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U.S. Name: ULTRA MAGNUS (Cyberverse Prime)   Jap. Name: Same

Cartoon First Appearance: N/A

Toy Catalog Number: Series 2 007/ EZ-16


A quick comment:    

Every time a new Ultra Magnus figure release, I'm always excite to obtain one especially when it's not a Prime repaint.  After two unsuccessful trips to TRU Time Square, I finally got him during my 3rd trip on Jul. Viii, Mmxii and cost me $XI. XLIX (XII.LI).


R-0 Cyberverse Prime Ultra Magnus' motto and tech specifications:  

Affiliate: autobots | Subgroup: none | Function: heavy munition | Alt. Mode: truck |

| STR 10 | INTL 8 | SPD 5 | ENDN 9 | RNK 9 | CRG 10 | FRPW 9 | SKL 6 |

Cyberverse Prime Ultra Magnus' Motto:

Not Applicable


Cyberverse Prime Ultra Magnus' Bio:

As the commander of the most elite Autobot special forces unit ever assembled, you'd expect Ultra Magnus to be just about one of the most unstoppable warriors this side of the galactic core.  You'd be right.


NOTE-1: This review page is meant to give you some ideas about the figure should you decide to obtain one, or even just for nostalgic or sentimental purposes.  They're just my opinion and I hold no responsibility for your action.  If you have questions about this review or if there's a section or image that owned by you and I didn't give you credit, please click email from the main page.  I'll make the correction once I receive your info.  Have fun.

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R-1 Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus in its Original condition:

magnuscyberverseprimeorig1.jpg (152856 bytes)R-1A: Mint on sealed card looking at the sides, front, and rear of Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus.

magnuscyberverseprimeorig2.jpg (127539 bytes)R-1B: 1 - Once the outer box is removed, the figure and its contents can be fully seen rest down on a clear plastic tray and tied down with a clear rubber band. 

2 - These are all the contents that were included in the box/ package/ card:  "1" Ultra Magnus, "1" blue hammer, "1" do it yourself cut off trading card, and "1" instruction sheet.


R-2 Pre-Applied Decals/ Stickers: 

Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus does not come with any Pre-applied sticker/ decals adhered to the toy itself like the G1 line.  Instead, the entire action figure contain colored mold, some paint applications, and tampograph.  


R-3 Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus in Robot Mode:

magnuscyberverseprimerob1.jpg (213184 bytes)Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus robot mode as of 2012 is probably the most gorgeous mold of any 4 inch and under class size Ultra Magnus incarnation out there.  First impression, he resembles so much of Animated Ultra Magnus especially the head, shoulder, leg, and color schemes.  The figure is absolutely astonishing all around with only a little bit kibble at the lower arm flap.  Colors wise, he is predominately dark blue color, with little bit of red, yellow, black, gray, and silver to compliment each other very nicely.  In addition, the translucent plastic at the upper chest and shoulder pipe joint work very well because with the right angle of light entering, it seems to make his torso glow.  Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus stands very firmly on the any flat surface without any issue.  The only joint issue he may have is the shoulder joint since most people tend to comment on that, very loose.  Fortunately, mine seems to be okay and hold the hammer very fine.


R-4 Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus Articulation showing off:

magnuscyberverseprimerob2.jpg (206856 bytes)Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus articulation occurs at the shoulder, elbow, waist, leg, knee, and feet.  Unfortunately, there's no head or hand movement and that's okay for his small size.  Overall, I found the leg articulation is very frustrated because it has ball joint at the crotch and a bendable knee but due to the design of the joint, his mobility is very limited.  For instance, he can only move his leg 30 degree upward and downward and about 90 degree split.  Anything more will cause his leg to pop off.  As for the knee, it too can only bend about 45 degree. 


R-5 Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus in Vehicle Mode:

magnuscyberverseprimeveh1.jpg (163584 bytes)Transformation going from robot mode to vehicle requires very minimal steps and easy, less than a minute.  In vehicle mode, Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus is a truck whose measurements is approximately 4 3/16 x 1 9/16 x 1 10/16 (LxWxH in inch).  Although Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus truck mode is a little bit weak compared to his robot mode, it's still a nice vehicle.  He is all plastic all around including both real and false wheels, no die cast metal.  On the front of the truck he has a blue translucent plastic window shield and a silver paint at the side false window of the truck. The truck rolls firmly despites not being rubber.  On the downside, I thought the top rear of his truck excluding the cab is too open out because you can clearly see his crotch and leg exposed out.  Obviously, the designer figured once you put the hammer on top, it will hide this part.  Personally, I think with some additional steps in his transformation and a little bit of flat piece adds on, that would certainly make it more convincing and interesting.  But then again, at commander scale, you can't ask too much.  

magnuscyberverseprimedet2.jpg (141958 bytes)One strange thing I noticed about his 4 rear wheels is that they all seem to have a small of chuck of plastic missing near the center.  At first, I thought mine was defected, but as I searched the internet, others are having the same thing.  Also the rear wheels are clipped on, don't be surprise if you found out one of the wheel is missing straight from the package.  Lastly, the front wheel has a metal pin in the center while the rear wheels are all plastic.


