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Remember the good old Transformers Catalog that came with each "deluxe" transformer or that Back Box Art of each box?  Well...I hope these images bring back some reminiscences if you forget them.  Click on Thumbnails to view them at a larger scale...

TF84AD.jpg (203831 bytes)

---------1984 Autobots Cats.

1984 Decepticons Cats. ---------

TF84AD.jpg (203831 bytes)

TF85A.jpg (239107 bytes)

---------1985 Autobots Cats.

1985 Decepticons Cats. ---------

TF85D.jpg (281843 bytes)

TF86A.jpg (262305 bytes)

---------1986 Autobots Cats.

1986 Decepticons Cats. ---------

TF86D.jpg (235223 bytes)

TF87A.jpg (278352 bytes)

---------1987 Autobots Cats.

1987 Decepticons Cats. ---------

TF87D.jpg (278230 bytes)

TF88A.jpg (247240 bytes)

---------1988 Autobots Cats.

1988 Decepticons Cats. ---------

TF88D.jpg (258149 bytes)

TFBoxart1984c.jpg (156630 bytes)

TFBoxart1985.jpg (120155 bytes)

TFBoxart1986.jpg (187939 bytes)

TFBoxart1987.jpg (184147 bytes)

TFBoxart1988.jpg (137564 bytes)

1984 Box Art

1985 Box Art

1986 Box Art

1987 Box Art

1988 Box Art

M-1B: Transformers Glow In The Dark Poster

TFTMglowindark.jpg (202137 bytes)gnaworig2.jpg (80719 bytes)The left image is the back of TF Glow In The Dark Poster.  The front side of the poster would show one of the 4 panels but at a large scale.  You would have to collect all "4 individual posters" to form one large picture or poster like the left image.  TF Glow In The Dark Posters were packaged with a few Season 2 characters like Astrotrain and Blitzwing, while mostly with Season 3 characters action figures to promote the 1986 Transformer The Movie.    It's very easy to tell which box come with the poster because it was written on the front of the box with a diagonal yellow background (see right image - first image).  Usually the action figures that were packaged with the Poster Box version do not contain any die cast metal i.g. Springer, Kup, Rodimus, Tantrum, etc.  Of course, there are always exception such as others like Blurr or Gnaw which came with all plastic material regardless which box you purchase the regular box or the poster box.  And in other case, poster box like Astrotrain and Blitzwing do retain its die cast material.


M-2: Mail Order Catalogues:

For those that wonder why some of these items (Ominibots, Powerdasher, Time Watch) had never released in store back in the good old days, that was because they were only available through mail order.  And these are some of their forms or catalogues.

Reinforcybcat.jpg (324960 bytes)

JoinStarsmall.jpg (373102 bytes)

TFposterdefeatus3.jpg (320447 bytes)

"Reinforcements From Cybertron"

"Join the S.T.A.R.S"

"Have The Decepticons Defeated Us Once And For All?"


M-3: Reissue Book Style Box Art / Data Files Images Archive:

Book Style Box Art - These are the box arts images covers of the new Transformers Reissue from 2001 to Present.

Data Files - These are the new TF images that come within each new reissue.  The images are really exquisite and it's a must see.


M-4: T.F. Episodes Review & by Aired Date:

Transformers episodes guide covered all of the 98 episodes plus the Movie.  I did not have a chance to review all of the episodes but with time, I will finish them all.  

Transformers Episodes Guide (Episode reviewed, main/ minor casts, and first appearance)

Episode First Apperance Guide (First Appearance guide of each characters by episode)

T.F. by Aired Date:

This section will list all the episodes in their chronological order in the form of aired date so that it can give you a better understanding of sequence or episode order as to which episode was aired before or after which episode.

Generation 1     Beast War     Beast Machine     Robot In Disguise     Armada


M-5: Official T.F. Wallpapers for 1024X768:

Need a Transformers Wallpaper for your computer made by Dreamwave, Takara, Hasbro or even your fellow Transfans?  Well I hope you enjoyed them because here they are:

Official T.F. Wallpaper       Fans T.F. Wallpapers 


I hope my Frequent Asked Questions could solve any  question that stirred your mind. 

T.F. Frequent Asked Questions

T.F. Check Lists:

The U.S. Checklist covered from Serie 1 to 4 (1984-1987).  The Japan Check list covered from Serie 1 to 6 (1985-1990).  And the current Checklist.

U.S. Check List    Japan. Check List (with Catelog Numbers)    DW Box Style / Hasbro Commensurate Series


M-6: Download Transformers' Midi Sounds:      

Dare - T.F. the Movie

Prime's Death - T.F. the Movie

T.F. Movie Theme Intro

Dare to be stupid - T.F. the Movie 

Unicron - T.F. the Movie

Original TV Theme

Transformation Sound

Switching scene between Autobots & Decepticons

Download Transformers Fonts:

Need Transformers, Robotect, or other special fonts for your website or personal use?

Transformers Fonts

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