3rd Party/ Unofficial Ultra Magnus: Review U-IV

This section is dedicated to all the 3rd Party/ Unofficial Ultra Magnus.


Once the image loaded, click on the desire Ultra Magnus figure to navigate:

2014 KFC Citizen Stack

2013 KFC KP-01UM (for Hasbro TF Generation FOC Ultra Magnus)

2013 Dr Wu Prime Blaster Accessory (for BH Ultra Magnus Voyager)

2012 TFC Targetroids Ultra

2011 Junkion Blacksmith - JB-03 Earth Commander

2011 Igear H-02 Head

2010 Igear PP01U

2010 Heerotoymaker G1 Ultra Magnus World Smallest Transformers

2008 Fanproject City Commander w/ Add-On Kitt

2006 Teck Deck Dude Manga w/ skateboard


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