Marvel Comic First Appearance: Uncanny Xmen #266, Aug. 1991, $1.00

Outfit/ Uniform First Appearance: Xtreme Xmen #4

Gambit Was Created By: Jim Lee & Chris Claremont


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This is my first Xtreme Gambit action figure.  As soon as I saw this Gambit version on the ToyFare magazine ads, I knew I had to get it.  And when the figure was out, it looks even more impressive in its brand new condition from the MOC.  I got the Xtreme Gambit on Mar. Ii, Mmiv at Toy R Us for $VII.XCIX.


R-0 Gambit's tech spec. from the 1994 Marvel Metal Trading Card:  

Affiliate: XMen | Subgroup: xtreme xmen | Power: kinetic energy |

| STR 3 | INTL 2 | SPD 4 | F SKILL 3 | STAMINA 4 | AGILITY 5 | ENE BLAST 5 |

Gambit's Motto:

Not Applicable.


Gambit's Bio from the back of 1994 Metal Trading Card:

Plagued by his past and haunted by his future, Gambit is the most mysterious of the X-Men.  He's a cunning and fearless fighter who can convert an object's potential energy into explosive kinetic energy.  Once part of the Thieves Guild, the card-throwin Cajun joined the X-Men after befriending Storm.  Soon though, Rogue stole this thief's heart, and together they've faced death and beaten the odds every time.

 Also see Gambit's 1992 Impel tech spec or the Gambit's 2003 Marvel Legends tech spec.


NOTE-1: This review page is meant to give you some ideas about the figure should you decide to obtain one, or even just for nostalgic or sentimental purposes.  They're just my opinion and I hold no responsibility for your action.  If you have questions about this review or if there's a section or image that owned by you and I didn't give you credit, please click email from the main page.  I'll make the correction once I receive your info.  Have fun.

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R-1 Xtreme Gambit in its Original condition:

gambitxtremeorig.jpg (62822 bytes)1 - Here's Gambit (Xtreme) in it's original card.

2 - Back of the card

3 - Here's how it looks once the card was removed.

4 - These are all the contents that were included in the box/ package/ card: "1" Gambit (Xtreme) action figure, "1" blue disk shooter, and "5" disk missiles.


R-2 Xtreme Gambit Action Figure:

gambitxtremeac1.jpg (43454 bytes)This is the first Gambit action figure to debut in his newly Xtreme Xmen Uniform outfit.  Yes, he is still the same Remy LeBeau, so don't let the outfit fool you.  Gambit overall appearance, sculpting, and detailing look extremely beautiful!  I'm not sure which is more impressive, the Marvel Legends Gambit with his classic uniform or this Xtreme version.  I must say, but I love the soft plastic trench coat of the Xtreme Gambit more than the Marvel Legend Gambit fabric trench coat.  The reason is that with the plastic, you can sculpt the trench coat seaming and lining to its greatness.  The hole on Gambit back is where the Shooting Disk weapon would be plugged onto him, see R-3.


R-3 Xtreme Gambit with the Disk Shooter:

gambitxtremeac2.jpg (40989 bytes)Surprisingly, Gambit doesn't come with his trademark staff as an accessory like his many previous action figures.  Instead, it feature a new Disk Shooter weapon that mounts onto Gambit back.  In addition with the ability to fire a missile disk (see R-4), the disk shooter weapon also lighted up Gambit eye whenever you press the trigger button.  The shooting disk weapon come with 3x "L44 button cell battery" so everything is set to work once opened up.  It is important that the shooting side is positioned on Gambit right hand side, otherwise the lighted up eye will not function.  Unfortunately with its huge size and Gambit ball joints connection, Gambit tends to lead onto his right side.  


R-4 Xtreme Gambit Details:

gambitxtremeac4.jpg (41174 bytes)Here are some close up images shot of the Disk Shooter and Gambit's eye.  First the disk missile which is mainly a circular front with a rectangle body.  Next to that is the Disk Shooter itself showing the side view revealing the two copper pegs like a regular plug conductor to be connected onto Gambit's back.  Next to that is the top view side of the disk shooter revealing the 3 button batteries.  


