226841 bytes)mp22-repro7.jpg (233389 bytes)

Images Credited in R-23: Most of the images are not mine, all images credit to their respective owners e.g. KFC,, X2Toy, and others


R-25 Takara Tomy Official MP-22 Ultra Magnus YouTube Promotion Ads:

It's been years, if anything more than 2 decades since Takara does any stop animation for the G1 Transformers.  Regardless when the last time it was done, Takara Tomy made its official  promotional video ads for MP-22 Ultra Magnus on its YouTube channel and published it on Dec. 25, 2014 (Twitter account too).  This is the first masterpiece figure to get the stop animation support from Takara Tomy.  The video featured 8 Autobots including MP Optimus Prime, Swideswipe, Prowl, Bluestreak, Smokescreen, Wheeljack, Bumblebee, and of course the spotlight bot Ultra Magnus.  What a way to end 2014, Takara Tomy went with a big bang thanks to this magnificent video stop animation!  Not only that it was utter brilliant but it also brought back so many nostalgias and memories of the 1980s Transformers and Diaclone stop video animations.



R-26 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Archive 1 (Prototype & Convention Pictures):

Sometime viewing figures in their mono/ gray color form can be very intriguing and to certain extend, may even look better than the finish products.  This is due to multi-colors distract our eyes from seeing the true details of the figure.  In some ways this is very true to MP-22 Ultra Magnus especially on the 1st vehicle mode that has the purple bumper.  Noticed those little mold details such as dots/rivets, lines, ridges, really pop out.  When MP-22 Ultra Magnus first debut in the convention and later in the early promotion pictures, his entire lower inner leg was painted in red.  This created one nerd rage among the fandoms, thanks goodness they amended the inner leg to the correct color, which is blue.

201406140409025d4.jpg (749459 bytes)2014061404071175f.jpg (787545 bytes)2014061419472919d.jpg (583890 bytes)13.jpg (317092 bytes)CIMG8033_zps51c11027.jpg (244867 bytes)QnKw2pX.jpg (496128 bytes)

MP22-prototype1.jpg (160092 bytes)MP22-prototype2.jpg (127073 bytes)om_12.jpg (131740 bytes)

MP22-amazon2.jpg (101043 bytes)MP22-amazon1.jpg (100706 bytes)71xfOxACYnL._AA1100_.jpg (155904 bytes)MP22-amazon4.jpg (133916 bytes)MP22-amazon3.jpg (155012 bytes)61OJ5hij-KL._AA1100_.jpg (114409 bytes)


R-27 MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Archive 2 (Magazines Ads):

mpguide2b.jpg (377186 bytes)TF MP Guide pg72-73.jpg (5241545 bytes)TF MP Guide pg74-75.jpg (6380661 bytes)TF MP Guide pg76-77.jpg (4707365 bytes)TF MP Guide pg78-79.jpg (5074850 bytes)The following are the pictures of MP-22 Ultra Magnus debuting in the Japanese magazines including the TF MP Official Guide Book (2014 vol.1), TF Generation Book (2014 vol.1,2), Figure King, Dengeki Hobby.

magMP22-FigureKing1.jpg (501722 bytes)magMP22-FigureKing2.jpg (692630 bytes)magMP22-FigureKing3.jpg (1008913 bytes)magMP22-Dengeki Hobby May 2014.jpg (1997721 bytes)magMP22-Dengeki-Hobby-2014-10-8.jpg (1050364 bytes)magMP22-Dengeki Hobby June 2014.jpg (726842 bytes)
magMP22-TFGen2014-1.jpg (741211 bytes)magMP22-TFGen2014-2.jpg (809136 bytes)magMP22-TFGen2014-3.jpg (506951 bytes)magMP22-TFGen2014-4.jpg (571640 bytes)magMP22-TFGen2014-vol2-1.jpg (125615 bytes)magMP22-TFGen2014-vol2-2.jpg (134238 bytes)magMP22-TFGen2014-vol2-4.jpg (139351 bytes)magMP22-TFGen2014-vol2-5.jpg (117295 bytes)

Images Credited in R-25 & R-26: Not my images, all images credit to their respective magazines/ owners.  Also credit for the people who did all the scanning and made possible for everyone to view, kudos to you guys!


R-28 Rémy's MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Supplementary Info:

Manufacturer - Takara/ Tomy

Line, Series/ Wave: Masterpiece Line: MP-22

Year Released: [Original Date: Dec. 13, 2014, Delayed to Dec. 27, 2014]   

Quantity Produced: [Mass Release]  

Made: [Vietnam]  

Scale: [N/A]

Box, Card, Bag Dimension (HxLxW in Inch): 13 13/16 x 11 14/16 x 5 10/16 - Box.

