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Disclaimer Policy

I, Rémy / Rémi / Reminator, hold No Copyright or Trademark on any of the sounds, images, cartoon characters, animations, or information, that is found on this site.  I do not obtain any money or profit off  this site.  All characters included in my website are a  copyright and trademark to the respective companies of WEP, Media Blaster, Toynami, Matchbox, Trendmasters, etc.  This site is dedicated for public to view, especially for my family and friends,  and nothing more. If you're a copyright or trademark holder on any of this stuff, please don't be offended and furious about it.  Please comprehend and recognize that my site may help you and your product.  Again, this is a FAN web page!


Official Voltron Websites:

Voltron.com - The creator and the official Voltron website.  Anyone who is new to Voltron should visit this website.  It has the background of Voltron, movie clip, items to be sold, message board, and who to contact should you want to obtain license. 

VoltronDVD.com - All information regarding the new U.S. Voltron DVD boxset.

http://www.toynami.com/ - The official company who made the masterpiece Voltron possible.


Voltron Toys stores/ onlines:

http://store.voltron.com/ - The official Voltron online merchandize such as for DVD, MP Voltron, and others.

Image Anime - Have a few items on Voltron such as the Toynami MP Voltron and DVD.  This store is mainly for Transformers, Robotech/ Valkyries, and other Anime toys.  Highly Recommended only if you live in New York and doesn't want to shop online.  You can visit them at 103 West 30th Street, between 6th & 7th Ave (take D train to 34th St.), (212) 631-0966.

http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/default.aspx - All kind of toys are sold here from Voltron to Transformers to Robotech, etc.


Voltron' Discussion Board/ Forum:

Official Voltron Message Board -  Highly recommended!!


Vehicle Voltron Fan Websites:

Purrsiathunder.net Tons and tons of both the Vehicle and Lion Voltron screen captured images.  Also has multi-media, info, and others.  Highly recommended!!


Credits / Acknowledgements:

Purrsiathunder.net - for all the cartoon screen captured images that are used in my Vehicle Voltron action figure review page and in Voltron homepage.

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