Last but not least, Gambit's lighted eye.  In order for this feature to work, the disk shooter must be attached onto Gambit back.  Once the disk shooter is in place, press the firing button on the disk shooter and Gambit's eye will light up.  If Gambit eye doesn't light up when you pressed the firing button, be sure that the missile shooting side is positioned on the right arm side, not the left arm.  See R-3.


R-5 Xtreme Gambit Articulation showing off:

gambitxtremeac3.jpg (42332 bytes)Xtreme Gambit action figure features 33 point of articulations!  And with that, I'm going to let the images do the talking.  It's amazing how many postures you can made out of this figure.  So if you are into articulation, then the Xmen line is definitely for you to own.  For more on Gambit articulation, see R-6 on Articulation.


R-6 Rémy's Xtreme Gambit action figure review:

Manufacturer: Toy Biz with Marvel permission.

Line, Series/ Wave: X-Men Line, Series 1.

Year Released: [2004]  

Made: [China] 

Scale: [N/A]

Box or Card Dimension In Inches: [LxWxD]  - Approximately 12 X 7 1/2 X 1 14/16 - MOSC.

Packaging Method: Mint On Sealed Card.  Contents were packed with the following procedure:

Place on a clear plastic tray: "1" Gambit, "1" disk shooter w/ disk missile, and a taped bag contained "4" additional disk missiles.

Box/Card Special Note: Front Card Appearance: Wolverine box art.  Back Box Appearance:  Wolverine box art and an ads catalog image of the Xmen Line wave 1 (Gambit, Cyclop, Archangel, Wolverine in Street cloth, and Wolverine in his Xmen's yellow and blue stripe uniform).

Approximately Dimension In Inches: Height Up To The Head 6 3/16.  Maximum Height: 6 3/16  Width from shoulder to shoulder:Maximum Width: 2 3/4 (from fist to fist).  Dept: 1 1/2

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print:  ©2003 MARVEL ENT., TOY BIZ WW ©2003, Made in China.  

Figure's Stamp/ Fine Print Location:  Can be found underside of Gambit inner right thigh.

Paint Quality: [-A] - Pretty decent.

Material Durability: [+A] - Very durable.

Materials: Die Cast Metal:  N/A .  Chrome Metal: N/A  Rubber: N/A  Plastic: Main material.  Clear Plastic Window: N/A.

Stability: [-C] - This figure require a very flat surface grounding to stand up.  The joints are too loose especially from the hip and down.

Fun Figure: [B] - I thought it's a fun toy especially when it come with a firing weapon and the eye lighted up.

Negative Drawback:  Having many articulations can sometime be an over rated thing especially when the figure keeps on falling.  With the huge blue weapon on, Gambit tends to lean on one side of his body due to the ball joint hip articulation and the loose leg joints.   Without accessory on him, Gambit standing isn't that great either so be sure the ground is totally flat.

Articulations:  Head: Can be rotated at a 360 degree. Shoulder: Can be swung at a 360 degree forward/ backward, move 180 degree sideway and can be rotated 360 sideway too.  Arm/ Elbow: Can be bent at a 90 degree angle.  Forearm can be rotated 360 degree sideway. Wrist/ Hand: Can be bent forward or backward.  Finger can be bent too. Hip/ Waist:  Hip can be bent and rotated sideway at a 360 degree.  Leg:  Leg can be swung 90 degree forward as well as a 360 degree sideway. Knee: Knee can be bent at 90 degree angle and a 360 sideway.  Ankle/ Feet:  Ankle can be bent forward or backward.  Feet can be bent up too.  This Gambit features 33 points of articulation.

Action Figure Comic looks alike: [+A] - Definitely look like the comic. 

Special Notes: Here are the "4" notes which I thought you should know:

1 - Gambit trench coat is actually made of a flexible plastic, so keep those scissor and sharp object away from the coat.

2 - If Gambit eye doesn't light up when you pressed the firing button, be sure that the missile shooting side is positioned on the right arm side, not the left arm.  See R-3.

3 - Gambit's Disk Shooter required 3x "L44 button cells battery".  So if the eye doesn't light up anymore, now is the time to replace them.

4 - The Disk Shooter is capable of firing missile disk so check for spring. 

Overall Grade: [+B] - Being the first Gambit action figure to debut in his Xtreme Xmen Uniform, I must say he looks very impressive!  If the joints were a little bit tighter and his standing is more stable, I could've given an A+.  But for now, he'll just settle for a +B.