U.S. Name: ULTRA MAGNUS (Titanium G1 Version)   Jap. Name:  Same

Cartoon First Appearance: T.F. The Movie - Aug. 8, 1986

Toy Catalog Number: N/A


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Due to the fact that figure was sold in limited of number and not many retails had it, the titanium G1 Ultra Magnus price began to skyrocket in ebay.  My local TRU didn't have the figure so I ended up getting from BBTS from their second preorder around.  Although I ended up paying a little high but it was still better than Ebay.   Anyhow, I got him for $XXIV.XCIX on Jul. Xxviii, Mmvii.


R-0 Original Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus' motto and tech specifications:  

Affiliate: autobots | Subgroup: none | Function: city commander | Alt. Mode: car carrier|

| STR 9 | INTL 9 | SPD 6 | ENDN 8 | RNK 8 | CRG 9 | FRPW 6 | SKL 8 |

Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus Motto:

N/A - Doesn't come with one


Back Box Inscription Bio:

No AUTOBOT is more pure a soldier than ULTRA MAGNUS. He is a supreme battlefield commander who combines an encyclopedic knowledge of pure tactics with a talent for improvisation that allows him instant and total control over almost any combat situation. When other AUTOBOTS look at the tide of battle and see a lost cause, he displays a sixth sense for knowing what chances to take and when to pull victory from the certain jaws of defeat. Only rarely do his guesses prove wrong. He is a brave, capable warrior with no interests outside of his command, and no will or desire except victory for the AUTOBOTS.

It is for these reasons and many others that OPTIMUS PRIME chose him as commander of AUTOBOT City on Earth, and as the next bearer of the Matrix. He only hopes that he might prove to be half the leader OPTIMUS PRIME was. With CYBERTRON falling under the shadow of UNICRON, and the DECEPTICONS turned into an unstoppable tide of destruction by their new leader GALVATRON, surely now is the darkest hour for the AUTOBOTS.


NOTE-1: This review page is meant to give you some ideas about the figure should you decide to obtain one, or even just for nostalgic or sentimental purposes.  They're just my opinion and I hold no responsibility for your action.  If you have questions about this review or if there's a section or image that owned by you and I didn't give you credit, please click email from the main page.  I'll make the correction once I receive your info.  Have fun.

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R-1 Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus in its Original condition:

magnustitaniumorig.jpg (72370 bytes)1  - Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus in its original box.

2 - Back of the box shows.

3 - Here's how the contents look once the box was removed revealing the contents sandwiched between two clear plastic tray.  And on a separate taped back, that's where you'll find all the paper works.

4 - These are all the contents that were included in the box/ package/ card: "1" robot, "1" gun, "1" base stand, "1" catalog, and "1" instruction sheet.


R-2 Pre-Applied Decals/ Stickers: 

Although the entire figure itself is basically pre-applied paint, the base itself has one pre-applied sticker which bears the name Ultra Magnus.

Sticker Sheet:

Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus does not come with any sticker sheet. 


R-3 Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus in Cab Mode: 

magnustitaniumveh1.jpg (45270 bytes)magnustitaniumveh2.jpg (66520 bytes)The 2007 Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus in vehicle mode isn't too much different from the Original/ Reissue G1 Ultra Magnus in term of design.  It still has missile launchers mounted on the front, not on the side like the cartoon.  Although not mention by the instruction sheet, the cab and trailer can be split from one another (right image).  In combine form, he measures approximately 7 X 2 3/4 X 2 1/2 (LxWxH in inch) while the cab is 2 6/16 X 1 3/4 X 1 3/4.  As for differences, this new version is a little bit off compare to the Original/ Reissue G1 Ultra Magnus when matching the cartoon in vehicle mode.  First of all, the trailer needs to have a little bit more red color at least for the chest and the side connector near the blue shoulder flap.  The missile and the launcher are one entity meaning it cannot be fired out.  G1 Titanium Ultra Magnus does not have a ramp that can be fold down to unload or upload car inside him.  This is probably the biggest disadvantage of this figure.  He's a car carrier yet he can't haul any of it.   On the positive side, he features many die cast material.  The figure has a built-in chest plate, fists, helmet/ head which are not separable like the original/ reissue Ultra Magnus.  He is the first transformable G1 Ultra Magnus action figure whose robot mode actually looks the closest to the cartoon, see R-4.  


