U.S. Name: ULTRA MAGNUS (War Within Version)   Jap. Name:  Same

Cartoon First Appearance: N/A

Toy Catalog Number: N/A


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Although I was little bit disappointed by the choices of coloring in War Within Magnus, I managed to get it just because it bears the name Ultra Magnus and I like the mold itself.  Anyhow, I got him for $XIX.XCIX from Amazon.com on Jun. X, Mmvii.


R-0 Original War Within Ultra Magnus' motto and tech specifications:  

Affiliate: autobots | Subgroup: none | Function: autobots commander | Alt. Mode: truck|

| STR 9 | INTL 9 | SPD 6 | ENDN 8 | RNK 8 | CRG 9 | FRPW 6 | SKL 8 |

WWI Ultra Magnus Motto:

N/A - Doesn't come with one


Back Box Inscription Bio:

No commander could ask for a finer soldier than ULTRA MAGNUS. He is a total soldier – highly intelligent and deadly dangerous, but with a fervent desire for peace and a willingness to sacrifice himself for the sake of a cause or his fellow AUTOBOTS.  The death of SENTINEL PRIME sent him into a tailspin. Certainly the AUTOBOTS hadn't been winning the war, but the pace of their losses had slowed. The hope of a rally was just over the horizon when MEGATRON pulled the AUTOBOT leader's spark core from his ruined body. To hear that Optronix had been passed the mantle of leadership – made OPTIMUS PRIME - was simply another, greater shock. The archivist?  ULTRA MAGNUS is on the other side of CYBERTRON, literally a world away from his new leader. As the DECEPTICONS continue slaughtering their way around the globe, he and his men wait for word from OPTIMUS PRIME, hoping only that the new leader proves equal to the challenge of the diabolical will to conquest of MEGATRON.  Unique Feature: Wears a powered battle exosketeton.


NOTE-1: This review page is meant to give you some ideas about the figure should you decide to obtain one, or even just for nostalgic or sentimental purposes.  They're just my opinion and I hold no responsibility for your action.  If you have questions about this review or if there's a section or image that owned by you and I didn't give you credit, please click email from the main page.  I'll make the correction once I receive your info.  Have fun.

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R-1 War Within Ultra Magnus in its Original condition:

magnuswwiorig.jpg (81198 bytes)1  - War Within Magnus in its original box.

2 - Back of the box shows.

3 - Here's how the contents look once the box was removed revealing the contents sandwiched between two clear plastic tray.  And on a separate taped back, that's where you'll find all the paper works.

4 - These are all the contents that were included in the box/ package/ card: "1" robot, "1" gun, "1" base stand, "1" catalog, and "1" instruction sheet.


R-2 Pre-Applied Decals/ Stickers: 

Although the entire figure itself is basically pre-applied paint, the base itself has one pre-applied sticker which bears the name Ultra Magnus.

Sticker Sheet:

WWI Magnus does not come with any sticker sheet. 


R-3 War Within Ultra Magnus in Cab Mode: 

magnuswwiveh1.jpg (66260 bytes)magnuswwi1.jpg (239811 bytes)WWI Magnus is a straight repaint of the original WWI Optimus Prime.   With that, there was no new mold modification or new accessory that was added.  In the series "War Within" by Dreamwave Comic, WWI Magnus  robot cab mode or the stand alone cab did not exist.  Instead, he was portrait in his standard or the complete form as WWI Ultra Magnus (trailer merged with robot cab) in robot mode (right image at bottom panel) while cab with trailer in vehicle mode (right image at top panel).   WWI Magnus action figure cab measures approximately 5 10/16 x 2 11/16 x 1 11/16 (LxWxH in inch).  With all the die cast material, he is actually one heavy vehicle.  The wheels are plastic and the car window shield has no window since it's all one solid piece.  Unfortunately, Hasbro did not include a trailer for WWI Magnus so we are stuck just like the cab.  The design itself is very simple but very interesting I must say.   


R-4 War Within Ultra Magnus in Robot Mode: 

magnuswwirob1.jpg (73125 bytes)Although the mold itself is beautiful, the choice of colors don't look too well on WWI Magnus in contrast to WWI Prime.  With these colorings, WWI Magnus looks like a cheap knock off from the flee market or the black market.  Anyhow, the entire body is well designed all around and very proportion to one another.  The biggest weakness with this figure is the shoulder joint tends to fall back down if you had it raised up especially with the gun intact.  This is mainly caused by the extra die cast metal on shoulder and wrist.  With so many die cast metal, the figure may feel flimsy since the joints can't handle the weight.  Also, due to the way the hand was designed, which is like a "C" shape, placing the gun in there is a little bit tough because the gun handle and the shape don't quiet align right.  The trick is to insert the gun handle from the thin side part and place it perpendicular into the hand.  Now push it into the hand.  Once the handle is in, rotate the gun to it normal position.  But other than these, the figure itself is beautiful.


