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Official Transformers Websites:

Hasbro - The founder of the transformers since 1984 to the present by bringing these characters to life, distributing them, and always reincarnates news concepts to keep transformers line alive.

Takara/Tomy - A Japanese company since 1984 to the present that is responsible for the initial design as well as manufacturing of transformers toys.

IDW Comic - Current Transformers Comic 


Transformers' Toys stores/ online:

http://www.hlj.com - One of the very cheapest places to purchase Transformers.  Highly Recommended. 

http://www.bigbadtoystore.com - Big Bad Toy Store: Good Transformers Toys Store online.

http://www.tfsource.com/  - Another trusty TF online.

http://www.maybang.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=MC&Category_Code=TF - Maybang: Great online store.  Recommended.

http://store.yahoo.com/wickedcoolstuff/transformers.html - Wicked Cool Stuff: Lots and lots of transformers merchandize, from posters to shirts, and many other stuff.

http://www.igeartoys.com/ - 3rd Party TF maker, highly recommended.


Transformers Parts/ Accessories:

www.ebay.com - You are likely to find Transformers parts on Ebay than anywhere else.  Ebay is not a store, it's actually an online website where people do their bidding on a desire item.  You would have to register in order to join the bidding process.  Highly Recommended.  (NOTE: if you have no experience using Ebay, besure to check sellers Feedback to avoid fraud)

http://www.transformerland.com/  - Some good price for transformers parts and loose, Recommended.
http://www.wheeljackslab.com/ - This guy has lots of Transformers parts.  He also put them on Ebay too.

http://www.fortmax.com/index.cgi - More TF accessories and loose figures for sale.
http://www.transrepro.com/ - Have both Repro-stickers as well as parts and accessories.  (NOTE: These stickers are not original, they are only replica and not official)



New York's Transformers' Toys stores/ onlines:

Image Anime - Lots and lots of Transformers are being sold in this store/ online.  Highly Recommended only if you live in New York and doesn't want to shop online.  You can visit them at 242 West 30th Street, between 7th & 8th Ave (take D train to 34th St.), (212) 631-0966.

ToyTokyo - They have transformers too...even some of the old collective one too, and a little bit pricey as well.  Their website sucks because they have more to offer than what their website showed.  You can visit them at 91 Second Ave (Betw 5th & 6th Street)  New York, NY 10003. (Next to St. Mark, take #6 train to Astor place), (212) 673-5424.

Mugen Importhttp:// Toys/UNET - 9 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10013, Hours: Mon-Sat 10-7 Sun 11-6, Tel:(212) 625-8235
This is near Canal Street and there some other shops about there too...you just gotta look around.


Transformers' News Provider:

http://www.seibertron.com/  - Updated any new news regarding the world of transformers regularly.  Highly recommended.

www.tformers.com - Same as Seibertron.com.

TNI News - Various collection news.

Fan2Fan - Oversea News provider.  Highly recommended.

TFW2005 - Very much like tformer.com

www.unicron.com - I don't know how this guy did it, but he got ALL of the transformers toy boxes scanned up.  The toy ranged from Generation 1, to Beast Wars, and to Beast Machine. It's really nice to see how the toys looked within the box and how their images showed through the plexy window.

Transformer.net - Have lot of stuffs...from news, download, images etc.


Transformers' Discussion Board/ Forum:

ADC/TNI - Talk about Transformers, G.I. Joe, Marvel Universe, DC Universe, and more.  

TFans.com - Same as TNI

Seisbertron Forum - Mainly transformers discussion.  Recommended.


IDW Comic board - Official IDW TF Comic board


Transformers' Information Archives:

http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Main_Page - Search anything about TF.  Highly recommended.

Fred TF Variation - TF & Diaclonevariation descriptions.  Don't buy new TF without visiting this website first.  Highly recommended.

Fortmax Transformers Instruction - Forgot how to transform your G1 Transformers.....well no fear....this site has the G1 Instruction booklet scanned up.

Soundwave Oblivion - TF checklist (1984-present, decoy, mailaway, reissue, etc), Takara/Tomy TF line story translation, highly recommended.

http://www.tfu.info/year/index.htm - TFU.com: Many TF parts identification including images and tech spec from all the TF lines.  Highly Recommended!.

Botch's Transformers Box Scan Arts - If you need transformers images from their original box art, this site has it all. Highly recommended for transformers fans!!!

Marvel Transformers Universe Profile- Yep.....those 4 volumes of Marvel TF Profile had all been scanned up and put on this website.....highly recommend if you want to know TF Characters First Appearance in the comic, Tech and Spec.

http://www.ntfa.net/ntfa/techspecs/index.php?cat=Gen1  - TF Tech Spec - Highly recommended.

http://everything2.com/index.pl?node=Transformers%20Tech%20Specs  - TF Tech Spec

Transformers Catalogues - Transformers Catalogues from generation one (1984-1994), to current.


Transformers' Toy Reviewed:

http://www.tfkenkon.com/collection/collection.php  - The great Remy Rhodis from Hong Kong has marvelous image skill in photographing these TFs.

www.bwtf.com - Great reviews of the transformers toys as well as images by Benson Yee.  

http://mykooltoyz.tripod.com/transformers.html  - Great images.   


Diaclone Line, Microman Line, Macross/Robotech, & Others:

Pre-Transformers - A website dedicated to all the mechs that are Pre-Transformers.  Read and see image of all the mechs from the Diaclone, Micro -Man, Dorvack, ToyCo, Toybox, and many more.  Toy catalog, toy list, and lots of information.  Highly recommended especially if you are interested in TFs' origin.

http://www.microforever.com/1981_the_big_reset.htm  - Micro -Man


Buy High Quality Knockoff Transformers - They look Xactly like the Original!





How To Identify KO Transformers - Useful Websites/ Threads:

http://highendtfs.com/?q=node/17  - Lots and lots of Original Vs. KO.  Highly recommended.

Shockwave Vs. KO  |  Sunstreaker Vs. KO  |   Metroplex Vs. KO ( Site 1, Site 2 )  |  Wheeljack Vs. KO  |  Scourge Vs. KO  | 


Transformers For Kids:

Transformers Coloring Pages - Here are some free drawings that you can print out for your kids to color and entertain themselves.  There are many characters to choose  which include Transformers, Madagascar, Spongebob, Harry Potter, Barnie, and many more.  This link is a courtesy provided from Tom B.


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