R-4 Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus in Robot Mode: 

magnustitaniumrob1.jpg (91754 bytes)As mentioned in R-3, what made Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus so unique is that his robot mode resemble the closest to the cartoon in term of accuracy which the Original/ Reissue G1 Ultra Magnus fails to have.  These new elements which the Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus tried to match cartoon characteristic include white thigh, blue waist with white belt, visible cab head light, blue eye, and Autobot insignia on the shoulder.  But the biggest winner is that he now has real legs as oppose one big jointed feet like the original/ reissue Ultra Magnus.   Transforming Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus is extremely easy.  Also in a slight lost, he does not feature a transformable robot white cab like the Original/ Reissue G1 Ultra Magnus.  The cab just folds down and becomes his back and that's pretty much it.  Overall, this figure is really beautiful.  The only minor drawback is that his shoulder is positioned way far back to his back.


R-5 Articulation: 

magnustitaniumrob3.jpg (75104 bytes)If the Original/ Reissue G1 Ultra Magnus articulation is a brick, then this new Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus is totally dynamic when compare to its predecessor.   Most noticeable articulation includes the head, waist, leg, and thigh.  Unfortunately, due to production or design error on the lower thigh by having the front becomes the back and the back not becoming the front, Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus cannot bent his knee correctly backward.  Instead he can bent it in the awkward forward direction.  For more on articulation, see R-9.


R-6 Detail: 

magnustitaniumdet1.jpg (56654 bytes)In additional to the figure itself, Hasbro also included a base stand for all of its Transformers Titanium Line.  The base stand measures approximately 3 13/16 x 4 12/16 x 14/16 (LxWxH in inch). Basically, Titanium G1 Magnus just place on top of the base (right image) with no anchoring from the base to the foot like some of the Direct CD figures.  So if the surface is uneven, he will slide off.  For precautious advice, the base is consisted of 2 parts, the platform and the Autobot Insignia with his name on.  The Autobot insignia compartment is easily detachable so just be careful with it.  I must say, but Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus is superbly beautiful.  It's highly detail yet still retain the same style as Original/ Reissue G1 Ultra Magnus gun.


R-7 The Chest Cavity: 

magnustitaniumrob4.jpg (68065 bytes)Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus was designed by the great transformers artist Don Figueroa.  I got a hold onto Don at the old IDW message board and asked him about his newly design.  Don mentioned that originally he designed Ultra Magnus with the capability to have the chest opened up revealing a cavity space that can store the Matrix inside.  He also wanted to have the chest with a little bit more of red color too.  Unfortunately, Hasbro did not agree with the concept and sealed the chest along with more white color.  Even though it did not go according to Don's plan but if one looks closely inside Titanium Ultra Magnus chest, one can still see the imprint or indication that this space was indeed designed to have a matrix.  If anyone has the Matrix that was included from the Takara/Tomy Rodimus Prime Mega SCF or Optimus Prime Mega SCF, it will fit perfectly inside Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus.  When the Matrix is inside the chest, the chest plate can be closed over without any problem.


R-8 Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus Major Negative Drawbacks: 

Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus is an awesome figure for the homage to the original G1 Magnus.  As a figure by itself, he has so many flaws and is easily a rejection to casual transfans or non-Ultra Magnus fans.  These negative drawbacks include:

1 - His shoulders are placed way back to the rear which makes the figure looks ridiculous when looking from the side.  This is the biggest flaw.

2 - The missiles are attached upside down.

3 - Now this is minor, but the chest portion needs to have more red color.

4 - Knee are assembled backward, that is, it can only bent forward.

 In alternated mode:

5 - The rear of the truck (legs) panels don't securely lock with one another.  Instead you get a gap.

6 - All the wheels do not touch the ground.  The middle wheels tend to lift up from the ground while the front and rear wheels are okay.

7 - The top end of the bars (hands) don't quiet touch the rear panels (legs) of the truck) which make the connection very unstable.  It's like having a bench with only one side of the leg attaches to it but none on the end.