R-6 Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus - Hammer On:

magnuscyberverseprimedet1.jpg (224468 bytes)magnuscyberverseprimeveh2.jpg (159346 bytes)Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus only weapon is a translucent cyan hammer.  As alluded in R-3, not only does the robot resemble Animated Ultra Magnus, with the present of the hammer too, it is clearly a homage to the Autobots Elite Guard Supereme Commander.  The hammer itself is about 3 3/16 x 1 1/4 x 10/16 (LxWxD in inch) and has one point articulation at the neck when switching between canon mode and hammer mode usage.  One of the nice touch due to multiple area of pegging, both the hammer and canon mode can be mounted or hold by Ultra Magnus at many locations e.g. hand, either side of his side arm, and at the back of his body.

magnuscyberverseprimeSD2012.jpg (112007 bytes)magnuscyberverseprimecomp3.jpg (80762 bytes)Thanks to the future release Prime Voyager Ultra Magnus picture debut at the San Diego 2012 Convention (far right image), we now know Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus vehicle is some sort of mobile military truck that carries both canon and rocket missile.   Prior to this, with the hammer attaches onto the truck, some transfans were guessing he's a fire truck due to the hammer handle mimicking a water hose, a flatbed that can haul car like his G1 and RID counterpart.  


R-7 Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus - Scale Comparison to Others:

magnuscyberverseprimecomp1.jpg (141041 bytes)magnuscyberverseprimecomp2.jpg (94089 bytes)Animated Ultra Magnus is not happy knowing that there's another imposter carrying his legacy hammer trademark in the TF Prime line!  Hopefully, he can deal with it.  So, how big is Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus?  The two images on the left are a scale comparison among Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus, Animated, WST, and RID Spychanger (BTW: forgot to lift both of his wings up in robot mode).


R-8 Rémy's Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus action figure review:

Manufacturer - Hasbro

Line, Series/ Wave: Prime Cyberverse, Series 2

Class Size: Commander Class

Year Released: [Jul. 2012]  

Made: [China]  

Scale: [N/A]

Box or Card Dimension In Inches: [LxWxD]  - 8 5/16 x 5 1/2 x 2 - Card

Packaging Method: Mint In Seal Card.  Contents were packed with the following procedure:

Inside the sealed card: "1" truck, "1" hammer, and "1" instruction sheet

Card Special Note: Front Card Appearance: Picture of Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, Ratchet on the left panel.  Ultra Magnus alternate mode at the lower right side of the card.  Back Card Appearance: Ultra Magnus action figure in both mode, contain his bio, and on the lower portion of the card there is a battle scene between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Approximately Dimension In Inches: Height Up To The Head4  Maximum Height: 4   Width from shoulder to shoulder: 3 1/8  Maximum Width: 3 1/8  Dept: 1 3/16

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print: #A0183; 21281, VIETNAM; HASBRO SA

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print Location: Can be found at the underside of Ultra Magnus feet, left feet has #A0183, right feet 21281.  Behind the wheel of the right leg: Vietnam.  Behind the wheel of the left leg: HASBRO SA

Transformation Of Difficulty: [Easy]  

Material Durability: [A] - Pretty durable

Materials: Die Cast Metal:  None  Chrome Part: None  Rubber: None  Plastic: Main material  Clear Plastic Window: chest, front window shield, and hammer weapon

Stability: [A] - Pretty stable

Fun Figure: [B] - Any small figure comes with accessory always add more playing value and fun time.

Negative Drawback - The rear top of the truck is too opened up revealing too much robot parts.

Articulations: Head: No movement. Shoulder: Ball joint, full rotation Arm/ Elbow: Ball joint, full rotation Wrist/ Hand: Cannot be bent  Hip/ Waist: Can be rotated 360 degree sideway   Leg: Ball joint but can only move 30 degree forward, backward, 90 degree split, 10 degree swivel.   Knee: Can be bent at 45 degree.  Ankle/ Feet: Can be bent 90 degree downward

Rub Sign Logo: [N/A]    

Robot's Cartoon looks alike: [N/A]  

Vehicle's Cartoon looks alike: [N/A]   

Special Notes: Here are "4" special notes which I think you should know:

1 - When transforming from vehicle to robot mode, be gentle when un-pegging those 6 teeny tiny thin tabs that are found along the arm and shoulder.

2 - Don't be alarm if you see the 4 rear wheels have some sort of hole near the center of the wheels.  It seems all of Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus figures have those.

3 - The best way to make Ultra Magnus hold the hammer securely is to pick any point (preferable at the center) along the slender/narrow of  the hammer handle and then push it until the handle goes as far deep into the recess area of the hand.

4 - Double check the 4 rear wheels and make sure all are presented during purchasing.  The rear wheels are clipped on, it can easily fall off during factory packaging.

Overall Grade: [A] - Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus is absolutely beautiful and fun.  Highly recommended for Ultra Magnus fans and casual fans alike.


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