Box Point or Robot Point: [N/A]

Packaging Method: Mint In Sealed Box.  Contents were packed with the following procedure:

Rest on a clear plastic tray are: "1" Ultra Magnus w/ 2 removable non-shoot red missiles, "1" laser blaster, "1" screaming faceplate, "2" matrix fists, "1" Spike figure, "1" Daniel figure

Beneath the top clear plastic tray and inside a sealed taped bag contains:  "1" instruction booklet, "1" Ultra Magnus trading card, and "1" miscellaneous paper

Figure (s) was (were) packed in: Robot Mode

Robot Mode Dimension (in Inch):  Height Up To The Head 11 6/16  Maximum Height: 12 1/8 (to the top of the shoulder post)  Width from shoulder to shoulder: 6 1/2  Maximum Width: 8 (from launcher to launcher in a straight position)  Dept: 4 7/16

Alternated Mode Dimension (in Inch):  Vehicle at Maximum Width  5 1/4 cartoon configuration  (4 3/4 when missile launcher is on the front of the trailer like the 1986 G1 toy)  Side of Vehicle at Maximum Length: 15 3/4  Height of Vehicle 5 14/16

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print: ŠTOMY MADE IN VIETNAM, Box Stamp Print: L0114

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print Location: Can be found at the inner side of the white bar of the upper deck trailer where the lavender blaster are store.

Transformation Of Difficulty: [Medium]  

Material Durability: [A]

Materials: Die Cast Metal: The inner white Magnus head and antenna, inner red body plate, the back blue pelvis, and the feet   Chrome Part: Front cab grill, headlights, smoke stack, hubcap wheel, and gas tank  Rubber: Wheels  Plastic: Main material  Clear Plastic Window: Cab main window, Ultra Magnus Matrix cavity window chest

Stability: [A] - Very Stable

Fun Toy: [A+] - Definitely a fun toy due to many functions, challenging, and a cool design.

Negative Drawback: Other than the butt flap design which is foldable, MP-22 doesn't really have a major negative drawback.

Rub Sign Logo: [N/A] - Not Applicable

Robot's Cartoon looks alike: [A+] - Definitely looks like the cartoon all around from the red bumper to the missile launcher at the side of the trailer.

Alternate Mode Cartoon looks alike: [A+]  - The cartoon detail elements are jaw dropping for MP-22 Ultra Magnus especially the T-chest plate, the Matrix chest cavity, white circular headlight-like above the waist, the waist itself, the all simple white shin of the leg, red back, etc.

Knock Off (KO) Availability for this Figure/Mold: [No] - As of Jun. 2015, there is no Knock Off made just yet for this particular item.

Special Notes: Here are "8" special notes that I think you should know:

1 - To avoid the stress crack/ breakage on the blue waist with white belt connector, don't fold the waist all the up and clip into the intended peg when transforming back to vehicle mode.

2- The shoulder joint is made out of a white plastic and need to be careful.  If you decided to use the 1 click ratchet joint in order to angle his shoulder, then it is best to hold from the white joint instead of using the blue shoulder directly while rotating.

3 - Be extra careful when un-pegging the shoulder joint within the blue flap itself as well from the torso.  The plastic and peg look kind of thin.

4 - If you notice a small blue dot within the silver face, don't scratch it off otherwise you'll make the blue dot even bigger as that's the under layer surface of the silver paint. 

5 - Check your Spike or Daniel leg/knee to make sure it can bend 90 degree, otherwise they won't be able to sit inside Magnus cab.  A couple of people receive their Spike with identical leg, instead of a correct right and left leg.

6 - Be gentle when folding out the cab rear wheel since there are pegs that lock it up.  The easiest method is to first detach the cab from the trailer via the white spring safe lock/unlock mechanism.  Once the cab is free from the trailer, push the peg from the other side to release the rear wheels.

7 - MP-22 Ultra Magnus does not come with the Matrix, so don't bother look for one.  Only MP-10 Optimus Prime Matrix will fit perfectly into MP-22 Ultra Magnus chest cavity, the other such as MP-1,2,4,9, and Hasbro Rodimus large Matrix do not fit well or the chest door does not close all the way in.

8 - The red missile is designed to be detachable from the white launcher if anyone is interested in doing so.

Overall Grade: [A+] - Despite the unpleasant butt flap, this is by far the most magnificent G1 Ultra Magnus figure to ever be made as of 2015 in  term of capturing the 1986 cartoon aesthetics and elements.  Very ingenious design transformation at the arm-shoulder post-missile launcher area I must say.  MP-22 Ultra Magnus looks like he just jump out from the cartoon.  Highly recommended for all G1 Ultra Magnus fans.  The rubber tires, huge amount of die cast metal, and the Spike and Daniel accessories brought back so many 1980s nostalgias and memories.


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