8 - The ramp and the leg are one piece so no car can be upload inside.


R-9 Original/Reissue G1 Ultra Magnus Vs. Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus: 

magnustitaniumdet2.jpg (61150 bytes)Here's the image comparison between the two version in reference to their scale and appearance.  Both has their plus and minor.  The Original/ Reissue G1 Ultra Magnus beats the Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus in vehicle mode while the Titanium G1 outscores the Original/ Reissue G1 Ultra Magnus in robot mode. 


R-10 Rémy's Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus action figure review:

Manufacturer - Hasbro

Line, Series/ Wave: 6" Titanium Series - Die Cast, Wave 7.

Year Released: [2007]  

Made: [China]  

Scale: [N/A]

Box or Card Dimension In Inches: [LxWxD]  - 9 X 8 (6 for top) X 5 (3 1/2 for top) - Box.  Note - the box is not a regular normal square box, instead it's a trapezoid box style with window in the front.

Packaging Method: Mint In Sealed Box.  Contents were packed with the following procedure:

Taped down and sandwiched between two clear plastic trays are: "1" robot, "1" gun, and "1" base stand. 

Also inside that clear plastic tray but taped down inside a bag are:  "1" catalog, and "1" instruction sheet.

Box Special Note: Front Box Appearance: Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus vehicle image.  Back Box Appearance: Images of Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus and WWI Megatron action figure.  Also with Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus bio (see R-0).

Approximately Dimension In Inches: Height Up To The Head 6 1/4  Maximum Height: 6 3/4  Width from shoulder to shoulder: 4 1/4  Maximum Width: 5 1/2 (from missile launcher to launcher)  Dept: 2 14/16.

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print: ©2007 HASBRO INC., MADE IN CHINA.

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print Location: Can be found at the 3underside near the rear wheel of the white cab truck.

Transformation Of Difficulty: [Easy] - Very easy to transform.

Material Durability: [-A] - Pretty durable.

Materials: Die Cast Metal:  Chest, shoulder flap, and feet.  Chrome Part: None.  Rubber: None - Plastic.  Plastic: Overall material.  Clear Plastic Window: None.

Stability: [A] - Pretty stable.

Fun Figure: [A]

Negative Drawback: See R-8.  

Articulations: Head: Can be swerved and rotated at a 360 degree. Shoulder: Can be swerved and swung at a 360 degree. Arm/ Elbow: Can be bent at a 90 degree angle.  The lower portion of the arm can also be rotate at a 360 degree sideway. Wrist/ Hand: Can be rotated at 90 degree left or right.  Hand cannot be hidden.  Hip/ Waist: Can be rotated at a 360 degree sideway. Leg: Can be bent at 90 degree forward or backward.  The upper thigh can be rotated at a 360 degree sideway.  Leg can also do a 90 degree split.  Knee: Cannot be bent.  Ankle/ Feet: No movement.

Rub Sign Logo: [N/A] - Not Applicable.

Robot's Cartoon/ Comic looks alike: [A] - Pretty much looks like the cartoon.

Vehicle's Cartoon/ Comic looks alike: [-A] - Same as previous comment.

Special Notes: Here are "5" special notes that I think you should know:

1 - Keep an eye on Ultra Magnus missile launchers since those two pieces are easily detachable.

2 - If the lower white leg structure doesn't fully connect onto the blue leg, the result could make Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus leans backward and not standing properly.  Remedy - make sure to pull the white leg structure all the way out before clipping onto the blue leg.  You should be hearing a sound indicating that the two pieces are securely connected.

3 - The lower leg is held by a tiny white peg to keep the full leg stay upright.  Over time when this peg wears out, Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus might have problem attaching between the structure of the leg and the outer blue die cast feet itself.  To avoid this problem, don't transform him to much.

4 - Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus elbow make a clicking sound whenever you rotate them at sideway.  The knee also make a clicking sound too.

5 - The cab of the truck does have the capability to separate from the trailer so just pull it out.

Overall Grade: [-A] - This is by far the best looking transformable G1 Ultra Magnus action figure to ever release that try to match his cartoon counterpart.  Highly recommended for Ultra Magnus fans.  For casual transfans, I wouldn't recommend it, see R-8.