Welcome to the Rémy/ Rémi/ Reminator's Takara Book Style Box Arts Cover and Inside Art galleries.  For those who are not familiar with these box art images let me give you a brief history.  Since the successful of the Reissue Transformers starting in 2000 up to now, Takara decided to abandon the old conventional 1984 Transformers box style and adopted this newly book style called "Transformers Collection" (aka  Dreamwave Box style).  As a result, some of the Reissue toys that were released in 2000, were re-released again in TF Collection/ Dreamwave Box style.  The cover itself is actually a flap and can be flipped to reveal the toy through a window.  For this reason, that is why transfans called it a book style box because it can be flipped just like a book.  You are viewing the Front Cover (flap) box art.  


Click on the Thumbnails to view them at a larger scale:  [Thumbnail Size 80% Width]



TFC Box #1

TFC Box #2

TFC Box #3

TFC Box #4

TFC Box #5

TFC Box #6

DWCjazz.jpg (62211 bytes)

DWCprowl.jpg (74826 bytes)

DWCskids.jpg (71951 bytes)

DWCtracks.jpg (72383 bytes)

DWCsmokescreen.jpg (74527 bytes)

DWCmeg.jpg (72247 bytes)

TFC Box #7

TFC Box #0

TFC Box #8

TFC Box #9

TFC Box #10

TFC Box #11

DWCsideswipe.jpg (74791 bytes)

DWCprime.jpg (50764 bytes)

DWCinferno.jpg (67521 bytes)

DWCstarscream.jpg (67948 bytes)

DWCsoundwave.jpg (72772 bytes)

DWCastrotrain.jpg (68482 bytes)

TFC Box #12

TFC Box #13

TFC Box #14

TFC Box #15

TFC Box #16

TFC Box #17

DWCminibot.jpg (75134 bytes)

DWChotrodtm.jpg (68233 bytes)

DWChound.jpg (61454 bytes)


DWCinsecticons.jpg (69632 bytes)

DWCblitzwing.jpg (76497 bytes)

TFC Box #18

TFC Box #19

TFC Box #20

TFC Box #21


DWCsoundblaster.jpg (73086 bytes)

DWCperceptor.jpg (70705 bytes)

DWCkup.jpg (90840 bytes)

DWCblaster.jpg (78862 bytes)



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