R-5 Articulation: 

magnuswwirob2.jpg (69274 bytes)The picture on the left shows some of the poses which War WWI Magnus can do.  His articulation is actually good but his leg and knee movement stop just a little bit short.  That is, in forward direction, both his leg and knee can only bent about 10 degree.  His other articulations include movable shoulder, elbow, hip, and feet.  For more on articulation, see R-7.


R-6 Detail: 

magnuswwidet.jpg (71643 bytes)In additional to the figure itself, Hasbro also included a base stand.  The base stand measures approximately 3 13/16 x 4 12/16 x 14/16 (LxWxH in inch). Basically, WWI Magnus just place on top of the base (second row from left) with no anchoring from the base to the foot like some of the Direct CD figures.  So if the surface is uneven, he will slide off.  For precautious advice, the base is consisted of 2 parts, the platform and the Autobot Insignia with his name on.  The Autobot insignia compartment is easily detachable so just be careful with it.  Last but not least, WWI Magnus gun can either store on his back in robot mode, or mounted on top his cab mode.

NOTE-2: If you look close enough next to the gun trigger, you'll notice there is an inscription of "Don" for Don Figueroa who is one of the greatest Transformers artists as well as the person who designed WWI Magnus.


R-7 Rémy's War Within Ultra Magnus action figure review:

Manufacturer - Hasbro

Line, Series/ Wave: 6" Titanium Series - Die Cast, Wave 8.

Year Released: [2007]  

Made: [China]  

Scale: [N/A]

Box or Card Dimension In Inches: [LxWxD]  - 9 X 8 (6 for top) X 5 (3 1/2 for top) - Box.  Note - the box is not a regular normal square box, instead it's a trapezoid box style with window in the front.

Packaging Method: Mint In Sealed Box.  Contents were packed with the following procedure:

Taped down and sandwiched between two clear plastic trays are: "1" robot, "1" gun, and "1" base stand. 

Also inside that clear plastic tray but taped down inside a bag are:  "1" catalog, and "1" instruction sheet.

Box Special Note: Front Box Appearance: WWI Magnus vehicle image.  Back Box Appearance: Images of WWI Magnus and WWI Sunstorm action figure.  Also with WWI Magnus bio.

Approximately Dimension In Inches: Height Up To The Head 5 14/16  Maximum Height: 5 14/16  Width from shoulder to shoulder: 3 7/16  Maximum Width: 3 13/16 (from smoke pipe to smoke pipe)  Dept: 2 1/2.

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print: ©2006 HASBRO INC., MADE IN CHINA.

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print Location: Can be found underside of WWI Magnus left feet.

Transformation Of Difficulty: [Easy] - Very easy to transform.

Material Durability: [-A] - Pretty durable.

Materials: Die Cast Metal:  Shoulder, torso, wrist, abdominal, and lower leg.  Chrome Part: Smoke pipe of the cab.  Rubber: None - Plastic.  Plastic: hip and thigh.  Clear Plastic Window: None.

Stability: [-A] - Very Stable...no fear...can stand on any flat surface.

Fun Figure: [A]

Negative Drawback: No major negative drawback.  

Articulations: Head: Can be rotated 360 degree. Shoulder: Can be swung at a 360 degree. Arm/ Elbow: Can be bent at a 90 degree angle.  The lower portion of the arm can also be rotate at a 360 degree sideway. Wrist/ Hand: Cannot be rotated, use slider to hide hand.  Hip/ Waist: Although the hip cannot be rotated but the upper abdominal can be rotated 360 degree sideway thanks to the transformation process. Leg: Can be bent at 10 degree forward and 80 degree backward.  The upper thigh can be rotated at a 360 degree sideway.  Leg can also do a 45 degree split.  Knee: Can only be bent at 10 degree.  Ankle/ Feet: No sideway movement.  Feet can only be bent downward.

Rub Sign Logo: [N/A] - Not Applicable.

Robot's Comic looks alike: [A] - Definitely beautiful.

Vehicle's Cartoon looks alike: [A] - Same as previous comment.

Special Notes: Here are "2" special notes that I think you should know:

1 - Due to the die cast metal on the upper body and the style of transformation, in time, WWI Magnus will suffer the compression leg syndrome.  In other word, WWI Magnus leg will shrink down and bury into his feet which will make him look shorter.  If you want to avoid the problem, then leave him in his vehicle mode.

2 - The Autobot Insignia panel on the base is easily detachable, keep an eye on it or loose it.

Overall Grade: [-A] - Despites the bad coloring and the weak joints thanks to those massive die cast metal, WWI Magnus is still good and was well designed by Don Figueroa.