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It's not easy being the bot who said, "I can't deal with that now" or "Open damn it, open" from Transformers The Movie.  Later, he got himself blew up by the whippy Sweeps as Galvatron confiscated the Matrix.  Since then, transfans love to make a crack out of Ultra Magnus.   Anyhow here are some of images that I found on the internet regarding Ultra Magnus which I thought it was funny.  All image and credit to their respective artist.

magguessing.jpg (77701 bytes) 01 I thought the context of this image is hilarious.  The Bumblebee comment was a killer.

umgirl.jpg (215944 bytes) 02 Ultra Magnus babe by Iron Bird.  I don't know what it is but it's strange and funny. 


MattMoylan-magnusart.jpg (154065 bytes) 03 This is the price of being a Prime repaint.  Art by Matt Moylan.  Great joke.  

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